Friday, August 21, 2009

Small Order In Today, Some Good Suff....


The Ladies-Thrashed
The Ladies-Hole Sailor (these guys have heard the early Zeke records for sure)
Ecoli-Judas Cradle
Off With Their Heads-Live At The Atlantic Vol. 2
C.O.P.-Deadicated Cop
999-Gimme The World (US tour edition of 300)
Bad Antics-The Wave (awesome single, sounds like the first Suicidal record)
86 Mentality-1st 7"
Social Circkle-I've Got Afflictions
Warkrime-Give War A Chance
V/A-No Bullshit Vol. 4 (Citizen's Patrol,Born Bad,Violent Arrest, more...)
Nitad-Ge Pss Mer
Parlamentarisk Sodomi-Regnskog
Never Healed-s/t
V/A-The South Will Rise Again (Cult Ritual,Highlife,Socialcide,Logic Problem, more...)
Condemned Unit-s/t
Urban Blight-s/t
Cult Ritual-2nd 7" (very pricey, but an extensive layout)
Mind Eraser-Prodigal Son

--------------Cd's ---------------

Von-Satanic Blood Angel
Los Crudos-Complete Discography

---------------LP's -----------------

Young Governer-Hidden Love (restock)
Insect Warfare-s/t (one sided)
Billy Bao-Dialectics of Shit
Von-Satanic Blood Angel
Master's Hammer-Slagry
The Catalyst-Swallow Your Teeth
Ancient Sky-s/t
Detonize-Rat Dogs Of War
Autistic Youth-Landmine Beach (repress)
Blood Spit Nights-Despot Butchery
Decontrol-The Final War
World Burns To Death-The Sucking of.. , and Totalitarian Sodomy
Government Warning-Paranoid (back in)
Harum Scarum-The Last Light
His Hero Is Gone-Fifteen Counts, and Plot Sickens
Mind Eraser-Glacial Reign
The Ergs-Jersey's Best Prancers
Warcry-10 Tracks

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