Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More New Punk & Metal Stuff In

This is all in down at the store and ready for you kids to come down and BUY something!!!!


Cap'n Jaxx-Analalphabetical
Gaslight Anthem-'59 Sound
Gogol Bordello-Super Tarantula
Uniform Choice-Screaming For Change
Impending Doom-There Will Be Violence
Motorhead-s/t (1000 repress)
The Sword-Warp Riders
AFI-Shut Your Mouth
Propagandhi-Today's Empire, and How To Clean
The Weakerthans-Left and Leaving
Wretched-Beyond The Gate
Extortion-Loose Screws 10"
Zero Boys-Vicious Circle, and History Of
Black Breath-Heavy Breathing
H2O-Nothing To Prove
Libyans-A Common Place
Outspoken-A Light In The
Devil's Brigade-s/t
Street Dogs-s/t
Fucked Up-Year Of The Ox
Torche-Songs For Singles
Black Anvil-Triumvirate
Banner Pilot-Resignation
Lifetime-Jersey's Best Dancers, and Hello Bastards
The Horror Show-Notes From The Night
Hostage Calm-s/t
The Adolescents-s/t
From Ashes Rise-Live Hell
Insect Warfare-Evolved Into Oblivion
The Devil Wears Prada-Zombie 10"
The Black Pacific-s/t
Cephalic Carnage-Mislead By Certainty
Bad Religion-Suffer
Descendents-I Don't Wanna Grow Up, and Milo Goes To College
Husker Du-Zen Arcade, and New Day Rising
Reagan Youth-Volume 1
Stalag 13-In Control
Sticks And Stones-1987
Chronic Sick-Cutest Band In Hardcore
Drive Like Jehu-s/t , and Yank Crime
Strike Anywhere-Change Is A Sound, and Exit English
Dead Kennedys-Give Me Convenience
Black Flag-Damaged
Converge-No Heroes
The Fucking Wrath-Terra Fire
Negative Approach-Tied To The Tracks
Comeback Kid-Broadcasting, and Wake The Dead
The Endless Blockade/Unearthly Trance-split
Pure Hell-Noise Addiction
Bad Religion-The Dissent Of Man, and Generator
In Disgust/PLF-split
Saint Vitus-Thirsty 12"
Alexisonfire-Old Crows
Jimmy Eat World-Invented
Social Distortion-s/t
Have Heart-Things We Carry
Terror-Keepers Of The Faith
All That Remains-For We Are Many
Coliseum-Goddamage Deluxe edition
None More Black-Icons
Samiam-Orphan Works
Darryl Jenifer-In... (Bad Brain's bassist new band)
The Stimulators-Loud, Fast Rules
Kill The Client-Set For Extinction
Artificial Peace-Complete Session
Government Issue-Boycott Stab
Adrenalin OD-Wacky Hi Jinx Of (500 re-press)
Deal With It-Eyjafjallaj
Doomriders-Darkness Comes
Dropkick Murphys/The Business-split
The Queers-Back To The Basement
Smoke Or Fire-Speakeasy
MDC-Millions Of Dead Cops (re-issue)
Hatred Surge-Deconstruct
Cancer Bats-Bears, Mayors, Scraps...
The Sword-Tears Of Fire
Nothing But Enemies-Creepy
V/A-Past Present (new comp on Rev.)
Killing The Dream-Lucky Me
Enforcer-Diamonds (picture disc)
Have Heart-10.17.09


White Shit-Carry Me
Chuck Ragan/Brian Fallon-split
Secret People-s/t
Raw Nerves-We Must Be...
Righteous Fool-s/t
Dead End Path-Death
Fire & Ice-Grim
Mind Eraser/Slang-split
Hands Tied-s/t
Pulling Teeth/Shin To Shin-split
Texas Is The Reason-s/t
Beneath The Massacre-Maree
Sick Of It All-s/t
Convulsions-Reapers Gift
Chosen Ones-s/t
Mens Interest-s/t
Acid Reflux-Moves
Chronic Sick-s/t
Black Flag-Six Pack, and Nervous Breakdown
Madball-Real American Hardcore
The Jons-Walk Towards
86 Mentality-s/t
Baroness-A Horse Called
Middle Class-Out Of Vogue
Minor Threat-First Demo
Sabertooth Zombie-Human II
Fake Problems-Soulless
Knife Fight-Isolated
Negative Approach-s/t (repress of the single)
Energy-Walk Into Fire
Midnight Souls-Colder
Ritual-Kissing Pavement
Sacred Love-s/t
Rival Mob-Hardcore For..
Truth And Rights-Green (singer from Leeway's new band)
Swingin Utters-Taking The..
Skeletonwitch-At One With...
Braid-I Am Afraid Of Everything
Dead Hearts-A Death In The ...


Have Heart-10.17.09 CD w/ DVD
MMR # 329
Touch and Go Book (back in)
Kids Of The Black Hole book

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finally the New Orders are coming in!!

Ok, here is the first of many posts of what has come in New to the store. Next week expect more posts. Please do not email if you want something set aside for you, you will go into a list of 800 unanswered emails. Get off of your ass and come down to the store or call.


Minks-Funeral Song
Wild Nothing-Cloudbusting
Talbot Adams-Jack And Jesse
All Saints Day-It'll Come Around
Michael Angelo-Sorcerer's Delight
The Beets-Locomotion
Boom Bang-Bummer Camp
Chinese Restaurants-Summer Romance
Cola Freaks-Mig Mig Mig
Crystal Stilts-Shake The Shackles
Deerhoof/Physical Forms-split
The Dimples-I Can Feel You
Electric Eels-(I'm So) Agitated
The Flatliners-Monumental
Forgetters-s/t (double 7" by Blake from Jawbreaker)
Gauntlet Hair-Out... Don't
Greg Ginn & the Taylor Texas Corrugators-Freddie
Girls Names/Brilliant Colors-split
Goodnight Loving-Up North Girl
Hanoi Janes-Specks Ho!
Magic Bullets-Lying Around
Marked Men- On
Marked Men/This Is My Fist-split
Mickey-Highway Bound
Old Man Markley-For Better For Worse
The Outdoorsmen-You And Me Rock n Roll
Pheromoans-Midnight Watchdog
Plexi 3-Calculated Romance
Proper Ornaments-Recalling
Robedoor-Pacific Drift
Rollerball-Savage Eyes
Roman Ruins-Pastor Al
Shitty/Awesome-Hang Up
The Soft Moon-Parallels
Strike-s/t (new on Sing Sing)
Systematic Death-Systema Seven
Total Control-Paranoid Video
Total Control-s/t
Touch Me Nots-Keep Talking Like That
Trailblazer-Gut Reaction
Voice Of The Puppets-s/t (new on Sing Sing)
Wet Hair/Peaking Lights-split
Phil Wilson-I Own It


Rites Of Spring-s/t
Against Me-From Her Lips
Aids Wolf-March To The Sea
Amebix-Arise, No Sanctuary, and Redux (all back in)
Articles Of Faith-New Normal Catastrophe (new material and good!!)
Bachelorette-End Of Things, and s/t
Bad Sports-s/t
Jello Biafra w/ No Means No-The Sky Is Falling
The Bitters-Have A Nap Hotel
Boris-Absolutego. and Amplifier Worship (both re-pressed)
Brain Idea-Survival Scrolls
BXI-Boris & Ian Astbury
Channels 3 & 4-Christianity
Cheap Time-Fantastic Explanations
Citizen Fish/Leftover Crack-split
Clockcleaner-Auf Wiedersehen
Clorox Girls-s/t
John Wesley Coleman III-Bad Lady Goes To Hell
Todd Congelliere-Clown Sonds
Cough/Wounded Kings-An Introduction
Crime-San Francisco's Still Doomed
Crocodiles-Sleep Forever (sounds good to me!)
Dead Farmers-Go Home
Death-For The Whole Wide World
Defiance,Ohio-The Fear,The Fear
Demon's Claws-Defrosting Of, and Satan's Little Pet Pig
Denouncement Pyre-World Cremation
Dillinger Four-Live On The BBC
Dirtbombs-Dangerous Magical Noise
DOA-Hardcore 81
Dodsferd-Death Set
Drugs Dragons-s/t
Druid Perfume-Tin Boat To Tuna Town
Earth-A Bureaucratic Desire For
Eddy Current-Primary Colours
Stephen Egerton-Seven Degrees Of
Epsilons-Kill'em Deader
The Ergs!-Hindsight Is 20/20
Ex Humans-s/t
Family Underground-Demon Parade
Flipper-Generic Flipper
The Fresh & Onlys-Play It Strange
Galaxie 500-On Fire, and This Is Our Music
The Gits-Frenching The Bully
Goodnight Loving-Crooked Lake, and s/t
Grails-Redlight, and Burden Of Hope
Hex Dispensers-Winchester Mystery House
Hornet Leg-Still Life
Hot Snakes-Suicide Invoice, and Automatic Midnight
Idle Times-s/t
The Intelligence-Males
Iron Lung-Life,Iron Lung,Death
Jawbreaker-Dear You, and Unfun
Las Robertas-Cry Out Loud
Leatherface-Stormy Petrel
Limes-Rhinestone Forever
Lucero-Nobody's Darlings
Marked Men-Ghosts
Mean Jeans-Are You Serious?
The Measure (SA)-Notes
Meercaz-Space Hate
Dan Melchior-Visionary Pangs
My Bloody Valentine-Isn't Anything
Myelin Sheaths-Get On Your Nerves
Nobunny-First Blood
Thee Oh Sees-Help
Orphan-Decapitated Lovers
Parting Gifts-Strychnine Dandelions
Personal & The Pizzas-Raw Pie
Pointed Sticks-Waiting For The Real Thing
Profanatica-Disgusting Blasphemies
Prosanctus Inferi-Pandemonic Ululations
Protex-Strange Obsession
Puffy Areolas-In The Army
The Rantouls-In The Village Of
The Rebel-Race Against Time
Red Mass-Red Mass
Reigning Sound-Too Much Guitar, and Time Bomb High School
Frankie Rose & The Outs-s/t
Royal Baths-Litanies
RV Paintings-Samoa Highway
Savage Brutality-Last Slice
Ty Segall-Melted
Shores-Coup De Grace
Sonic Youth-Destroyed Room (B-sides), and Daydream Nation box
The Spits-s/t (4th)
The Strange Boys-and Girls Club, and Be Brave
Subtle Turnhips-Terd
Sugar Stems-Sweet Sounds Of
Swans-My Father Will Guide Me
Television Personalities-Mummy Your Not Watching
Tyvek-Nothing Fits
V/A-Rip Off Compilation (the old Irish punk label)
V/A-Welcome To 1984
Venereans-Future Primitive
Vomit Squad-Amon Ra Bless America
Washed Out-Life Of Leisure
Whiskey & Co.-Rust Colors
White Fence-White Fence
Wild Nothing-Golden Haze
Phil Wilson-God Bless Jim Kennedy
Wipers-Over The Edge
Wolvserpent-Blood Seed
Woods-How To Survive In
Man Or Astro Man-Is It....
Screeching Weasel-Television Dream

More to come next week..............................

Friday, November 26, 2010

Grand Opening Weekend Sale

Well in true punk fashion I am not completely ready for the Grand Opening Weekend at Hits And Misses. Come down anyway and see the almost 90 % ready new location at 799 Queen Street West.
All day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there will be a 25 % OFF Everything Sale happening. The only exclusions are consignment pieces, which there are not many at the moment.
The Grand Opening Party is Friday from 7pm to 10pm. You will get the boot at 10pm, so go from here to the School Jerks show. Feel free to bring a beverage of your choice, as I am flat broke and there won't be too many free drinks.
Hope to see all of you soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hits And Misses Update & Final Discussion

Hello there, this is Pete the owner of Hits And Misses. You might know by now that the store has changed locations. It is now at 799 Queen St. W. The hours are now 11am- 7pm Monday - Saturday, and still 12 pm - 6 pm on Sunday. The phone number remains 416-535-7817.
I would like to thank the following people on helping me pack, carry boxes, and set up: Martin,Greg B.,Damian,Jonah,Brandon,Pesci,and Jennifer. EXTRA shout outs for Dave Q.,Susan,Woody,Beav,Tim,Elio,Drew,Sean, and Ryan. Your help was greatly appreciated, thank you!
Now over the next few weeks, I will be getting caught back up on all the new releases and will post the orders as they arrive. New arrival orders should start coming back in by next week. Just to let you know as well, I have had an influx of second hand LP's and singles coming in. So there is a lot new "used" in the store at the moment.
Now my ONE AND ONLY comment on me choosing to change locations of my store:
I do not go on "faceless" "anti-social" internet pages,but have been told there are some people questioning my move. First off, you don't know me, nor my store,nor the situation with my very negligent old landlord. For numerous reasons a change of location was needed. Obviously you are not a record collector and have never been in my store.So you don't understand what exactly I sell. Let me give a quick lesson in Business 101. Move an existing store from a bad location to a good location. Good business move. Move a store by another store that sells similar product with a 85 % different focus of product. Good business move. Heaven forbid you quit your dead end job and open up a business, because YOU WILL FAIL!.


P.S. I have been so busy setting my new store up, I haven't had time to purchase a set of brass balls yet.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Hours and Another Weekend Sale!

Here is the deal. Saturday October 9th, and Sunday October 10th, Hits And Misses is having another sale. Pretty much the same deal as last time.
All New Vinyl and CD's will be 25% off, and All Used Vinyl and CD's will be 10% off.

We will be closed for Thanksgiving and enjoying some Tofurkey and Wild Tofurkey!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SALE and NEW and USED Update

"ELO kiddies, well the answer might be blowing in the wind, and it is time for a sale. From Thursday September 16th until Sunday September 19th, all NEW LP's/45's/CD are going
to be 25 % OFF, and all USED LP's/45's/CD are going to be 10 % OFF.
Also, I am going to be selling some of my own LP's but will be bringing them on all four days. This is not going to a one shot deal sale of these. Too damn bloody heavy to bring down here on the TTC.
We are talking a few good "wall pieces", some good middle road stuff, and some stuff that is still in print. Probably around 50 or 60 new second ones each day for all 4 of the those days. Don't fucking ask for specific titles, as even I don't know yet!
Now, here is the full listing of the order that came in late last week.


War Master-Thrones of Tyranny
Male Nurses-s/t
Red Dons-Pariah
Final Conflict-In The Family
Crow-Flock Of Beast, and Neurotic Organization (both back in)
Talk Is Poison-Rage To Infinity
Look Back And Laugh-State Of Illusion
Bloody Gears-s/t
Red Mass-Too Many Parties
Marvelous Darlings-The Sword, The Streets
Psycho-Sawblade Shaped Record
Violent Minds-s/t
Apartment 213/Nothing Is Over-split
Career Suicide-Sars
Cress/Burnt Cross-split
Arctic Flowers-s/t
Molested Jouth-We're Always Going To Need Fake ID
Get The Most-Moment In Time
Youth Of Togay/Fruit Punch-split
Die Kreuzen- Cows And Beer
Oi Polloi-Carson
Oi Polloi-The Only Release
Devour-Insect Circuitry
Hygiene-Things That Dreams
Fast Death-s/t


Inepsy-Madness & Overkill
Raw Power- After Your Brain
Raw Power-Screams From The Gutter
Behind Enemy Lines-Know Your Enemy
AC4-s/t (a few guys from Refused new band)
Red Dons-Fake Meets Failure
Statues-Holiday Cops
Crow-Beating Of The Wings (back in)
Mother's Children-That's Who
Hellshock-They Wait For You Still
Willful Neglect-Justice For No One
Young Offenders-Leader Of The Followers
The Spectres-Last Days
Autopsy-Awakened By Gore (double LP)
Raw Nerves-s/t
Our Gang-Uprising
Abominator-Barbarian War Worship
Masshysteri-s/t (2nd record back in)
Black Witchery/Conqueror-split
Bone Awl-Not For Our Feet, and Meaningless Leaning Mess (both back in)
Death Yell-Morbid Rites
White Lung-It's The Evil
V/A- Nuclear War Now Vol. 1
Weekend Nachos-Unforgivable
Bloody Phoenix-Death To Everyone
The Big Kids-Hoop Dreams
Totalickers-El Poder....
His Hero Is Gone-Monuments, and 15 Counts (both back in)
Talk Is Poison-Condensed Humanity
Born Against-Rebel Sound
Crisis-Hymns Of Faith (repress of their only LP)
Murderess-The Last Thing You Will Ever See
Drop Dead-s/t, Superior, and Discography (all 3 titles back in)
Capitalist Casualties/Man Is The Bastard-split
Poison Idea-Feel The Darkness
A//Political-Greatest Working
Timebombs-Mumbling (not to be confused with mummering)
Seein' Red/Mihoen-split 10"


MRR issue 327, and 328
Oi Polloi-In Defense Of Our Earth cd
Phobia/Extinction Of Mankind-split cd
Mob 47-Dom Ljuger Igen cd

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hardcore Music & Holiday Hours

Hits And Misses will open all regular hours Friday,Saturday,Sunday, but closed for the Labour Day Monday. We will re-open on Tuesday at regular hours and days after that.
This stuff is in the store now!


Disengage-Look Back
Heavy Heavy Low Low-Hospital
Explode & Make Up/Hellmouth-split
Pale Creation-s/t
Integrity-We Are The End
DRI-Violent Pacification, and Dirty ep
Rival Mob-Bitter Rival demo
Black Flag-TV Party
Blkout-No Justice No Peace
Deal With It/New Morality-split
Contend-In Contempt
Terror-Keepers Of The Faith
Mind Eraser/Slang-split
Strife-My Burns On
AFI-A Fire Inside


V/A-T.O. Hardcore '83 (limited, just ask Woody)
Against Me-White Crosses
Social Distortion-Greatest Hits
Screeching Weasel-Boogada, Boogada
Propagandhi-Less Talk
Hot Snakes-Suicide Invoice
Negative Approach-Tied Down
NOFX-The Longest EP (limited to 2,000 and the last copies)
Ignition-The Grafying
Plutocracy-Off The Pigs
From The Depths-Germinate
Ice Age-Dead Kings
Integrity-Those Who Fear
Frontier(s)-There Will No Miracles Here
Impending Doom-There Will Be Violence
A Plea For Purging-Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Black Flag-Damaged, and Everything Went Black
Ceremony-Rohner Park, and Violence Violence
Husker Du-New Day Rising
7 Seconds-The Crew
The Estranged-Subliminal Man
Autistic Youth-Idle Minds
Alpha & Omega-Life
Weekend Nachos-Punish And Destroy
Merzbow/The Guilt Of-split
Sundowner-We Chase The
Skin Like Iron-Descent Into
Dillinger 4-BBC Sessions
Bitter End-Guilty As Charged
Off With Their Heads- I(shaped picture disc)
The Descendents-I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Bad Brains-Black Dots
Cruel Hand-Lock & Key
Cap'n Jazz-Analalphabetacal
Rites Of Spring-End On End
Capitalist Casualties/Man Is The Bastard-split
High On Fire-Surrounded By Theives, Blessed Black Wings, and Death Is This Communion (all repressed)
Thrash Talk-Eyes & Nines
Boris/Torche-split 10"
Gogol Bordello-Trans-Continental Hustle
Battalions Of Saints-Best Of (500 press)
Bad Brains-Live At CBGB's
The Riverdales-Tarantula
Grave Maker-Ghosts Among Men
Skull Crusher-Blinded
End Of A Year-You Are Beneath Me
Steel Nation-Forever Wounded
Kevin Seconds-Good Luck
The Effort-Wartime Citizens


The Adicts-Life Goes On Cd
Why Be Something That You're Not Book
Razorcake # 57 zine

Won't have time to post the entire order, but here are the highlights of an order that just came in. Full list coming in the next few days.....................

Poison Idea-Feel The Darkness LP repress
Crisis-Hymns Of Faith LP repress
AC4-s/t LP
Red Dons-Fake Meets Failure LP
Autopsy-Awakened By Gore LP
The Spectres-Last Days LP
Mother's Children-That's Who LP
Inepsy-Madness & Overkill LP

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here Is The Full List From Last Week


Anchor/In The Red-split
Best Coast-She Was High
Alex Bleeker-These Days
Box Elders-s/t
Byrds Of Paradise-Omega Man, and Rowena
Car Commercials-Prisoner Of Type (300 press)
Crocodiles-Sleep Forever (sounds good to me!)
Crow-Flock Of Beast (500 press)
Crow-Neurotic Organization (400 press)
Death Sentence-Before The Slaughter (I believe this is a pre-Slaughter band)
Defektors-Secret Trials
Detournement/Off With Their Heads-split
Dignan Porch-On A Ride
The Drills-Skull Death 2
Drive By Truckers-Dangerous Highway Vol. 2
Earthmen & Strangers-Painter (500 press)
Electric Bunnies-Pretty Joanna
Fey Gods-Untied (500 press)
Fungi Girls-Turquoise Hotel (500 press)
Hex Dispensers-One Less Ghost
Jackie Shark & The Sharks-2nd Generation Rising
Jacuzzi Boys-Bricks Of Coconuts (1,000 press)
Junior Battles/O Pioneers-split
King Lee & Quintron-Tire Shop
La La Vasquez-s/t
Little Gold-Completely Fucked
Mac Blackout-Don't Let Your Love Die
Maximum Wage-1st 7"
The Minks-Funeral Song
Neon Blud-Whipps
Neon Christ-Parental Suppression
Nice Smile-Building
No Friends/Off With Their Heads-split 6"
No Joy-No Joy
The Omegas-Sonic Order
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-Say No To Love
People's Temple-Make You Understand (500 press)
Puerto Rico Flowers-2
Rollerball-Savage Eyes
The Senders-Recovery
The Sleepovers-Secret (500 press)
Small Brown Bike-Composite Vol. 2
Soft Moon-Breathe Of Fire
Soft Shoulder-People Problems
Spectrals-s/t, and 7th Date
Spider-Back To The Wall
Sticks N Stones-Is It You?
Strange Attractor-Just Looking (500 press)
Sweet Apple-Do You Remember,Woody Does (500 press)
Swingin' Utters-Brand New Lungs
Tender Trap-Do You Want A Boyfriend?
Tropical Sleep-Girl With A
Vile Gash-s/t
Wild Nothing-Cloudbusting, and Summer Holiday
Wild Thing-Now I Wanna Die
Woven Bones-Your Sorcery
The Yuppies-I've Been Told


Amebix-Redux (first 2 7"ers redone and comes w/ a huge patch)
Amen Dunes-Murder Dull Mind
Apache-Radical Sabbatical (500 press)
Greg Ashley-Requiem Mass
Banner Pilot-Collapser
The Bare Wires-Seeking Love
Beach Fossils-s/t
Jello Biafra w/ The Melvins-Seig Howdy
Blank Dogs-Phrases, and Under And Under
Harlan T. Bobo-Sucker
Bridge And Tunnel-Indoor Voices 10"
Cannibus Corpse-Blunted At Birth
Clorox Girls-s/t
Tim Cohen-Laugh Tracks
Crime-San Francisco's Still Doomed
Crow-Beating Of The Wings (800 press)
Crushed Butler-Uncrushed
Dag Nasty-Can I See
Davila 666-s/t, and 12" ep
Dead Luke-American Haircut (500 press)
Defiance, Ohio-Midwestern Minutes
Descendents-Cool To Be You
Dillinger Four-Civilwar
Dirtbombs-Ultraglide In Black
The Dopamines-Expect The Worst
The Endless Blockade-Primitive
The Endtables-s/t
Entrance-Prayer Of Death
The Estranged-Subliminal Man
The Eyes-TAGN 10"
Fear Of Lipstick-s/t
Flipper-Album Generic, and Gone Fishin'
The Fresh & Onlys-August On My Mind
Galaxie 500-On Fire
Gatorface-Wasted Monuments
Girls Names-Don't Let Me In
Git Some-Loose Control
Goatsnake-1+Dog Days
Good Riddance-Capricorn One
Goodnight Loving-Supper Club
GR/Michael Yonkers-High Speed
Andrew Graham-Good
Grails-Black Tar Prophecies 1,2
Hanoi Janes-Year Of Panic
The Have Nots-Serf City USA
Heater-God And Hair
Heavy Times-Dead (200 press)
Hot Fog-Wyvern And Children First
Hot Snakes-Automatic Midnight
Inter Arma-Sundown
Japanther-Don't Trust Anyone (200 press)
Kill Me Tomorrow-Trap Like A Steel Mind (900 press)
King Khan & His Shrines- Three Hairs
Kurt Vile-Constant Hitmaker, and God Is Saying This To You
La Vampires & Zola Jesus-s/t
Leftover Crack-Fuck World Trade
Lucero-Rebels, Rogues
Magic Bullets-s/t
Jeff Magnum-Live At Jittery Joe's
Marked Men-s/t
Mass Shivers-Contoured Heat
Mayflower-Second Best Sunsets
Melt-Banana-Cell-scape, and Teeny Shiny
Mickey-s/t (500 press)
The Midwest Beat-At The Gates
The Mummies-Play Their Own Records
Nation Of Ulysses-13 Point Program
Neverever-Angelic Swells
NOFX-The Longest EP (2,000 press)
Off With Their Heads-Hospitals
Om-Conference Of The Birds
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-s/t
Personal & The Pizzas-Raw Pie
The Pleasure Kills-Bring Me A Match
Poison Arrows-Newfound Resolutions
The Procedure Club-Doomed Forever
The Real Mckenzies-Shine Not Burn
Jay Reatard-Singles 06-07
The Reds And Blue-Son Of The Stars
Kim Salmon-Wall/Paper
The Sandwitches-Duck,Duck,Goose! (500 press, probably due to the bad title)
Scream-This Side Up
Screeching Weasel-Bark Like A Dog, and My Brain Hurts
Ty Segall-Melted
Sex Church-6 Songs By.. (500 press)
Spur-Spur Of The Moment
Strung Out-Element Of Sonic Defiance
Tender Trap-Dansette Dansette
Trap Them-Filth Rations
Tunnel Of Love-Rockin' Rollin' Bitches
V/A-All Aboard A Tribute To Johnny Cash
V/A-Welcome Home (Woodsist comp w/ all exclusive tracks barring 1)
Wavves-Kings Of The Beach
Wild Nothing-Gemini
Women-No Reasons
Woven Bones-In And Out And Back Again
X (Australian)-Aspirations
Michael Yonkers-Goodby Sunball (500 press)
Zoobombs-Let It Bomb


Acephalix-Aporia CD
Amebix-Redux CD
Argus-s/t CD
Thee Endless Blockade-Primitive CD
Evil Army-s/t CD
Fistula-Goat CD
Genocide(Nippon)-Black Sanctuary CD
Goodnight Loving-Supper Club CD
Iron Man-Black Night CD
NOFX-The Longest EP CD
Razorcake-Issue 56
Revelation-Yet So Far CD
Touch & Go Book
Yakuza-Of Seismic Consequence CD

Monday, August 23, 2010

Here Is One Of The Orders

This stuff is in and ready for you kids


GG Allin & Jabbers-Out For Blood (500 press)
Electric Deads-s/t,Mind Bomb, and Anti-Sex (repress of 1,000 each)
Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads- Swiss Cheese
Pens-Love Rules
Anti-Sect-Out From The Void (repress)
Celtic Frost-Emperor's Return
Dead Boys-Tell Me (repro of the Japanese picture sleeve)
Discharge-Demo 1978
"Blackpool Boys"-You're So Dumb
The Clash-Rude Boy Outtakes (wicked stuff on here)
Hellhammer-Triumph Of Death (double 7")
Metallihead-Living To Win (Lemmy w/ Metallica doing Damage Case, Motorhead doing Whiplash, and Metallica doing Too Late Too Late, very good!!)
Napalm Death-Rare Tracks 86-88
Crass-Our Wedding
Iron Maiden-At The BBC 1979
Iron Maiden-Bruce's Audition
Iron Maiden-The Soundhouse Tapes
Rolling Stones-Cocksucker Blues


Rolling Stones-2120 S.Michigan Ave (unreleased 1964 blues lp)
Nirvana-Live At The Cactus Club 1990
Nirvana-Smells Like Cover Versions
Soft Machine-Top Gear UK
Velvet Underground-Hilltop Pop Festival 1969
Tom Waits-Better Off Without You (1975 PBS show)
Tom Waits-Never Talk To Strangers (1979 BBC show)
Contropotere-Nessuna Speranza (750 press)
SOA- No Policy (the 7", demos, and Extorts (pre-SOA) tracks)
Toxin III-I Rock I Ran
Pop Group-Y
Radio Birdman-Radio's Appear (re-issue)
Brian Eno-BBC Sessions (500 press)
Blondie-Old Waldorf (1977 show, 400 press)
The Jam-Live At The Rat 1977 (400 press)
The Cramps-Ohio Demos 1979
Husker Du-Spot's Arcade (350 press, Zen Arcade demos and outtakes)
The Pixies-In Heaven (BBC Sessions)
GG Allin-Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be (Jabbers-era stuff)
GG Allin-You Hate Me & I Hate You (Jabbers era & more)
Descendents-Milo Gets Bootlegged
Can-Ege Bamyasi
Mercyful Fate-Walking Back To Hell
The Clash-s/t (colour vinyl)
Chin Chin-Sound Of The Westway
Flamin' Groovies-Grease
Ozzie-The Parabolic Rock
Flaming Lips-In A Priest Driven Ambulance
The Adverts-Crossing The Red Sea
Buzzcocks-Singles Going Steady, and Another Music
Crisis-The Guilty Have A Past (all the singles and a few demos)
SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say
Slaughter & The Dogs-Do It Dog Style
Warsaw-An Ideal For Killing, and s/t
Ambrose Slade-Beginnings (pre-Slade release)
Them-Angry Young Them (mono issue)
Black Sabbath-Walpurgis (Awesome 1970 Peel session plus 1 Earth song)
Pantera-I Am The Night, and Power Metal
Saint Vitus-s/t (colour vinyl)
Roky Erickson & The Aliens-s/t
Nirvana-Verse Chorus Verse
The Cramps- De Lux Album
Reverend Horton Heat-Full Custom, It's Martini Time, and Liquor In The Front
Kim Fowley-Animal God Of The Street
The Germs-Media Blitz
Crisis-Surrey University (1980 Live in the UK)
Social Distortion-Love Me Tonight (unreleased, demos, and few live, very good stuff here)
Sham Pistols-Natural Born Killers (4 studio/4 live (from that Link release) )
Mercyful Fate-B-Sides (400 press of demos,BBC sessions and a few live)
The Rolling Stones-Deja Que Sangre (1968-70 alternative versions)
Boys Next Door-Lost & Brave (77-79 studio stuff, 500 press)
Hank Williams-Montomery, Nashville Sessions, and Shreveport Sessions
Iron Cross-Crucified For Your Sins (both singles and more)
CIA-God Guns Guts & More (1982-83 original recordings, very recommended)
Necros-Conquest For Death
Thin Lizzy-s/t
Adam & the Ants-Family Of Noise (1978 London studio recordings)
Gears-Four On The Floor 10"
V/A-What Is It 10" (a What Records sampler)


New Wave Theatre volumes 1-7 (individual)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Huge Order Of New Stuff In

Again another huge order of great new stuff has just come in and is ready to be consumed by you kids in the AIR CONDITIONED comfort at Hits And Misses. There is so much "on my plate" right now,as some of you know, that I will give just the highlights of the order. A full list of what came in last week and this order will be posted next week. "Let's Lynch The Landlord" is my favourite song at the moment!!!
Ok here are some of the best things................

7 different volumes of "New Wave Theatre" on DVD
GG Allin-Out For Blood 7"
all 3 Electric Deads 7" re-issued
Anti Sect-Out From The Void 7"
Celtic Frost-Emperor's Return 7"
Discharge-Demo 1978 7"
Slayer-Postmortem 7"
SOA-No Policy LP (the 7",demos, and Extorts tracks)
Radio Birdman-Radio's Appear LP re-issue
Husker Du-Spot's Arcade LP (Zen Arcade demos)
Pixies-In Heaven LP (BBC sessions)
Descendents-Milo Gets Bootlegged LP (restock)
SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say (restock)
Mercyful Fate-B-Sides LP
Boys Next Door-Lost & Brave LP (studio stuff)

Anyways you get the picture, lots more great new and restocked stuff so get down here!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Huge Huge Order Of New Stuff

Ok, I just received a huge huge order this afternoon. It is going to take me all day and half the night to get it checked in, but wanted to spark some interest for you kids as who knows, you might actually venture out over the weekend and stop by air conditioned Hits And Misses.
All the latest releases from No Idea,Dirtnap,HoZac,Captured Tracks, Slumberland,and Fat, and more are on here.
NOFX-Longest ep, Amebix-Redux , Dicks-Hate The Police 7", Crow,Touch N Go book are some of the other highlights.
I will try and post the entire order for you by the end of the weekend. Gotta go grab a beer and start checking this stuff in!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Holidays and Hold bags

Hello everyone,
Yes Hits And Misses is still open. You might want to stop by and see for yourself.
We will be open on Monday August 2nd from 12pm to 6pm for the holiday.
Also Monday there will be a SALE in effect for this day only.
20 % off all new and used vinyl, and 30 % off all new and used CD's.
The sale is not to be used on consignment items or hold bags.
Speaking of hold bags, everyone that has one will have until Friday August to clear them out, otherwise everything in them is going back into the store.
The ONLY exceptions are H.A.M. employees, and Brian Taylor!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tons Of New Releases In Now

Come enjoy all these new releases and shop in the comfort of an air conditioned Hits And Misses!


Crooked Ways-How To Break Hearts
Ecoli-Swarm On The Swine
INJ/SYS(Injustice System)-Spoken Word
Late Nite Wars-It's OK Or Even Worse
Off With Their Heads-Trying To Breathe
Poison Planet-Oblivious
Reignition-Epitome Of Free
Sloppy Seconds-You Can't Kill Joey Ramone
Small Brown Bike-Composite Vol. 2
Unity-You Are One
Zero Tolerance-Fuel The Fire
Cruel Hands-s/t (new)
Marked Men-The Other Side
X (Aussie)-Home Is Where The Floor Is (Been there!!)
DRI-Dirty Rotten ep (reissue)
DRI-Violent Pacification (reissue)
Holy Cobras-Feed Yr Head


Adolescents/Burning Heads-split
Against Me-White Crosses
Bad Brains-s/t
Black Tusk-Taste The Sin
Blacklist Royals-Semper Fi
Bouncing Souls-Anchors Aweigh
Bouncing Souls/Anti Flag-split
Cancer Bats-Bears,Mayors,Scraps, and Bones
Coliseum-House With A Curse
Cruel Hand-Prying Eyes
Dead Kennedys-Give Me Convenience...
Fear-The Record
Fed Up(NY)-Sheer Poetry
Floorpunch-New Jersey
Fucked Up-Year Of The Dog
Gaslight Anthem-American Slang
Get Up Kids-Four Minute Mile
Heaven Shall Burn-Invictus
Hot Water Music/Leatherface-split
Integrity-Blackest Curse
Masakari-The Profit Feeds
Mentors-Get Up And Die
Off With Their Heads-In Desolation
Refused-The Shape Of (now a double LP & DVD)
Saint Vitus-Born Too Late
Saint Vitus-Mournful Cries
Scream-Still Screaming
Shook Ones-The Unquotable
Sloppy Seconds-Destroyed (reissue double LP with bonus songs!)
Trap Them-Filth Rations
Trap Them-Seizures In B
Trap Them-Sleepwell Decan
Weakerthans-Left And Leaving
This Is Hell-Weight Of The World
Backlash-Through Different Eyes (discography)
Cap'n Jazz-Analphabetical
DRI-Dealing With It
DRI-Dirty Rotten LP
Weekend Nachos-Bleed


Underdog-Matchless Out Book
Why Be Something That You Are Not-Detroit HC Book
And Hell Followed With-Proprioception CD
Ceremony-Rohnert Park CD
Municipal Waste-Massive Aggressive Box CD

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada Day Hours

Yes, Hits And Misses will be open from 12pm until 6pm on Canada Day.
Yes, we will playing Stompin' Tom during those hours.
No, xPetex will not be indulging in adult beverages!
Yes, we did buy around 70 good Metal records today.
No Brian Taylor effigy dunk tank this year, sorry!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Small order with a few new things

This stuff came in today. Yes H.A.M. will be open normal hours this weekend. I will go and protest and burn buildings after the sun goes down.


The Blocked-Plastic Punks (new on Detour)
Melvin Davies-I Won't Come Crawling Back To You (re-issue on Norton)
The Stooges-Search And Destroy (picture sleeve re-issue)
Girls At Dawn/Gaye Blades-split (Rolling Stones cover series on Norton)
Tandoori Knights/Wrecked Angels- (ditto)


Bad Sports-s/t
Batusis-s/t (this is the new band with Cheetah Chrome & Sylvain Sylvain, and is probably going to do an in-store signing when they play up here in July)
Big Star-# 1 Record
Black Keys-Big Come Up (limited w/ a poster)
Black Sabbath-s/t (re-issue)
Circle Jerks-Wonderful (re-issue)
Dead Boys-We Have Come For Your Children
The Eyes-TAQN 10"
The Golden Boys-Electric Wolfman
Richard Hell-Blank Generation
Scott Morgan-s/t
The Nerves-One Way Ticket
Nervous Eaters-Eaterville Vol. 1
The Outsiders-Songbook
The Outsiders-You Mistreat Me 10"
The Pop Rivits-Fun In The U.K.
The Remains-s/t (double re-issue in Mono)
Soft Machine-Soft Machine
V/A-Action Packed (looks like a 60's Rockabilly comp)
V/A-Turn To Stone (new 60's re-issue)
V/A-Winnipeg 60's-The Best Of Eagle Records
Velvet Underground-s/t
The Wipers-Out-Takes
The Zeros-Don't Push Me Around


Monday, June 14, 2010

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

New stuff in ye ol' shoppe


Flat Out-Westbay Fastercore
Fucked Up/Haymaker-split
Southside Stranglers-Strangle You
Sotatila-Vituiks Meni
Kicking Spit/Stymie-split
Canadian Rifle-Facts
Sweet Nothings-When You're Around
Spazz/Brutal Truth-split (repress)
UX Vileheads-Catch 22
Shitty Limits-Espionage
Wednesday Night Heroes/For The Worse-split
Migraine-Weird Tales
Raw Nerves-Murderers Among Us
Inepsy-See You In Hell
Hummingbird Of Death/Sidetracked-split 6"


Nocturnal Graves/Hell Spirit- split CD
Bastard Noise-A Culture Of Monsters CD
Snakepit magazine #18 w/ Savage Grace 7"


Vapid-Practically Dead
Daylight Robbery-Through The Confusion
Haymaker-It Only Gets Worse
Masshysteri-Var Del Av Stan
Anthrax-One Last Drop (comp of the old UK band)
Varukers-Killing Myself To Live
Germ Attack-Cruxshadow
Kvoteringen-Samhallets Forradare
Systematic Death-Systema Six
Brain Dead-From The Ecstasy
Brain Dead-Live 1991 Demo
Sangus Imperem/Nocturnal Blood-split
Anatomia-Dissected Humanity
Faustcoven-Halo Of Burning Wings
Faustcoven-Rising From Beneath The Earth
Post Regiment-Czarzly
Weekend Nachos-Punish And Destroy
Inepsy-No Speed Limit
Masshysteri-s/t (2nd LP)
Post Fata Resurgo-Il Futuro
Reaching Away-Push Away The Moon
Slaughter-Nocturnal Karnage (the Nocturnal Hell 7" and the Bloody Karnage demo)
Rorschach-Remain/Protestant 2 x LP
Bastard Noise-A Culture Of Monsters
The Kids-s/t
Shitty Limits-Beware The Limits
Mean Jeans-Are You Serious?
Hellshock-Singles Collection (2 x LP)
Government Issue-Joyride

Friday, May 28, 2010

More New Stuff ..........


Underdog-s/t (re-issue)
NOFX-Fuck The Kids
The Ergs!-Trash Compacter
Mindset-Time & Pressure
Young Governer-Bedtime Stories
Burning Empires-s/t
Mindset-Real Power
Get The Most-Common Goals
Elliott Smith-Division Day
Sabertooth Zombies-Human
Decades-Shelter From The Swarm
California Love/Gehenna-split
The Love Below-Reproduction
Extortion/Septic Surge-split
Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare-split
No Tolerance-Boston Straight Edge
Hammer Bros.-Sleep Forever (sounds good to me!)
The Wrong Side-Dump Truck Demo
Black Flag-Nervous Breakdown
Everything Went Black-Altar
Agnostic Front-United Blood


Madball-infiltrate The System
The Locust-Peel Sessions
Flower Leperds-the Original Group
Enforcer-Into The Night
Minutemen-Double Nickels
7 Seconds-Old School
Converge-Axe To Fall
Misery Index-Heirs To Thievery
Howl-Full Of Hell
Get The Most-Together
Get Up Kids-Simple Science
Acid Tiger-s/t
Drive Like Jehu-Yank Crime
Minus The Bear-Omni
Red Sparowes-The Fear Is...
Bouncing Souls-Ghosts On The Boardwalk
Blood For Blood-Livin' In Exile
TSOL-Dance With Me
Misfits-Walk Among Us
Dillinger Escape Plan-Option
AFI- Black Sails, and Art Of Drowning
Total Abuse-Mutt
Rancid-Let's Go 2x10"
Hatred Surge-Deconstruct
The Business-Saturday's Heroes
Street Dogs-Savin Hill
Government Issue-Joyride
Four Years Strong-Enemy
Naked Raygun-Understand?
The Mentors-Get Up And Die
The Slackers-The Great Rock Steady Swindle


Abominable I.S.-ID cd
Sick Of It All-Based On A True cd
Underdog-Matchless cd
Integrity-Blackest Curse cd
Brutal Truth-Extreme Condition cd

Friday, May 21, 2010

2 HUGE Orders and Victoria Day

Hits And Misses will be open normal hours on Monday (Victoria Day) 12pm to 8pm. Now to the goodies................


Aids Wolf/Satanized-split
Charles Albright-I'm Happy,I'm A Genius
Alicja Pop-Shinning Apple
Anchor/O Pioneers-split
The Babies-All Things Come To Pass
The Babies-Meet Me In The City
Best Coast-She Was High
Brilliant Colours-Never Mind
Brilliant Colours-Walk Into The World
Brilliant Colours-Urinal Cakes
Chinese Restaurants-River Of Shit
Drugs Dragons-s/t
El Vicio-Longarisse
Fellow Project/Thousandaires-split
Florida-Haunted House
Folded Shirt-s/t
The Freeze-Guilty Face
Garotas Suecas-Codinome Dinamite
Gary War-Reality Protest
Georgiana Starlington/Wild Choir-split
Girls At Dawn-Never Enough
Half Rats-For The Sake Of Love
His Hero Is Gone-Dead Of Night
Hollows-Bobby Blueheart
Hot Guts-Ballad Of Jon Simon (Harvey)
Inservibles-Cultura Pendaja
Japandroids-Art Czars
King Louie's Missing-Black Rainbow
Kit and Mike Watt-Dreams Are Burned
Let's Wrestle/Love Language-split
Liminanas-I'm Dead
Locals-You Never Have Fun
Magic Kids/Smith Westerns-split
Mean Jeans-Tears In My Beer (amen!)
Mojomatics-Love Wild Fever
Nebula/Quest For Fire-split
Negative FX-Government War Plans
The Novas-The Crusher
Neon Blud-Whipps
Night Birds-s/t
People's Temple-You Don't Know
Red Mass-To All The Good People
Slippery Slopes-Sad Tugs
The Sonics-Strychnine
Spider Bags-Dog In The Snow
The Spits-Pain
Splinters-Splintered Bridges
Stick N Stones-Red Light
Swanton Bombs-Wasteland
Sweater Girls-Do The Sweater
Telekinesis-Dirty Thing
That's Incredible-s/t
These Hills Have Gold-s/t
Timmy's Organism-I'm On The Hunt
Tyler,Jon Tyler-Separate Issue
Unwed Teenage Mothers-If That's Love
V/A-4 Way Covers (with White Wires,Ty Segall,Charlie & Moonhearts,Coco-Comas)
Whatever Brains-Saddle Up
Wild Nothing-Cloudbusting
Wild Nothing-Summer Holiday
Young Governer-Cindy's Gonna Save Me


Against Me-Reinventing Axl Rose
Against Me-As The Eternal Cowboy
Agent Orange-Living In Darkness
Angels Of Light-We Are Him
BBQ-Tie Your Noose
Beach House-Beach House
Bell Gardens-Hangups Need Company
Black Lips-Let It Bloom,s/t , and We Did Not Know
Black Tambourine-s/t
Bloody Panda-Summon
Born Against-Rebel Sound Of Shit
Braid-Age Of Octean, Frankie Welfare Boy,Movie Music Vol. 1 and 2
Paul Cary-Ghost Of A Man
The Chiefs-Hollywood Crisis
Cheap Girls-Find Me A Drink Home
Chin Chin-Sound Of The Westway
Cloud Nothings-Turning On
Crow-Bloody Tear
Cute Lepers-Smart Accessories
Davilia 666-12" ep
Dead Boys-3rd Generation Nation, Young Loud , and Snotty
Dead Boys-Younger, Louder, and Snottier
Deceased-Luck Of The Corpse
Deiphago-Filipino Antichrist
The Diodes-Time/Damage
The Disappears-Lux
Doctor Scientist-Prehistoric Times
Druids Of Stonehenge-Creation
The Dry Heaves-Shoot Yourself
Dum Dum Girls-I Will Be (original press on HoZac)
Eddy Current-Rush To Relax
Effi Briest-Rhizones
The Ex & Tom Cora-Scrabbling At The Lock
Ferocious Few-Juices
Fever B-Lonely Sailor Sessions
The Flatliners-Cavalcade
The Fresh & Onlys-August On My Mind
The Freeze-Land Of The Lost, and Rabid Reaction
Fucked Up-Let Likes 12"
The Gizmos-'76-"77 Studio Recordings
The Gizmos-Never Mind The Hoosier Hysteria
Goatsnake-Flower Of Disease
Goodnight Loving-Arcobaleno
Haunted George-American Crow
Thee Headcoates-Girlsville
Heartless Bastards-All This Time
High Tide-Sea Shanties
His Hero Is Gone-15 Counts, and Monuments To Thieves
Holy Shit-Kbdoop 10"
Iron Age-Sleeping Eye
Jaill-There's No Sky
Japandroids-No Singles
Karma To Burn-Almost Heathen
Karma To Burn-Wild Wonderful Purgatory
King Khan & BBQ-s/t, and What's For Dinner
Knight School-Revenger
Kurt Vile-Hunchback
Lazy Smoke-Corridor Of Faces
Lightning Bolt-Earthly Delights
Lost Sounds-Demos & Outtakes
Love-Forever Changes
The Mantles-s/t
Mariachi El Bronx-s/t
Marked Men-Fix My Brain
The Meatmen-War Of The Superbikes
Minor Threat-s/t and Out Of Step
Monster Movie-Everyone Is A Ghost
Mount Carmel-s/t
Os Mutantes-s/t
Naked Raygun-Understand?
Negative FX-Government War Plans
No Balls-Come Clean
No Friends-Traditional Failures
Nu Sensae-TV Death And The Devil
The Oblivians-9 Songs
Thee Oh Sees-Warm Slime
The Only Ones-Big Sleep
Outlaw Order-Dragging Down
The Outsiders-Afraid Of The Dark
Ozzie-Parabolic Rock 1975
The Panics-80-81
Peace Corpse-The Terror Of Quincy
Pinhead Gunpowder-Jump Salty
Pointed Sticks-Waiting For The Real Thing
The Pretty Things-s/t
Propagandhi-How To Clean Everything
Puerto Rico Flowers-4
Puffy Areolas-In The Army 1981
The Quick-Mondo Deco
Range Rats-s/t
Raw Nerve-Raw Nerve
Rayon Beach-Memory Teeth
Reactionaries-1979 (pre-Minutemen)
Red Pens-Reasons
Reigning Sound-Time Bomb High School
The Remains-A Session With
the Rezillos-Can't Stand
Kim Salmon-Wall/Paper
Screeching Weasel-Wiggle
Scrotum Poles-Auchmithie Forever
The Slackers-Lost And Found
Elliot Smith-Xo
So Cow-Meaningless Friendly
So Cow-So Cow
Sonic Youth-Daydream Nation box set
Sons Of Ishmael-Hayseed Hardcore
The Spits-s/t (4th)
The Spits-s/t (2nd)
The Stooges-s/t and Fun House
Steel Pole Bath Tub-Unlistenable
The Subhumans-Same Thoughts Different Day
Sweet Apple-Love & Desperation
13th Floor Elevators-Psychedelic Sounds (Mono)
Thou-Baton Rouge
Tinsel Teeth-Trash As The Trophy
Twin Stumps-Seedbed
Unruled-Butchers Of Warfare
The Units-History Of The Units
V/A-Flex Your Head
V/A-Party Platter
Varsity Weirdos-Can't Go Home
Velvet Underground-s/t (Banana cover Mono)
Weathered Pines-Sky Between The Buildings
The Whines-Hell To Pay
The Wipers-Is This Real?,Over The Edge and Youth Of America
Woods-At Echo Lake
Wounded Lion-s/t
Woven Bones-Minus Touch
Young Lions-From The Vaults
Young Livers-Of Misery And Toil
The Zeros-Don't Push Me Around
Zola Jesus-Stridulum


Shindig-issue # 16
The Action-Complete Punk Recordings cd
Armour-Amour cd
Bestial Mockery-Christcrushing cd
Coffinworm-When All Becomes None cd
Disfigured Head-Visions Of Death cd
Goatsnake-Flower Of Disease cd
Hooded Menace-Never Cross The Dead cd
Howling Wind-Into The Cryosphere cd
Lodger-Flashbacks cd
M-R-R issues # 325, and #324
eath cd
Wooden Shjips-vol 2 cdNunslaughter-Black cd
Perversor-Demon Metal cd
Subhumans-Same Thoughts cd
Twilight-Monument To Death cd
Wooden Shijps-Vol. 2 cd

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Few New Things And Restocks

This stuff in now.


Society Nurse-Junk Existence
Low Threat Profile-s/t
Bayonettes-Guilty Pleasures (yes, you are reading this right,new single,maybe a tour!)
White Lung-Atlanta
Homostupids-Night Deacon
Unamused-Red, White,and Brainwashed
Desolation-Rest In Panic
Ice Nine-Nobody's Son
Germ Attack-Death To Cops
Bracewar-Whatever It Takes
The Ergs!-Thrash Compactor (old material, just released)
Aus Rotten-Fuck Nazi Sympathy
OK-This Is Only A Test


Nails-Unsilent Death
Instinct Of Survival-North Of Nowhere
Quattro Stagioni-s/t
Statues-New People Make Us Nervous
Hellshock-Ghosts Of The Past Demo
Get Rad-I Can Always Live
Lifetime-Jersey's Best Dancers
Regulations-To Be Me (with bonus 7")
Hirax-El Rostero (picture disc & 7")
Landmine Marathon-Sovereign Descent
Highgate-Shrines To The Warhead
Graf Orlock-Destination Time Today
Rorschach-Remain/Protestant (double lp)
Riistetyt-Kuonhymmenja (new record)
Extortion-Loose Screws 10"


M.R.R. #324
Hellschock-Ghosts Of The Past Demo cd
World Burns To Death-Totalitarian Sodomy cd

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More New Stuff In, Some Very Good Titles

Some very cool things in this order.

V/A "Club Foot" LP (450 repress of old SF comp)
Anthrax "One Last Drop" LP (UK band)
Metallica "Ride the Lightning Demos" LP
Tool "Tainted Love" LP
Tool "Silver Tongue" LP
Babyshambles "Acoustic Sessions" LP
RF7 "Acts of Defiance" 7"(1st single)
Husker Du "The Truth Hurts-79-80 Demos, awesome)
Rolling Stones "Dancing with Mr. J" 2LP
V/A "Nasty Rockabilly Vol 17" LP
V/A "Nasty Rockabilly Vol 18" LP
Johnny Cash "Golden Unplugged Album" LP
Void "Hit & Run/Condensed Flesh Demos '81" LP 500 press
Joy Division "Sessions 78/80" LP-Demos/outtakes 400 press)
Hellhammer "Death Fiend" LP 500 press
Napalm Death "Peel Sessions 87&88" LP 500 press
Cromagnon "Cave Rock" LP
Pixies s/t LP(purple tape)
Spacemen 3 "Sound of Confusion" LP
Cryptic Slaughter "Convicted" picture disc LP
Ohlo Seco "Lutar Matar" LP 500 press
War Of Destruction "Tapes 81-82" LP
Adam & The Ants "Meet the Ants" LP
Richard Hell "Blank Generation" DVD
Mayhem / Burzum Demos split LP 500 press
Younger Lovers "Newest Romantic" LP
Iron Bong "Witchwoods" LP
New York Dolls "Actress" LP
Os Mutantes s/t LP
Ween "12 Golden Country Greats" LP
Brats "Lost Tapes" LP
Sacrilege "Early Demos" LP
Rolling Stones "All Down the Line" LP
Nico "Chelsea Girl" LP
GISM "Detestation" LP
Cash/Dylan "Songs from Real America" LP
Napalm Death "Demos 1985-86" LP
Bob Dylan "Eat the Document" DVD
Riistetyt "HC Revival 82-83" LP
Johnny Cash "Collaborations" LP
White Flag "S is for Space" LP
Crime / Gnawa Express "Extortion" 7" 500 press
Cramps "De Lux Album" LP
Joy Division "Manchester, So Much" LP
Pogues "Soit" LP Great live stuff
Can "Delay" LP
Bad Brains "171A 1981 Sessions" 7"
GG Allin "Always Was" LP (Early material)
Them "Angry Young Them" LP mono
Them "Them Again" LP mono
Can "Prehistoric Future" LP
Pantera "I am the Night" LP
Pantera "Power Metal" LP
Razor "Armed & Dangerous" LP (550 press)
Carcass "Demos 86/87" LP
DYS "Brotherhood" LP
Jam "100 Club 1977" LP (great sound)
SS Decontrol "Kids Will Have Their Say" LP
Slaughter & The Dogs "Do It Dog Style" LP
101ers "Beat Music Dynamite" LP
Black Sabbath "Walpurgis" LP '70 Peel session
Buzzcocks "Singles Going Steady" LP
Television "Marquee Moon" LP
Crispy Ambulance "Plateau Phase" LP
Antisect "Demos/Live 1982" LP (500 press)
Descendents "Milo Gets Bootlegged" LP (Demos & B sides, 500 press)
GISM "Document One" LP 500 press
Operation Ivy "The Rare Shit" LP Tons of Demos 500 press
Screamers "Assault!" LP '78 Mabuhay Gardens show
Stalin "Sakhalin Smile" LP Early singles,flexis, and comp songs
Typhus "Insect Terrorist" LP The flexi and more!
Venom "Deadline Demo 1986" LP
Comes "No Side/Outsider" LP 500 press
Agent Orange "Living in Darkness" LP 1,000 press
Mark Lanegan Band "Bubblegum" LP
Spacemen 3 "Perfect Prescription" LP
Cro-Mags "Age of Quarrel (Demos)" LP
Black Sabbath "Alternative Version" LP (Awesome)
Stiff Little Fingers "Inflammable" LP
Jesus & Mary Chain "Darklands" LP
Wire "Pink Flag" LP
Wire "Chairs Missing" LP
Q65 "Revolution" LP
White Stripes "50 Billion Fans" LP
Desert Sessions "I+II" LP
Johnny Cash "With His Hot & Blue Guitar LP
Wire "1976 Demo" LP

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This stuff is in now

Here is what came in last week


Moby Grape-Rounder
Reverend Beat Man-Radio Jingle
Los Explosivos/ The Cavernarios - split
Nothing To Nothing-To Better Days
Total Wreck-s/t
Lifetime-s/t (repress)
Royal Monsters-s/t
Fucked Up-Crooked Head
Project X-Straight Edge Revenge (repress)
Bulldog Courage-Broken
Expire-Grim Rhythm
Fire & Ice-Gods & Devils
Bring That Shit/Dios Mio-split
Bane-Boston 6:58
Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money-split
Down To Nothing-All My Son
Broken Pattern-s/t 2010
Innumerable Forms-Dark Worship
End Of A Year/Segwei-split
Force Fed-5 song ep
Minutemen-Paranoid Time
Title Fight-Kingston


The Barracudas-Nothing Ever Happens 10"
The Beat-The Beat (re-issue)
The Black Keys-The Big Come Up
Cheater Slicks-Bats In The Dead Trees
Devil Dogs-Saturday Night Fever
Thee Headcoats-Earls Of Suavedom
Richard Hell-Blank Generation
Thee Mighty Caesars-Surely, and Thusly
Moby Grape-Live
New Bomb Turks-Destroy Oh-boy
The Oblivions-9 Songs w/
The Plimsouls-Beg Borrow and Steal (1000 press)
The Ramones-s/t
The Rivals-If Only (reprint of old UK band, amazing)
Satan's Pilgrims-Psychsplosion
Sex Pistols-Never Mind (reissue on 180 gram)
Sonic's Rendezvous Band-Live Masonic Auditorium
The Specacles-Re-specacied
V/A-Back From The Grave- Volumes 1,3,5,and 6
V/A-Before Birdman Flew-Volumes 1, 2 and 3
V/A-Killed By Death-Volumes 2,3,6,7, 81/2,9, 10, 12
X-Wild Gift (reissue)
Alkaline Trio-s/t
Old Man Gloom-Seminar II
Iron Age-The Sleeping Eye
Have Heart-Songs To Scream
All Shall Perish-Awaken
Bad Religion-Against The Grain
Mentors-Get Up And Die (repress)
Blood For Blood-Wasted Youth Brew (repress)
Darkest Hour-Eternal Return
Taking Back Sunday- Tell All Your Friends
Carrier-One Year Later
Pelican-What We All Come
Skeletonwitch-Worship 10"
Converge-Axe To Fall
Piece By Piece-s/t
Fucked Up-Bruises-Live
High On Fire-Snakes For The Divine
V/A-New York Thrash
Monument To Thieves-s/t
The Weakerthans-Live
Alkaline Trio-Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Chuck Ragan-live 10"
V/A-Something To Believe In (BYO comp)
Uniform Choice-Screaming For Change
Dillinger Escape Plan-Option
Black Flag-My War
From Ashes Rise-Nightmare

+++++ We have tickets for Strike Anywhere/Bane, and for Marky Ramone++++++

Friday, April 16, 2010

3 Year Anniversary & Record Store Day

Record Store Day this year is happening very close to the 3rd anniversary of Hits And Misses opening day. So we are going to combine the two and have 1 SALE. So on Saturday April 17th all vinyl and all cd's will be 20 % off*. The store's hours that day will be 12pm to 8pm. (*Exclusions are consignment pieces and hold bags).. Just got an order in on Thursday and another one today, so lots of new stuff as well.............

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lots Of New Stuff In Down At Hits And Misses

This stuff came in yesterday and today.....................


Bare Wires-Keep Your Cool (500 press)
John Carpenter-Seasons
Chillerton-Hollow Lane
Chin Chin-We Don't Wanna Be
Chinese Restaurants-River Of Shit
Claw Toe-Ingrown Ego (300 press)
The Deaf Aids-Do It Again (new on Sing Sing)
East Bay Grease-Just Head
The Ex-Maybe I Was A Pilot
The Feeling Of Love-School Yeah
Gape Attack!-Burn This City (300 press)
German Measels-Colour Vibrations
God Equals Genocide-It Wasn't Made For Us
Hanoi Janes-Across The Sea
Lamps-Niels Borh Was An...
Lawrence Arms-Buttsweat And Tears
Legendary Wings-Questions
Mind Spiders-s/t (new on Dirtnap)
The Omegas-Sonic Order
Potential Johns-s/t (on Dirtnap)
Rocket From The Tombs-I Sell Soul
Rollerball-Savage Eyes (new on Sing Sing)
Rot Shit-You're Welcome
Rough Kids-Rough Kids
Ty Segall-Caesar
The Shanks-Backstabber
Sharp Ends-Northern Front (new on HoZac)
Spider-Back To The Wall (on Sing Sing)
Stolen Parts-s/t
Strange Boys-Woe Is You And Me
Summer Cats-Your Timetable (new on Slumberland)
Unwed Teenage Mothers-If That's Love
Vermin Poets-s/t (new Billy Childish project,500 press)
Vivian Girls-My Love Will Follow Me
Wetdog-Lower Leg (new on Captured Tracks)
White Wires-Goodbye Girl
Wild Nothing-Summer Holiday (on Captured Tracks)
Woods-I Was Gone
High Life-Self Abuse
Peace Or Annihilation-Skull Fucking Armageddon
Hygiene-Town Centre
Bloodbath & Beyond-Punk Planets
Nazi Dust-s/t
State-No Illusions
Thurneman-Tegelstein For Tegelsten
Inepsy-See You In Hell
Take Offense-Happiness Under Chains
Half Gorilla/Kursk-split
Government Warning-Arrested
Young Governor-English Tim
Protesti-8-Track ep
Fucked Up-Litany
Tampere SS-Sottaa
Tampere SS-Kuollut & Kuopattu
V/A-Welcome To The Golden State Vol. 2
Libyans-Crash Coarse
Acid Reflux-Secret Power
Cardiac Arrest-Life's A Dead End
Life Trap-Bleak Reality
Autistic Youth-I Want To See
Pollution-N.S. Drugs
Career Suicide-Sars
Riistetyt-Kahleet, and Tuomiopaiva


Against Me-Reinventing Axl Rose
Art Museums-Rough Frame (Woodsist)
Banner Pilot-Collapser
Tim Barry-28th & Stonewell
Black Cobra-Chronomega
Black Wine-Black Wine
Bossy-Best Of Bossy
Billy Childish & Musicians Of The British Empire-s/t
Cold Cave-Cremations
Crime-San Francisco's Still
Crusaders Of Love-Never Grow Up (Douchemaster)
The Cute Lepers-Smart Accessories
Daily Void-Eclipse Of 1453
Death-For The Whole World
Dry Rot-Philistine
The Exploding Hearts-Guitar Romantic
Extortion-Loose Screws 10"
Fucked Up-Hidden World
Fugazi-Red Medicine
Gentleman Jesse-s/t
Home Blitz-Out Of Phase
Hot Rats-Turn Ons
Hot Water Music-Fuel, and Finding
Infest-Mankind 10"
Jawbreaker-Unfun, and Dear You
Japanther-Rock n Roll Ice Cream
Lard-Power Of Lard
Lemonheads-Shame About Ray (Josh V. approved re-issue)
Lifetime-Hello Bastards , and Jersey's Best Dancers (both re-issued)
Magik Markers/Sic Alps-Tour 12" (600 press)
Marked Men-Fix My Brain
Mean Jeans-Are You Serious
Minor Threat-s/t
Nerve City-s/t
Neurosis-Eye Of Every Storm
NOFX-The Decline
Nothing People-Soft Crash
Nudge Squidfish-20,000 Leagues Under
Overnight Lows-City Of Rotten Eyes
Pentagram-Review Your Choices (re-issue)
Pentagram-Sub-basement (re-issue)
Pinhead Gunpowder-Carry The Banner, Compulsive Disclosure, Goodbye Ellston Avenue,Jump Salty, and Shoot The Moon (all re-issued on vinyl)
The Pixies-Pixies (vinyl re-issue of "The Purple Tape", 1,500 press)
Iggy Pop-The Idiot
Priestess-Prior To The Fire
Jay Reatard-Singles 06-07
The Rebel-Incredible Hunk (500 press)
Tony Sly-12 Song Program
Spaceman 3-Perfect Perfection, and Sound Of confusion (both re-issued)
Strange Boys-Be Brave, and And Girls Club
Sunn O)))- Monoliths & Dimensions
Tyvek-Blunted Instrumental ep
U.S. Girls-Go Grey
V/A-Flex Your Head
V/A-In A Cloud (S.F. comp w/ Oh Sees,Ty Segall,Fresh & Onlys, more, 500 press)
White Fence-White Fence
White Mystery-s/t
Andre Williams-Greasy
Wire-Pink Flag
Woods-How To Survive
Michael Yonkers-Lovely Gold
Young Widows-Live Radio Performance (500 press)
Zola Jesus-Stridulum
The Dirtbombs-Race To The Bottom (500 press)
Ares Kingdom-Incendiary (both the "Die Hard" and regular editions)
Thou/Leech-split-We Pass Like Night
Off With Their Heads-All Things Move
Fix Me-Ni Una Sola Puta Lagrima
Hanna Hirsch-Tala Svart
Government Warning-Paranoid
Aerosols-s/t + 7"
Grinning Death's Head-No Afterlife
Tragedy-Nerve Damage, and Vengeance
Skit System-Enkel Resa, Gra Varld, and Stigmata
Systematic Death-Systema Six
Funerot-And Then You Fucking Die Man
Man Is The Bastard/Capitalist Casualties-split
Kvoteringen-Samhallets Forradare
Circle One-Patterns Of Force ('83 LP re-issue)
Nashgul-El Dia Despues
Doom-Lost The Fight/Pro Life Control Sessions
Nocturnal Graves/Hell Spirit-split
Blasphemic Cruelty-Devil's Mayhem
Black Angel-Rites (250 press)
Blasphemophagher-For Chaos, Obscurity
Rorschach-Remain Sedate/Protestant 2xLP (limited to 1,000)
The Humanoids-Are Born (best Dillinger 4 record never made!)
Varaus-1/1 LP
Buried Inside-Chronoclast (1,000 press)
Annihilation Time-Tales Of The Ancient Age
Gorilla Angreb-Bedre Tider
Limp Wrist-s/t (one sided)
Dear Landlord-Dream Homes
Career Suicide-Attempted Suicide, Invisible Eyes, and Kangaroo (all back in)
Regulations-To Be Me
Kerasphorus-Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust 10"
Orchid-Dance Tonight 10"
The Wanky's-Weapons Of Musical Destruction 8" & zine


Maximum R-n-R issues 322(March) and 323(April)
Tragedy-Vengeance CD
Los Crudos-Complete Discography CD
Agathocles/Gatt-split CD
Tragedy-Nerve Damage CD
Thee Endless Blockade/Bastard Noise-split CD
Eddy Current Suppresion Ring-Rush To Relax CD (Lp delayed until mid/late April)
Fang-Landshark/Wild Things CD
MDC-Million Of Dead Cops/ More Dead Cops CD
Razorcake-issue 55

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some New Stuff In At The Store

This stuff came in today.....................


Avengers-We Are The One
Los Chicos-We Sound Amazing But Look Like Shit
Billy Childish-It Should Be
The Dils-198 Seconds Of
Dustaphonics-Burlesque Queen
Fear-Now Your Dead
Gonn-Don't Need Your Love
The Gravemen-Haunted
The Head-Music For Intelligent People
Higher State-Song Of The Autumn
King Salami & Cumberland 3-XMas A Go Go
The Lyres-Don't Give It Up
The Misfits-Cough/Cool
Paul Messis-Lost And Found
The Pleasure Seekers-What A Way To Die
The Stooges-Search And Destroy
Reigning Sound-Black Sheep, and I'll Cry
The Shocks/The Briefs-split
Teenage Head-Picture My Face
Thee Vicars-You Lie
The Victims-Television Addict
The Weirdos-We Got The Neutron Bomb
X-Adult Books


Black Sabbath-s/t (reissue)
The Brady Bunch-Meet The Brady Bunch (yes you are reading this right)
The Branded-Shout and Holler
The Breakaways-Walking Out On Love
The Buff Medways-This Is
Alice Cooper-Easy Action (reissue)
The Descendents-I Don't Wanna Grow Up, Milo Goes To College, and Liveage
Thee Headcoatees-Here Comes Cessation
Thee Headcoats Sect-Ready Sect Go
Thee Headcoats-Headcoatitude
Thee Headcoats-W.O.A.H.
Thee Midniters-In Thee Midnite Hour
The Nerves-One Way Ticket
The Nervous Eaters-Eaterville Vol. 1
Pere Ubu-The Modern Dance (reissue)
The Pirates-Live In America
Pussy Galore-Exile On Main Street
Real Kids-Better Be Good, and S/T
Screamers-The Demos 77-78
The Spits-19 Million AC, s/t (1st), and s/t (3rd)
The Superions-The Superions ep (Fred Schnieder's new project)
Teenage Head-King St. Teddy Boys
V/A-Bored Teenagers Vol. 5
V/A-Detroit Girl Groups
V/A-Mexican R-n-R Rumble Vol. 2
V/A-Mod Meeting Vol. 6
The Wipers-Is This Real, Youth Of America, and Over The Edge
X-Ray Spex-Germ Free Adolescents


Shindig Magazine- issue #15 (March/April 2010)
V/A-Bored Teenagers Vol. 5 CD
V/A-Furious Italian Hardcore 2xCD

Monday, February 22, 2010

More New Arrivals

Nothing like carrying a record bag on a bike in the snow!This stuff in now


Thrash Talk-Walking Disease
Sinking Ships-Ten (3rd press)
At Half Mast-Flight
Iron Rain-Silent Sins
Low Threat Profile-s/t
Minor Threat-First Demo
Toxic Holocaust-Gravelord
Integrity-In Contrast Of (repress)
The Brat-s/t
Red Mass-s/t
Southside Stranglers-Too Much TV
Thrash Talk-East Of Eden
Virgin Witch-s/t
Bukkake Boys-s/t
Government Warning-Executed
Paint It Black-Amnesia
Gorilla Biscuits-s/t


Carrier-One Year Later
V/A-Nardcore (25 Years comp)
Blood For Blood-Outlaw Anthems, and Revenge On Society
Drive Like Jehu-s/t
Look Back And Laugh-s/t
Weekend Nachos-Unforgivable
Trapped Under Ice-Secrets
Mouthpiece-Can't Kill
Young Widows-Settle Down
Fucked Up-Couple Tracks
Lighten Up-Absolutely Not
Husker Du-Zen Arcade
Saint Vitus-Born Too Late , and Mournful Cries
V/A-New York Trash
V/A-Someone Got Their Head Kicked In
Slint-s/t 10"
Blacklisted-No One Deserves
Skarhead-Drugs,Music & Sex
Cock Sparrer-Shock Troops
Iron Age-The Sleeping Eye
Minor Threat-Out Of Step
Carry On-It's All Our Blood
Dangers-Messy, Isn't It?
Arsis-Starve For The Devil
His Hero Is Gone-Monuments
Propagandhi-Today's Empires
Tom Waits-Real Gone
Cold World-Dedicated To
Agnostic Front-Victim In Pain
Sloppy Seconds-Endless Bummer
Coalesce-Functioning On
Bad Brains-Black Dots
Descendents-I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today
Side By Side-You're Only Young Once
Chain Of Strength-The One
Youth Of Today-Break Down, Can't Close, and We're Not


Everybody's Scene Book
Fucked Up-Couple Tracks CD
D.I.-Live In A Dive CD
V/A-Untitled 21-A Swingin Utters Tribute (Fucked Up among the celebs on this)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Regulations LP and more in NOW!!

Lots of great new stuff, and some good restocked items as well on this order. Here is the skinny.


Friendly Neighbors-Or Else
Otan-Scociedad Depereciable
The Ergs/Measure SA-split
Marked Men/This Is Your Fist-split
Severance Package-All Down Hill
Against Me-Cavalier Eternal, The Disco Before..., and Sink Florida Sink
The Ergs/Grabass Charlestons-split
Low Threat Profile-s/t
Battlemaster/Inter Arma-split
Look Back And Laugh-State Of Illusion
Desolation/Audio Kollapse-split
Unholy Grave/Grade Grubbers-split
Melt Banana-Initial T.
Drop Dead/Look Back And Laugh-split


Sixx-Sister Devil (Die Hard edition)
Mohoram Atta/Thou-split
Lemuria-Get Better
Lemuria-The First Collection
Zoroaster-Voice Of Saturn
Acrid-Sea Of Shit
Chuck Ragan-Feast Or Famine
Dear Landlord-Dream Homes
Defiance,Ohio-Great Depression
Hot Water Music-Caution,A Flight,No Division,Forever &, Fuel, and Finding (all back in)
Planes Mistaken For Stars-Fuck With Fire, and Up In Them Guts
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb-Front Seat
Young Livers-The New Drop Era
Amort-Winter Tales (500 press)
Alehammer/Tyrant-split (very cool Alehammer's side is called "At War With Straightedge")
Rorschach-Remain Sedate/Protestant (double LP, remastered and limited to 1,000)
Thee Endless Blockade/Bastard Noise-split
Hellbastard-Ripper Crust
Sled-s/t (ex-Assfactor 4 )
Regulations-To Be Me (I got in the ones with the bonus 7")
Black Witchery-Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom
Rites Of Thy Degringolade-Totality
Bone Awl-Meaninless Leaning Mess
Bone Awl-Not For Our Feet
Abigail-Sweet Baby Metal Slut
Dirt-Black & White
Ripcord-Discography Volumes 1, 2 and 3
Inepsy-City Weapons
Cult Ritual-s/t
Vapid-Practically Dead
Hatred Surge-Deconstruct
Extortion-Loose Screws 10"


At Both Ends #9 zine and 7" (Bane, (new)Grade and others on 7")
Regulations-To Be Me CD
Doom-Lost The Fight/Pro Life Control Sessions CD
Dystopia-Human=Garbage CD
Warvictims-Domedagen CD

When I open on Saturday there should be around 100 new used LP that will be out. Very good stuff in there as well. DO NOT think you will get a sneak peak on Friday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hits And Misses will be open Family Day

The store will be open regular hours on Monday, 12-8pm for Family Day. Don't worry I will be surrounded by MY family, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and Dan Aykroyd!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Huge Order In, Lots Of Great New Stuff

This stuff came in on Friday and is available for your consumption.


Ale Mania-Lustful Fistful
Boris-Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Volumes 2 & 3
Campfires-Stormy Late Fall
Christmas Island-s/t
Druid Perfume-Other Worlds
Eat Skull-Jerusalem Mall
Fresh & Onlys-Second One To Know
Goodnight Loving-Nothing Conquers Us
Goodnight Loving-Up North Girl
King Automatic-Closing Time
Lawrence Arms-Buttsweat And Tears
Marked Men/This Is My Fist-split
Mess Folk-Something I Remember
Mickey-She's So Crazy
Minor Threat-First Demo
Myelin Sheaths-Do The Mental Twist
Nerve City-Red Tops
NOFX-My Orphan Year , and Cokie The Clown
Plastic Crimewave-Shockwave Rider
Points-Beat In Hell
Predator-Honest Man
Sandwitches-Back To The Sea
The Spits-Pain
Spoon-Written In Reverse


Accused-Curse Of Martha
Amebix-Arise, and No Sanctuary
Bad Sports-s/t
Alex Bleeker & The Freaks-s/t (Real Estate side band)
Brilliant Colors-Introducing
Cannabis Corpse-Blunted At Birth
Greg Cartwright-Live At The Circle
Christmas Island-Blackout Summer
Dadfag-Scenic Abuse
Deadly Snakes-Ode To Joy
The Eyes-Tagn 10"
Flipper-Generic Flipper
Golden Boys-Thee Electric Wolfman
Hot Snakes-Suicide Invoice
House Boat-Delaware Octopus
Jawbox-For Your Own Special
King Khan & BBQ Show-Invisible Girl
King Khan & BBQ Show-What's For Dinner
Kurt Vile-Constant Hitmaker
Le Face-s/t
Le Sang Song-s/t
Mariachi El Bronx-s/t
Marked Men-Fix My Brain
Mean Jeans-Are You Serious
Medication-This Town
Minor Threat-s/t
Naked Raygun-Jettison
Neon Indian-Psychic Charms
NOFX-War On Errorism
Off With Their Heads-Hospitals, and From The Bottom
Thee Ohsees-Master's Bedroom
Thee Ohsees-Quadrospazzed
Om-Variations, and Conference
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-s/t, and Higher Than The Stars
Peaking Lights-Imaginary Falcons
Pointed Sticks-Waiting For The Real Thing
Real Mckenzies-Loch'd And Loaded
Reigning Sound-Too Much Guitar, and Love And Curses
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin-Reverse Shark Attack
Silk Flowers-As Above So Below
Strange Boys-And Girls Club
Television-Marquee Moon
Television Personalities-And Don't The Kids Just Love It
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb-Convertible
Thomas Function-In The Valley Of Sickness
Tokyo Electron-AZ 238
The Tubers-Anachronous
Tyvek-Blunt Instrument
The Unicorns-Who Will Cut Our Hair
V/A-State Capital Field (Vivian Girls, The Beets,etc)
V/A-Welcome To 1984 (re-issue)
Vermillion Sands-Miss My Gun
Wizard Sleeve-Make The World Go Away
Woods-Songs Of Shame
Michael Yonkers & The Blind Shake-Cold Town
Yves/Son/Ace-Parade Of Thoughts
Zola Jesus-Spoils


Articles Of Faith-Complete Vol. 1 CD
King Khan & BBQ Show-Invisible Girl CD
Laudanum-Coronation CD
Maximum RnR zine-January and February issues
Razorcake zine-issue # 54
V/A-Wrecktrospective- 3 CD comp.
Zero Boys-History Of CD

Happy Hockey Day In Canada!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some New Stuff and Restocked Stuff In Now

Not a huge order, but some cool new stuff and good restocks.


The Groupies-Down In The Bottom
Angel Kaplan-Broken Toys
Mudhoney-Touch Me, I'm Sick
The Nerv0us Eaters-Just Head
Demon's Claws/Black Lips-split (Stones tribute)


Bad Brains-Live
BBQ-The Complete Recordings Vol. 1
Black Flag-Damaged
Blue Cheer-Outsideinside
Blue Cheer-Vincebus Eruptus (Mono issue, real cool with raised letters as well! )
The Breakaways-Walking Out On Love
Sonny Burguss& The Legendary Pacers-In Spain
Paul Collins Beat-Ribbon Of Gold
The Descendents-Somery
Richard Hell-Blank Generation
Hex Dipensers-s/t
Husker Du-Flip Your Wig, Metal Circus, and Zen Arcade (all back)
The Iguanas-s/t (Iggy Pop's first band)
The Jam-All Mod Cons
The Jujus-You Treat Me Bad (Mono re-issue on Breakaway)
The Monks-Black Monk Time (regular press)
The Nerves-Live (limited on coloured vinyl)
The Nerves-One Way Ticket
Olho Seco-Lutar Matar Early Rare Discography (300 press)
Saint Vitus-Born Too Late, and Mournful Cries
Saint Vitus-The Walking Dead 12", and Thirsty and Miserable 12"
The Sonics-Here Are The Sonics
V/A-Girls In The Garage Vol. 11
V/A-Pebbles Volumes 13, 16, and 21
V/A-Portuguese Nuggets Vol. 3 (yup, you guessed it, a few guys on the back cover without shirts on!)
Velvet Underground-Loaded (red vinyl)


Shindig- Issue #14 Bonzo Dog cover
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers-Early Discography '81-84 CD

Still have tickets for Chuck Ragan/Tim Barry, Fucked Up, all Silverstein shows, Leatherface, and NOW HAVE tickets for The Action show at Mitzi's Sister on February 27th.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More New Arrivals

This stuff came in today


Agnostic Front-United Blood (back in)
Backtrack-Deal With The Devil
Bad Seed/War Hungry-split
Bane-Los Angeles 3:58 , and Boston 6:58 pm
Wreak Havoc-s/t
Not Sorry-Moving On
Trash Talk-Walking Disease
Title Fight-Kingston
Jimmy Eat World/Blueprint-split (repress)
Bouncing Souls-20th Anniversary Vol 4
Rust Belt Lights-Long Gone
Trapped Under Ice-Demo 2007
The Menzingers-Hold On, Dodge
Time For Change-Bye Bye Blackbird


Beloved(US)-Failure On
Black Flag-Damaged
Husker Du-New Day Rising
Descendents-Milo Goes To College
Saint Vitus-Mournful Cries
Saint Vitus-Heavier Than Thou (2 lp best of)
In Control-The Nard Curse
Carry On-It's All Our Blood
Cock Sparrer-Here We Stand
Agnostic Front-Victim In Pain
Hope Conspiracy-Death
Bad Religion-Suffer
The Vandals-Peace Through Vandalism
The Vandals-When In Rome
Blink 182-Buddha
S.O.D.-Speak English Or Die
Baroness-Blue Record
Gogol Bordello-Live 2xLP w/ DVD
Chuck Ragan-Live Daytrot 10"
Naked Raygun-Jettison (remastered re-issue)
Bitter End-Climate Of Fear
50 Lions-Where Life Expires
Municipal Waste-Waste Em All
7 Seconds-Walk Together
One Choice-Forever War
Young Widows-Old Wounds
Battlefields-Entourage Of
Sloppy Seconds-Endless Bummer
The Weakerthans-Left And Leaving
Junius-The Martyrdom Of

-----------------CD's, Misc---------------

Bouncing Souls-Ghosts On The Boardwalk
Sloppy Seconds-Destroyed (20th Anniversary issue with lots of bonus stuff)
Agnostic Front-Victim In Pain (United Blood added as well)
Everybody's Scene- Book
Spray Paint The Wall-the Black Flag Story-Book

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This stuff in now

This stuff came in on Friday and is available for your consumption now. All LP's


The Sound-Cold Beat
The Jam-At The BBC
My Bloody Valentine-Ecstasy
My Bloody Valentine-This Is Your Bloody Valentine
My Bloody Valentine-You Made Me Realise
My Bloody Valentine-Glider
My Bloody Valentine-Sunny Sundae Smile
Pantera-I Am The Night
Iggy Pop-The Idiot
Iggy Pop-Lust For Life
The Action-Slashing, White Hot (apparently playing here in March!!! )
The Cardiac Kidz-Get Out (500 press, 1978-81, San Diego punk)
The Buzzcocks-The Peel Sessions (500 press)
The Warm Jets-Wanna Start A War (1979-80, Philly punk)
Radio Birdman-Ritualism
Reagan Youth-Youth Anthems (1000 press and with repro fold out poster cover)
Sonic Youth-Master Dik/4 Tunna Brix
Die Wut-Die Fruehen Jahre (500 press)
Fear-Paradise Studio 1978 Demo
Misfits-Walk Among Us & Spot Demos (500 press)
Infest-1987 Demo (1,000 press 25 song demo )
NOFX-Seven Inch Singles Club 2005 (all the singles club songs on one LP)
Eater-The Album
Stench-Cult Status (500 press of 1982 UK band, killer stuff)
Birthday Party-Junkyard
Birthday Party-Born Dead (1980 & '81 Peel Sessions)
Joy Division-Manchester, So Much To Account For (all studio and radio outtakes)
Stiff Little Fingers-Inflammable Material
Warsaw-An Ideal For Killing
Pink Floyd-Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn (MONO ISSUE)
White Stripes-50 Billion Fans (collection on all the early singles)
Desert Sessions-Vol. 1 & 2
Desert Sessions-Vol. 3 & 4
Desert Sessions-Vol. 5 & 6
Saint Vitus-s/t (coloured vinyl)
Los Yetis-Historia Verdad ('60's Colombian garage)
The Damned-I Had Too Much To Drink Last Night (I know I did) (2lp of live stuff 500 press)
Conflict-It's Time To See Who's Who
GG Allin-Always Was (collection of early material)
Crisis-The Guilty Have A Past (all 3 singles and a few demos)
Bad Brains-Pay To Cum
The Clash-Live In Jamaica
13th Floor Elevators-Easter, and Psychedelic Sounds
Music Machine-Turn On
The Saints-I'm Stranded
Mazzy Star-She Hangs Brightly (I bet Josh V. owns this on cassette)
Chron Gen-Chronic Generation
The Threats-Wasted
Endless Blizzard-Remember Your Death
Enoid-Suicide 10"
Velvet Underground-At The Gymnasium
Slaughter & The Dogs-Do It Dog Style
Gang Of Four-Entertainment
Thin Lizzy-BBC Session, and 1st LP
Sonic Youth-Evol
Black Sabbath-Alternative Versions
V/A-Killed By Glam (more like a UK '70's power pop comp than glam)
Rolling Stones-As Time Goes By (awesome early Stones out takes)
Pantera-Power Metal
Black Sabbath-Walpurgis (great BBC session from 1970, 2 unreleased songs)
Razor-Armed & Dangerous (press of 550)
Modern Lovers-s/t
Siouxsie & The Banshees-Love In A Vortex
AC/DC-Nice Way To Hell ( 2xLP, Dec. 15th 1979, believe it was Bon's last show or close to it)
V/A-Russia Bombs Finland (old Propaganda comp re pressed)
Bathory-In Memory Of Quorthon
The Fall-Live At The Witch Trials
Chronic Sick-Cutest Band In Hardcore (12",7", and a few demos)
The Adverts-Crossing The Red Sea
Iron Cross-Crucified For Your Sins (discography and more)
101'ers-Beat Music Dynamite
Alien Force-Hell & High Water
Roky Erickson-Weird Tales
Can-Delay, Ege Bamyasi, and Soundtracks (all back in)
Necros-Conquest For Death
Count Five-Psychotic Reaction
Johnny Cash-American Outtakes
Roky Erickson & The Aliens-s/t
Pink Floyd-Obscured By Clouds
Possessed-The Demos '84-93
Roky Erickson-Gremlins Have Pictures
Venom/Bathory-split (demos by both bands)
The Beatles-Yesterday & Today (butcher cover)
Possessed/Morbid Angel-split (demos by both)
White Stripes-Rare A & B Sides
Metallica-Master Of Puppets Demos

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tickets Available and some local releases

In the past few days I have gotten a few local releases that you kids want. Due to the limited amount dropped off at the store, and the demand for them, they are a first on a "first come first get" basis. In other words, don't call or email to "put one on hold for me dude" !!

Madmen-first 2 demos on a 12"
Cursed-Last Single (BBC Sessions) 7"
School Jerks-Decline 7"

Right then! The tickets available right now are as goes.

Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry,more @ Wrongbar February 6th
Leatherface @Wrongbar February 22nd
Fucked Up, Kurt Vile, more @ Opera House February 26th
Silverstein 4 nights @ El Mocambo Thursday March 18th - Sunday March 21st.

As always, tickets must paid for in cash, and only a $1 service charge (regardless of price)

There will be a few very cool orders coming in next week, stay tuned