Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank You, and List of New Stuff At The Store

First off, I would to thank those who took the time to email my city councillor's office. This whole thing has been such a waste of time on everyone involved. My situation at the store is not fully resolved, but looking good. A classic case of the 2 divisions of the Licensing Department not knowing what the other is doing. That,and my councillor's office leaving me for dead and fight this myself is a good sum up of the situation. I should sue the city for making me miss so much of the first round of the playoffs!!!! Anyways, let's get to the goodies, shall we............


Alternative Action-We're Not Like You
Bad Seeds-I'm A King Bee (not Nick Cave's band, but a 60's garage band)
The Fallen Angels-Do You Love
The Persian Rugs-St. Peter's Infirmary (new Hoodoo Guru band)
Nazz-Sydney's Lunchbox
The Omens-Make It Last
The Stooges-Search And Destroy
The Preachers-Who Do You Love
The Real Kids-All Kinds Of Girls
Reigning Sound-I'll Cry
Saturday's Children-Dunwich ep
The Sirs-Day Dream
The Undead-Invisible Man
The Cute Lepers/The Bite-split (2 new Cute Lepers songs!!!!)
The Dwarves/Royce Cracker-split
Vibraphone-Someone's Stolen My Feet
50 Lions-s/t
Until Your Heart Stops-We Are Not Coming Down (red vinyl)
V/A-Greetings From Paradise-w/ Violation,Alpha & Omega,Piece By Piece, more
Wings,Beer,and Sports-Let's (members of Carry On and Terror) (sounds like a good band for me to be in!)
At Half Mast/To The Embers-split
At Half Mast/Values Intact-split
Mirrors & Wires-Colourized
Born From Pain-Warfare
Hell And Reasons-s/t
The Golden Age-Time & (colour vinyl)
Black Teeth-s/t (colour vinyl)
Gaslight Anthem-'59 Sound
The Bouncing Souls-20th Anniversary Single
Colin Of Arabia-Snitch (colour vinyl)
Meantime-s/t (colour vinyl)
Mustard Plug/Bomb The Music Industry-split (ska version of Waiting Room, "Ammmazzing")
Gaslight Anthem-Senor
The First Step-Connection (blue vinyl)
Adam's Dagger-The Ripper
Disnihil-Future Cancers (red vinyl)
Black Ships-Low
Sainte Catherines/Us Against Them-split
Terror-Blood Tracks Demos (colour vinyl)
Monuments To Thieves-Apolo (colour vinyl)
Against Me-Disco
Agent-Awake In Their World (purple vinyl)
Naysayer-No Remorse (colour vinyl)
At Our Heels-s/t
Taking Back Sunday-Carpathion
Hjertestop-Aarg Fuck Der
The Retainers-Waste Of Time


Beat Beat Beat-Living In The Future
Blue Cheer-Vincebus Eruptum
Bob Log III-My Shit Is Perfect
Dead Kennedys-Mutiny On The Bay
Descendents-Enjoy and Somery
The Fuzztones-Horny As Hell
The Groundhogs-Blues Obituary
The Groundhogs-Scratching The Surface
The Hex Dispensers-s/t
High Tide-Sea Shanties
Husker Du-Metal Circus
The Jam-In The City
King Khan & His Shrines-Three Hairs
The Lollipop Shoppe-Just Colour
Mark & The Spies-Give Me A Look
Minutemen-Project Mersh
NOFX-Maximum Rock And Roll (coloured vinyl)
The Stooges-Raw Power
The Pranks-Modern Communication
The Ramones-Road To Ruin
The Remains-s/t (double lp of rarities)
The Rockets-s/t
The Smoke-It's Smoke Time
The Specials-s/t
The Stooges-Funhouse
The Undead-Live Slayer
V/A-2131 South Michigan Avenue (60's garage and psyche comp)
V/A-Bloodstains Across California,Midwest,Texas,and Sweden (all back in)
V/A-Winnipeg 60's-the best of Eagle Records
13th Floor Elevators-Psychedelic Sounds-Mono
The Wipers-Is This Real? and Youth Of America
Black Anvil-Time Insults
Ritual-Beneath Aging Flesh
Banner Pilot-Resignation
Death Cab For Cutie-Narrow
In The Red-Volume 2
Impeding Doom-Serpent
Bones Brigade-Focused
Pulling Teeth-Paranoid Delusions
Mastadon-Diviations 12"
The Epidemic-s/t
Tommy & The Terrors-13
Lawrence Arms-Guided Tour of Chicago
Pure Hell-Noise Addiction
Texas Is The Reason-Do You Know
Trial-Are These Our Lives
Green Day-39/Smooth
Green Day-Dookie (you should check these guys out!)
No Harm Done-Escape (white vinyl)
Ben Weasel-These Ones (new album)
Riverdales-Phase 3
Get Up Kids-Something To
Fear-The Record (repress)
Misfits-Walk Among Us (i believe this was a "record day release")
Municipal Waste-Art Of
Dead Kennedys-Plastic Surgery
Ceromony-Violence (colour vinyl)
The First Step-What We Know (blue vinyl)
My Chemical Romance-Brought
Polar Bear Club-Sometimes (green vinyl)
Fucked Up-Year Of The Rat 12"
Skin Like Iron-All Human
Rival Mob-Raw Life
Cattle Decapation-Harvest
Agoriphobic Nosebleed-Agorapocalypse
Brutal Truth-Evolution
At Half Mast-Fathers (colour vinyl)
Isis-Wavering Radiant
Run With The Haunted-Destroy
Spires-Flowers And Firewood
Crime In Stereo-Is Dead


Poison Idea-Pick Your King
Hails & Horns magazine issue #13
Crumbsuckers-Life Of Dreams
Mastadon-Crack The Skye
Pure Hell-Noise Addiction
The Modernettes-Get It Straight

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Toronto Star article and Other stuff......

You can see the shit that I have had to deal with the past 30 days in today's Toronto Star GTA section, or here is the link to the article from their website. Many thanks to Tim from Frantic City for his help in researching this "useless" shit!!!

I got a box from Iron Lung Records today with new Walls 12" and the very very limited Iron Lung/ Hated Surge split 7" .
This other stuff came in today as well.


Witch Hunt/ To What End?-split
Shitty Limits-Esponage
Daylight Robbery-Red Tape
Iron Age-The Way Is Narrow
Kylesa-Unknown Awareness
Storm The Tower-Four Songs
86 Mentality-1st
Estranged/Autistic Youth-split
Middle America-Scars
Fresh Meat-Leather Daddy
Totalitar-Vi Ar Eliten
Crucial Cause-Blood Money
Gross Negligence-s/t (should have called it City Of Toronto Licensing Department!)
Deep Sleep-Paranoid Futures
Psyched To Die-Sterile Walls
Time To Escape-Cost Of Living
Disclose/Scarred For Life-split
Retainers-Teenage Regrets
Exalted-Eyes Rolled Back
Brutal Truth-Machine Parts
Fucked Up/Haymaker-split


Master's Hammer-Ritual (4 LP boxset)
Young Offenders/Giant Haystacks-split
Total Fury-Ears Of Deaf
Libyans-s/t (comes w/balsa wood glider, nutty!)
The Kids-s/t
Ordination Of Aaron-Discography
Sanctum-On The Horizon
Government Warning-No Moderation
His Hero Is Gone-The Plot, 15, and Monuments (all 3 back in)
Inepsy-City Weapons
No Hope For The Kids-s/t
Bone Awl-Meaningless Leaning Mess
The Mongoloids-Assorted Music
Hjertestop-Vi Ses Helvede
Resistant Culture-Welcome To Reality
Hul-Den Danske Ungdom
Tranzmitors-Busy Singles
F-Mess You Up/Your And EP (limited to 333 copies)
Dogs Of Ire/rouge State-split
From Ashes Rise-Nightmares
From Ashes Rise/Victims-split
Midnight-Farewell To Hell 10"


Villains-Lifecode Of Decadence
Tranzmitors-Busy Singles
Flux Of Pink Indians/Epileptics
MDC-First 2 on 1

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tons Of New Stuff Just Came In @ The Store

It has been awhile, but in the next few weeks there will be tons of new stuff coming in.
Here is the first of it................


20/20-Going Up With My Girl (back in finally)
Andrew Jackson Jihad/Cobra Skull-split
Black Tusk/Holy Mountain-split
Bobby Ubangi/Personal & The Pizzas-split
Brilliant Colors-s/t
Brimstone Howl-Mammon
Carbonas/Die Rotzz-split
Crystal Stilts-Love Is A Wave
Demon's Claws-Weird Ways
Doctor Scientist/Octogon Control-split
Drag The River-Can't Leave These Strays
Drag The River-Garage Rock
Drag The River-Under The Influences
Ebonics-Rock n Roll
Max Elliott-Nature O Nature
Flips-That Girl Stacey
Gary War-Zontag
GG King-Adult Rock
Goodnight Loving-Up North Girl
Happy Burger-Pizza All Around (A single about Pizza Vs. Hamburgers, Pesci Heaven!!)
Hawks And Doves-Hush Money
King Khan & BBQ Animal Party (back in)
Mean Jeans-License To Chill
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-Young Adult Friction
Pink Noise-Gold Light
Roses Are Red-Can't Understand
Rudi-Big Time
Spirit Photography-Time Is Racing
U.S.Girls-Me + Yoko
The Zips-s/t


Amebix-No Sanctuary (back in)
Beasts Of Bourbon-Little Animals
Brainbombs-Fucking Mess (Finally!!!)
Crystal Stilts-Allight Of Night
Dillinger Four-This Shit Is Genius (repressed)
D.O.A.-Hardcore 81 (repressed)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring-Primary Colours
Embrace-S/T (remastered)
Fugazi-Repeater (remastered)
The Gits-Enter The Conquering Chicken
Golden Triangle-S/T
Good Luck-Into Lake Griffy
Green Pajamas-Hidden Minutes
Gun Club-ahmed's Wild Dream
Handsome Family-Honey Moon
Hardskin-Hard Nuts, and Hard Cunts (repressed)
The Hunches-Exit Dreams
Infest-No Man's Slave
Jawbreaker-Dear You
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds-Dracula Boots
King Khan & BBQ Show-S/T
Kylesa-Static Tension
The Lemonheads-Shame About Ray
Marked Men-Ghosts,On The Outside and S/T (all back in)
Dan Melchior & Das Menace-Thankyou Very Much
Melvins-Mangled Demos
Milk N' Cookies-S/T
Minor Threat-S/T
Minor Threat-Out Of Step (now remastered too)
Nobunny-Love Visions
Nothing People-Late Night
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-S/T
Jay Reatard-Singles 06-07
The Scientists-Swampland (limited 1,000 double lp)
Ty Segall-S/T
Shackles-Traitor's Gate
Skull Defekts-Temple
Elliott Smith-XO
Jon Snodgrass-Visitor's Band
The Cute Lepers-Can't Stand Modern Music
Strung Out-Prototypes and Painkillers
Sunn O)))-Oracle
Television-Marquee Moon
U.S. Girls-Introducing
V/A-Four Old Seven Inches (Discord comp)
V/A-Shiftless Decay (Detroit comp w/ Tyvek,Human Eye, Terrible Two's, etc)
Vee Dee- Public Mental Health
Wavves-Wavvves ( the new on Fat Possum)
Wesley Willis-Rush Hour
The Wipers-Over The Edge (repress)
Chris Wollard & The Ship Theives-S/T
Wolves In The Throne Room-Two Hunters


Flipper-Generic Album
Hardskin-Hard Nuts
JFA-We Know You Suck
MRR #311
NOFX-Backstage Passport DVD
Pig Destroyer-Painter Of Dead Girls
Ugly Things issue # 28
Wolves In The Throne Room-Black Cascade

Just got tickets for Subhumans (UK) too!!!!
Don't forget your Amebix ticket as well!!!