Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Air Conditioning and New Stuff At The Store

First off just a reminder that Hits And Misses does indeed have air conditioning, so you can look for records in comfort. Here is a list of what has come in over the past week.


Bitedown-Doomsday Machine
Get The Most-Common, and Moment (both back)
Rattus-Invades The US (radio show)
Insults-s/t (reissue of 80's single, awesome)
Humanoids-Year Of The Snake (yes, that D4 sounding band, good stuff again)
Brain Killer-s/t (new on Deranged)
Hjertestop-Aarh Fuck (restock)
Masakari-Eden Compromised
Fucked Up-Police
Amateur Party-Public Utility Complaint
Annihilation Time-Cosmic
Adam Notes-s/t
Psyched To Die-Sterile Walls
V/A-Human - w/ MDC, Restarts, Phobia, and Embrace The Kill
Government Warning-Arrested and No Way Out
Higher State-And In Times
Nashville Pussy-Snake Eyes
the Outsiders-I Don't Care, Monkey On Your Back,Summer Is Here, and You Mistreat Me (all back)
The Priscillas-Superhero
Johnny Throttle-Stukas Uber Shoreditch
Sonic's Rendezvous Band-City Slang

The following 7"ers are re-issues of very rare UK 60's garage/mod/psyche stuff.
Answers-Just A Fear
Antweeks-I Don't Want You
Australian Playboys-Black Sheep
The Barrier-Georgie Brown
Betterdays-Don't Want That
Birds Birds-Say Those Magic
The Blue Aces-That's Alright
Bo Street Runners-Tell Me What
Brass Tacks-Maxwell Ferguson
John Bull Creed-Can't Change
The Buzz-You Are Holding Me Down
Caleb-A Woman Of Distinction
Carnaby-Jump and Dance
The Chords Five-I am Only
The Clique-We Didn't Kiss
Craig-I Must Be Mad
Miki Dallon-Cheat And Lie
Darwin's Theory-Daytime
Double Feature-Baby Get
Drag Set-Day And Night
Elios-I'm A Man
The Exceptions-Eagle Flies on Friday
The Eyes-Immediate Pressure
The Faires-Get Yourself Home
The Favourite Sons-That Driving Beat
Fleur De Lys-Gong With
Fleur De Lys-Mud In Your Eye
The Fox-Mr. Carpenter
The Game-It's Shocking
Glass Menagerie-I Said Goodbye
Herbie Goins & The Night Timers- Cruisin'
Hamilton & The Movement-Im Not the Marrying Kind
Him & The Others-She's Got It
The Hush-Elephant Rider
In-Be-Tweens-You Better Run
David John & The Mood-Diggin'
David John & The Mood-Bring
Richard Kent Style - No Matter
The Kirbys-It's A Crime
Longboatmen-Take Her
Mark Loyd-When Evening Falls
Magic Lanterns-Rumplestiltskin
Mickey Finn-The Sporting Life
Miller-Baby I Got News for YOu
The Misunderstood-I Can Take
Mockingbirds-You Stole My Love
Moving Finger-Higher and Higher
One In A Million-Fredereek
Paper Blitz Tissue-Boy Meets Girl
The Penny Peeps-Little Man
The Poets-Alone Am I
Allen Pound's Get Rich-Searchin'
The Quations-Cool It
Rebel Rousers-Should I
The Sands-Mrs. Gillespie's
Shyster-Tick Tock
Sons Of Fred-Baby What Do
Soul Agents-Don't Break It Up
The Southern Sound-Just The Same
State Of Micky & Tommy-With Love From 1 to 5
Mike Stuart Span-Children
The Syndicates-On The Horizon
Tintern Abbey-Beeside
Lindsay Muir's Untamed-Daddy
The V.I.P."s-Don't Keep Shooting
The V.I.P."s-Straight Down
The Voice-The Train To Disaster
Waygood Ellis-I Like
The Wheels-Road Black
Wimple Winch-Rumble
Winston's Fumbs-Real Crazy
Roger Young--No Address


Insect Warfare-s/t (one sided)
One Voice-Break Free
Brotherhood-As Thick As Blood
Sacred Shock-You're Not With Us
Pisschrist-Victims Of Faith
Tranzmitors-Busy Singles
Human Mess-Follow You Home
Dead Infection-Corpes Of The Universe
Sexy-Por Vida
Armagedom-Sem Esperancas
F-Mess You Up/You Are An EP
From Ashes Rise-Concrete And Steel
Ripcord-Discography Vol. 1, 2, and 3
Hey Girl-Spill Your Guts
Villains-Lifecode Of Decadence
Bone Awl-Meaningless Leaning Mess
Bone Awl-Not For Our Feet
Los Crudos/Spitboy-split
Canadian Rifle-Visibility Zero
Combat Wounded Vetern-I Know A Girl
Contempt-Who Needs Diplomacy
Shock Troop-A Nightmare In 2012
The Pist-Ideas Are Bulletproof
Tragedy-Nerve Damage (TOUR EDITION)
Anatomia-Shreds of Putrefaction
Black Flag-Damaged, Loose Nut
All-Allroy Sez
Captain Beefheart-Mirror Man, and Safe As Milk
Neko Case-Blacklisted
Chocolate Watchband-One Step Beyond
Circle Jerks-Group Sex
Dead Boys-3rd Generation Nation
Electric Prunes-I Had Too Much Too Dream Last Night
Os Haxixins-s/t
Richard Hell-Blank Generation
High Tide-Sea Shanties
The Higher State-Darker By The Day
Husker Du-Metal Circus
Jack O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers-Disco Outlaw
The Jam-All Mod Cons
Minutemen-Buzz or Howl, and The Politics Of Time
Muck & the Mires-Hypnotic
The Mullens-s/t
New York Dolls-s/t
Iggy & Stooges-California Bleeding, and Open Up And Bleed
The Pretty Things-w/ Philippe Debarge
The Revellions-s/t
Gil Scott-Heron-The Revolution ....
The Stooges-s/t
Swelll Maps-International Rescue
13th Floor Elevators-Bull of the Woods
V/A-Killed By Death-Volumes 2,3,5,6,7,9,10,and 12
V/A-Pebbles vol. 1
Andre Williams-Detroit Grease-Volumes 1, and 2
The Wipers-Youth Of America
Flipper-Gone Fishin'
AC/DC-Rare Tracks
Sex Pistols-Screen On The Green
Joy Division-Manchester,So Much (studio outtakes)
The Specials-Demo 1978
The Specials-Having A Party
Iron Maiden-Never Mind The Bollocks
Metallica-Hit The (B)Lights
Slayer-Rare Tracks Vol. 2
Amon Duul-Psychedelic Underground
The Rondos-Destroy The Entertainment
Agnostic Front-United And Strong (demos)
Riistetyt-Laki Ja Jarjestys (official re-issue of 1st 7")
Velvet Underground-In 1966
V/A-Nasty Rockabilly Vol. 15, and 16
Radiohead-Before Computers
Ween-Chocolate And Cheese (rivals the Dwarves for best cover!)
The Clash-Tribal Stomp (great set list of 79 US concert)
Antidote-Thou Shalt Not Kill (can't afford the original at Rotate, well here you go!)
The Clash-76-77 Demos
Gang Of Four-Entertainment
Warzone-Tommy Rat demos
Joy Division-Unknown Pleasures
Social Distortion-Mommy's Little Monster
Dylan/Cash-Songs From Real America (if you haven't got this yet, get it)
The Rats-Intermittent Signals
Flaming Lips-Hear It Is, and In a Priest Driven
Wire-Pink Flag, and Chairs Missing
Slayer-Hell Awaits (picuture disc)
Slayer-Reign In Blood (picture disc)
The Clash-Live In Jamaica
Television-Marquee Moon
Saint Vitus-Hallow's Victim
The Slits-Cut
Pere Ubu-Modern Dance
Agnostic Front-Victim In Pain
Birthday Party-Junkyard, and Prayers On Fire
Cockney Rejects-Greatest Hits Vol. 1
Buzzcocks-Another Music
Slaughter And The Dogs-Do It Doggystyle
SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say
13th Floor Elevators-Easter Everywhere
Can-Future Days, and Moonshake
Alien Force-Hell & High Water
Pantera-Metal Magic
Roky Erickson-Weird Tales
The Wipers-Over The Edge
Sex Pistols-Spunk
Slayer-Songbook Of The Antichrist Vol. 2
Plasmatics-Beyond The Valley of 1984
Venom/Bathory-Demos split
Big Star-#1 Record
Big Star-Radio City


Casualties-The Early Years
Defiance-Singles Comp.
Descendents-Two Things At Once
The Left-Jesus Loves The Left ( I believe that was in John:14:3)
Winters In Osaka-Molded To Crawl
Nocturnal Graves-Satan's Cross
El Duce-Slave To Thy Master
Asunder-A Clairion Call
Dead Friends-s/t

Again, the Air Conditioning is ON at H.A.M!!!!!!

"Holy Ray of Today Batman, how long can xPetex stay straightedge"
"Well Robin......... he has 5 days........... under...his Xwatch...... so let's see ol' chum"