Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More New Stuff In, Some Very Good Titles

Some very cool things in this order.

V/A "Club Foot" LP (450 repress of old SF comp)
Anthrax "One Last Drop" LP (UK band)
Metallica "Ride the Lightning Demos" LP
Tool "Tainted Love" LP
Tool "Silver Tongue" LP
Babyshambles "Acoustic Sessions" LP
RF7 "Acts of Defiance" 7"(1st single)
Husker Du "The Truth Hurts-79-80 Demos, awesome)
Rolling Stones "Dancing with Mr. J" 2LP
V/A "Nasty Rockabilly Vol 17" LP
V/A "Nasty Rockabilly Vol 18" LP
Johnny Cash "Golden Unplugged Album" LP
Void "Hit & Run/Condensed Flesh Demos '81" LP 500 press
Joy Division "Sessions 78/80" LP-Demos/outtakes 400 press)
Hellhammer "Death Fiend" LP 500 press
Napalm Death "Peel Sessions 87&88" LP 500 press
Cromagnon "Cave Rock" LP
Pixies s/t LP(purple tape)
Spacemen 3 "Sound of Confusion" LP
Cryptic Slaughter "Convicted" picture disc LP
Ohlo Seco "Lutar Matar" LP 500 press
War Of Destruction "Tapes 81-82" LP
Adam & The Ants "Meet the Ants" LP
Richard Hell "Blank Generation" DVD
Mayhem / Burzum Demos split LP 500 press
Younger Lovers "Newest Romantic" LP
Iron Bong "Witchwoods" LP
New York Dolls "Actress" LP
Os Mutantes s/t LP
Ween "12 Golden Country Greats" LP
Brats "Lost Tapes" LP
Sacrilege "Early Demos" LP
Rolling Stones "All Down the Line" LP
Nico "Chelsea Girl" LP
GISM "Detestation" LP
Cash/Dylan "Songs from Real America" LP
Napalm Death "Demos 1985-86" LP
Bob Dylan "Eat the Document" DVD
Riistetyt "HC Revival 82-83" LP
Johnny Cash "Collaborations" LP
White Flag "S is for Space" LP
Crime / Gnawa Express "Extortion" 7" 500 press
Cramps "De Lux Album" LP
Joy Division "Manchester, So Much" LP
Pogues "Soit" LP Great live stuff
Can "Delay" LP
Bad Brains "171A 1981 Sessions" 7"
GG Allin "Always Was" LP (Early material)
Them "Angry Young Them" LP mono
Them "Them Again" LP mono
Can "Prehistoric Future" LP
Pantera "I am the Night" LP
Pantera "Power Metal" LP
Razor "Armed & Dangerous" LP (550 press)
Carcass "Demos 86/87" LP
DYS "Brotherhood" LP
Jam "100 Club 1977" LP (great sound)
SS Decontrol "Kids Will Have Their Say" LP
Slaughter & The Dogs "Do It Dog Style" LP
101ers "Beat Music Dynamite" LP
Black Sabbath "Walpurgis" LP '70 Peel session
Buzzcocks "Singles Going Steady" LP
Television "Marquee Moon" LP
Crispy Ambulance "Plateau Phase" LP
Antisect "Demos/Live 1982" LP (500 press)
Descendents "Milo Gets Bootlegged" LP (Demos & B sides, 500 press)
GISM "Document One" LP 500 press
Operation Ivy "The Rare Shit" LP Tons of Demos 500 press
Screamers "Assault!" LP '78 Mabuhay Gardens show
Stalin "Sakhalin Smile" LP Early singles,flexis, and comp songs
Typhus "Insect Terrorist" LP The flexi and more!
Venom "Deadline Demo 1986" LP
Comes "No Side/Outsider" LP 500 press
Agent Orange "Living in Darkness" LP 1,000 press
Mark Lanegan Band "Bubblegum" LP
Spacemen 3 "Perfect Prescription" LP
Cro-Mags "Age of Quarrel (Demos)" LP
Black Sabbath "Alternative Version" LP (Awesome)
Stiff Little Fingers "Inflammable" LP
Jesus & Mary Chain "Darklands" LP
Wire "Pink Flag" LP
Wire "Chairs Missing" LP
Q65 "Revolution" LP
White Stripes "50 Billion Fans" LP
Desert Sessions "I+II" LP
Johnny Cash "With His Hot & Blue Guitar LP
Wire "1976 Demo" LP

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This stuff is in now

Here is what came in last week


Moby Grape-Rounder
Reverend Beat Man-Radio Jingle
Los Explosivos/ The Cavernarios - split
Nothing To Nothing-To Better Days
Total Wreck-s/t
Lifetime-s/t (repress)
Royal Monsters-s/t
Fucked Up-Crooked Head
Project X-Straight Edge Revenge (repress)
Bulldog Courage-Broken
Expire-Grim Rhythm
Fire & Ice-Gods & Devils
Bring That Shit/Dios Mio-split
Bane-Boston 6:58
Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money-split
Down To Nothing-All My Son
Broken Pattern-s/t 2010
Innumerable Forms-Dark Worship
End Of A Year/Segwei-split
Force Fed-5 song ep
Minutemen-Paranoid Time
Title Fight-Kingston


The Barracudas-Nothing Ever Happens 10"
The Beat-The Beat (re-issue)
The Black Keys-The Big Come Up
Cheater Slicks-Bats In The Dead Trees
Devil Dogs-Saturday Night Fever
Thee Headcoats-Earls Of Suavedom
Richard Hell-Blank Generation
Thee Mighty Caesars-Surely, and Thusly
Moby Grape-Live
New Bomb Turks-Destroy Oh-boy
The Oblivions-9 Songs w/
The Plimsouls-Beg Borrow and Steal (1000 press)
The Ramones-s/t
The Rivals-If Only (reprint of old UK band, amazing)
Satan's Pilgrims-Psychsplosion
Sex Pistols-Never Mind (reissue on 180 gram)
Sonic's Rendezvous Band-Live Masonic Auditorium
The Specacles-Re-specacied
V/A-Back From The Grave- Volumes 1,3,5,and 6
V/A-Before Birdman Flew-Volumes 1, 2 and 3
V/A-Killed By Death-Volumes 2,3,6,7, 81/2,9, 10, 12
X-Wild Gift (reissue)
Alkaline Trio-s/t
Old Man Gloom-Seminar II
Iron Age-The Sleeping Eye
Have Heart-Songs To Scream
All Shall Perish-Awaken
Bad Religion-Against The Grain
Mentors-Get Up And Die (repress)
Blood For Blood-Wasted Youth Brew (repress)
Darkest Hour-Eternal Return
Taking Back Sunday- Tell All Your Friends
Carrier-One Year Later
Pelican-What We All Come
Skeletonwitch-Worship 10"
Converge-Axe To Fall
Piece By Piece-s/t
Fucked Up-Bruises-Live
High On Fire-Snakes For The Divine
V/A-New York Thrash
Monument To Thieves-s/t
The Weakerthans-Live
Alkaline Trio-Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Chuck Ragan-live 10"
V/A-Something To Believe In (BYO comp)
Uniform Choice-Screaming For Change
Dillinger Escape Plan-Option
Black Flag-My War
From Ashes Rise-Nightmare

+++++ We have tickets for Strike Anywhere/Bane, and for Marky Ramone++++++

Friday, April 16, 2010

3 Year Anniversary & Record Store Day

Record Store Day this year is happening very close to the 3rd anniversary of Hits And Misses opening day. So we are going to combine the two and have 1 SALE. So on Saturday April 17th all vinyl and all cd's will be 20 % off*. The store's hours that day will be 12pm to 8pm. (*Exclusions are consignment pieces and hold bags).. Just got an order in on Thursday and another one today, so lots of new stuff as well.............