Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada Day Hours

Yes, Hits And Misses will be open from 12pm until 6pm on Canada Day.
Yes, we will playing Stompin' Tom during those hours.
No, xPetex will not be indulging in adult beverages!
Yes, we did buy around 70 good Metal records today.
No Brian Taylor effigy dunk tank this year, sorry!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Small order with a few new things

This stuff came in today. Yes H.A.M. will be open normal hours this weekend. I will go and protest and burn buildings after the sun goes down.


The Blocked-Plastic Punks (new on Detour)
Melvin Davies-I Won't Come Crawling Back To You (re-issue on Norton)
The Stooges-Search And Destroy (picture sleeve re-issue)
Girls At Dawn/Gaye Blades-split (Rolling Stones cover series on Norton)
Tandoori Knights/Wrecked Angels- (ditto)


Bad Sports-s/t
Batusis-s/t (this is the new band with Cheetah Chrome & Sylvain Sylvain, and is probably going to do an in-store signing when they play up here in July)
Big Star-# 1 Record
Black Keys-Big Come Up (limited w/ a poster)
Black Sabbath-s/t (re-issue)
Circle Jerks-Wonderful (re-issue)
Dead Boys-We Have Come For Your Children
The Eyes-TAQN 10"
The Golden Boys-Electric Wolfman
Richard Hell-Blank Generation
Scott Morgan-s/t
The Nerves-One Way Ticket
Nervous Eaters-Eaterville Vol. 1
The Outsiders-Songbook
The Outsiders-You Mistreat Me 10"
The Pop Rivits-Fun In The U.K.
The Remains-s/t (double re-issue in Mono)
Soft Machine-Soft Machine
V/A-Action Packed (looks like a 60's Rockabilly comp)
V/A-Turn To Stone (new 60's re-issue)
V/A-Winnipeg 60's-The Best Of Eagle Records
Velvet Underground-s/t
The Wipers-Out-Takes
The Zeros-Don't Push Me Around


Monday, June 14, 2010

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

New stuff in ye ol' shoppe


Flat Out-Westbay Fastercore
Fucked Up/Haymaker-split
Southside Stranglers-Strangle You
Sotatila-Vituiks Meni
Kicking Spit/Stymie-split
Canadian Rifle-Facts
Sweet Nothings-When You're Around
Spazz/Brutal Truth-split (repress)
UX Vileheads-Catch 22
Shitty Limits-Espionage
Wednesday Night Heroes/For The Worse-split
Migraine-Weird Tales
Raw Nerves-Murderers Among Us
Inepsy-See You In Hell
Hummingbird Of Death/Sidetracked-split 6"


Nocturnal Graves/Hell Spirit- split CD
Bastard Noise-A Culture Of Monsters CD
Snakepit magazine #18 w/ Savage Grace 7"


Vapid-Practically Dead
Daylight Robbery-Through The Confusion
Haymaker-It Only Gets Worse
Masshysteri-Var Del Av Stan
Anthrax-One Last Drop (comp of the old UK band)
Varukers-Killing Myself To Live
Germ Attack-Cruxshadow
Kvoteringen-Samhallets Forradare
Systematic Death-Systema Six
Brain Dead-From The Ecstasy
Brain Dead-Live 1991 Demo
Sangus Imperem/Nocturnal Blood-split
Anatomia-Dissected Humanity
Faustcoven-Halo Of Burning Wings
Faustcoven-Rising From Beneath The Earth
Post Regiment-Czarzly
Weekend Nachos-Punish And Destroy
Inepsy-No Speed Limit
Masshysteri-s/t (2nd LP)
Post Fata Resurgo-Il Futuro
Reaching Away-Push Away The Moon
Slaughter-Nocturnal Karnage (the Nocturnal Hell 7" and the Bloody Karnage demo)
Rorschach-Remain/Protestant 2 x LP
Bastard Noise-A Culture Of Monsters
The Kids-s/t
Shitty Limits-Beware The Limits
Mean Jeans-Are You Serious?
Hellshock-Singles Collection (2 x LP)
Government Issue-Joyride