Sunday, October 25, 2009

All The Hot New Releases !

Tons of new stuff in at the store this week. Might as well come down and shop because there is no reason to watch the Leafs this year. I heard it was hip to become a Blackhawks supporter!


Bats-Don't You Rise (on Slumberland)
Andrew Bird-Anonanimal
Boris-Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol.1 and Vol. 2
Born/Dead-24 Hostages
Carrie Nations-s/t
Cave Weddings-Bring Your Love (back in, great single)
Complaints-Wanna Be Bored
De Cylinders-We Must Pay (new on Sing Sing)
Andre Ethier-Running Of The Bulls
Fake Problems/Ninja Gun-split
Fellow Project/Jonesin' - split
Fluffy Lumbers-Police Cruisers
Fresh & Onlys-Laughter Is Contagious
Fugazi-3 Songs
Funeral Pyre/Landmine Marathon-split
Ghost Mice/Taco Cat-split
Intelligence/Unnatural Helpers-split
Magic Kids-Hey Boy (new on Goner)
Melted Sunglasses-s/t
Mr. California-I Wish You Would Die (most be a song about Sean Avery)
No High Fives To Bullshit/Snuggle-split
Oh Sees/Paul Cary-split
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-Higher Than The Stars
Photobooth-Pretty Baby
Primitive Hands-Split Mind (think this is a Demon's Claws side project)
Psyched To Die-Scatter Brained
Sex Church-s/t
Sonic Chicken 4-Surf On A Plane
Superchunk-Crossed Wires
TV Watchers-Carl In The Sky
Greg Webster-Promised Land
Devon Williams-Sufferer
Wounded Lion-Friendly? (new on In The Red0


Against Me-As The Eternal
Amebix-No Sanctuary
Amort-Winter Tales
Ancestors-Of Sound Mind
Lou Barlow-Goodnight Unknown
Jello Biafra-Audacity Of Hype
Black Fork-First Fork Years
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer-Penetration Camp
The Bomb-Speed Is Everything
Brassknuckle Boys-Appalachian Industry
Broke Revue-Oldtime Future Shock
Greg Cartwright-Live At The Circle
Neko Case-Canadian Amp
Cococoma-Things Are Not Alright
Crime-S.F. Is Still Doomed (re-issued)
Digital Leather-Warm Brother
Dirtbombs-Ultraglide In Black
Eddy Current-s/t (re-issue of first LP)
Exploding Hearts-Shattered, and Guitar Romantic
Eyehategod-In The Name Of Suffering
The Fall-Live At The Witch Trials
Fresh & Onlys-Grey-eyed Girls
Front Beast-Black Spells
Fugazi-End Hits, Margin Walker, and Steady Diet Of Nothing
Galaxie 500-On Fire
Gaslight Anthem-Sink Or Swim
German Measels-Wild
Havohej-Kembatinan Premaster
Heavy Trash-Midnight Soul Serenade
Hello Shitty People-s/t
Hot Water Music-Fuel For The Hate Game
Jonesin'-Hi, We're Jonesin'
King Khan & BBQ Show-s/t
Kowloon Walled City-Gambling On Richter
Kurt Vile-Constant Hitmaker
Lover!-No Dreams Please
Marked Men-Ghosts
Morbosidad-Cojete A Dios Por El Culo
Mr. California-Shrimp And Chocolate
The Mumlers-Don't Throw Me Away
My Bloody Valentine-Loveless, and Isn't Anything
Nadja & Black Boned-s/t
Nation Of Ulysses-Plays Pretty For Baby
Neurosis-Eye Of Every Storm, and Given To The Rising (both back in print)
Nirvana-Bleach (20th Anniversary 2xLP)
No Friends-s/t
Nobunny-Love Visions
NOFX-The Decline
Thee Oh Sees-Dog Poison
OM-God Is Good
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-Higher Than The Stars
The Pens-Hey Friend
Pinhead Gunpowder-Kick Over The Terraces
The Raydios-Now
Jay Reatard-Blood Visions
Reigning Sound-Love And Curses (back in)
The Sandwitches-How To Make Ambient Sad
Screeching Weasel-My Brain Hurts, and Wiggle (both back in)
Shang-A-Lang-Sad Magic
Shearing Pinx-Weaponry Pt. 1
The Sidekicks-So Long Soggy Dog
Slaughter-Surrender Or Die (Diehard edition)
The Smith-Westerns-s/t
Star Fucking Hipsters-Never Rest In Peace
Street Eaters-We See Monsters
Strung Out-Agents Of The Underground
Teenage Bottlerocket-They Came From The Shadows
Thomas Function-In The Valley Of Sickness
Thorr's Hammer-Dommedagsnatt
Unrest-Imperial FFRR
Used Kids-Yeah No
Victimizer-Resurrected Abominations
Vomitor-Cry From The Underground
White Mice-Ganjahovahdose
Widow Babies-Jetpacks
Witchtrap-Witching Metal
Woods-Songs Of Shame
The Yolks-s/t
Dan Melchior & The Broke Revue-O,Clouds Unfold (double LP)
The Almighty Defenders-s/t
Mudhoney-s/t (re-issue)
Sunny Day Real Estate-Diary, and LP 2
Misfits-Legacy Of Brutality, Static Age, and Earth A.D.
Dutchess & The Duke-Sunset/Sunrise
Earth-Extra-Capsular, and Earth 2
Murder City Devils- s/t, and In Name Of Blood
King Khan & The Shrines-Supreme Genius


Black Cobra-Chronomega
The Bomb-Speed Is Everything
Cerekloth-Pandemonium Prayers
Crime-S.F. Is Still Doomed
Crucifist-Demon Hunted World
D.O.A.-Men Of Action (double dvd)
Flipper-Generic Flipper
M.R.R.-Issue 318 (November)
Million Of Dead Cops- First 2 on 1 cd
Om-God Is Good
Teenage Bottlerocket-They Came From The Shadows

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Stuff In and More...........................

First off, if you haven't been down to the store in the last few weeks,there is probably 200 or 300 new used singles you haven't seen yet. Around a 100 just in the last 3 days. Do yourself a big favour and go down to Buffalo, sell some blood or plasma and come back up and buy some good collectible singles!
Now for something completely different, here some new stuff that came in yesterday.


Alleycats-Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (Dangerhouse re-issue)
The Avengers-We Are The One (ditto)
Banana Splits-Doin' The Banana Splits
The Dictators-16 Forever
The Dils-198 Seconds Of (Dangerhouse re-issue, if you can't afford the Original one on the wall)
Fifty Foot Hose-Red The Sign Post
The Gories-You Little Nothing (repressed)
The Hellacopters-1995
Ian & The Aztecs-Beer,Whiskey,Tequila,Wine (500 press, and was written about me last night)
Max & The Makeups (1982 Texas material recorded but never released)
Paul Messis-Stuck In Society
Thee Mighty Caesers-Cowboys Are Square (repressed)
Nikki & The Corvettes-Yummy,Yummy,Yummy
The Pretty Things-A House In The Country,Buzz The Jerk, and Midnight To Six Man (all back in)
Lou Reed-All Tomorrow's Dance Parties (pre VU stuff here)
The Shades Of Night-Fluctuation
The Smoke-My Friend Jack, and Victor Henry's Cool Book (both back in)
The Sonics-Psycho
The Valiants-Wild Party
Velvet Underground-Singles Box Set


Angry Samoans-Unboxed Set (first 3 LP's on 1 disc)


Hasil Adkins-Moon Over Madison
Black Lips-s/t
Chocolate Watchband-No Way Out (reissue on Sundazed)
Chocolate Watchband-The Inner Mystique (ditto)
The Choke-s/t (new on Peepshow Galaxy)
The Dead Boys-Young Loud and Snotty
Exploding Hearts-Shattered
The Flowerz-Flyte
The Golden Boys-Whiskey Flower (500 press,new on Alien Snatch)
Hex Dispensers-s/t
High Tide-Sea Shanties
The Lewd-Kill Yourself Again (double LP of their 7",LP, and early demos)
The Litter-Distortions
MIJ-Yodeling Astrologer (new on Jackpot)
The Ramones-Rocket To Russia, and Rock'n Roll High School
The Real Kids-Better Be Good, and Foggy Notion 10"
V/A-Bloodstains Across The Midwest
V/A-Detroit Girl Groups
V/A-Killed By Death # 10
V/A-Portuguese Nuggets Volume 1
V/A-Portuguese Nuggets Volume 2 (lots of guys with their shirts off on the back cover, huh, sounds familiar)
Velvet Underground-1969 Live (double)
Michael Yonkers & Plastic Crimewave Sound-Bleed Out (500 press)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lots of great things just came in

Just got a huge order in, and it has some really amazing stuff on it.


Boys Next Door-Masturbation Generation (yes Nick Cave's old band,500 press)
The Clash-On Broadway Outtakes (this thing has some amazing songs on it)
AC/DC-On Stage At The Marquee (good live stuff from 76 and 77)
The Blizzards-I Am Your Guy (60's garage reissue)
John's Children-Jagged Time Lapse
Wilde Flowers-s/t
The Dawgs-Outside Of Time (new on Rave Up)
Flipper-Public Flipper Ltd. (reissue)
The Readymades-San Francisco: Mostly Alive (cool 1979 SF band)
Metallica-The Justice Demos (amazing double LP of entire demos)
Iron Maiden-Heavy Metal Army (double LP of the entire Maid In Japan recordings)
Slayer-Rare Tracks Volume 3
The Beatles-Alternative Revolver (entire LP of alternative takes)
Tom Waits-Fast Women and Slow Horses (live set from 1979)
The Smiths-Undisputed Truth (live stuff,various dates)
Creation-Best of Creation
Bob Dylan-Live At Carnegie Hall 1961
The Germs-Rock and Rule
X Ray Spex-Peel Sessions & More
Carcass-Demos 86/87
The Hounddogs-Respect
Social Distortion-s/t and Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
The Smiths-Blessings From The Highest Order
Attitude Adjustment-Dead Serious Demos 1985 (1,000 press)
DYS-Brotherhood (now you don't have to pay $200 for one)
Razor Blades-Hateful Youth (80's Dutch band)
Napalm Death-1985-1986 Demos (1,000 press)
Sacrilege-Early Demos
Morrissey-Take A Bow (TV appearances, D. approved)
Pantera-Projects In The Jungle
Desert Sessions-Vol 1 & 2
Desert Sessions-Vol 5 & 6
The Undertones-An Anthology (very great sounding demos LP)
Velvet Underground-Head Held High
Pink Floyd-Light The Fuse
Pink Floyd-Obscured By Clouds
Pink Floyd-Piper At The Gates (mono issue)
Pink Floyd-Saucerful Of Secrets (mono issue)
Stiff Little Fingers-Inflammable Material
GG Allin-Always Was (early material)
The Runaways-Cherry Bomb
The Rolling Stones-As Time Goes By (outtakes from the early years)
The Rolling Stones-All Down The Line (oddities from Mick Taylor years)
The Count Five-Psychotic Reaction
Roky Erickson & The Aliens-s/t
The 101'ers=Elgin Avenue Breakdown
Crisis-The Guilt Have A Past (all the singles)
Buzzcocks-Another Music, and Singles Going Steady
Bad Brains-Pay To Cum
The Clash-Last Gang In Town (good studio stuff)
Die Wut-Die Fruhen Jahre (500 press)
V/A-Goot From The Boot
Johnny Cash-American Outtakes
The Stalin-Stop Jap!
Angelic Upstarts-Independent Singles Collection
Agent Orange/Jesus & The Gospel Fuckers-split
White Stripes-50 Billion Fans Can't Be Wrong (collection of early singles)
Bastards-Jarjeton Maalima
The Brats-Lost Tapes
Rancid-B Sides and C sides
Circle Jerks-Live Fast, Die Young (good live recording)
Bathory-True Black Essence (one side demos, one side rehearsals)
Possessed-The Demos 84-93
Roky Erickson-Gremlins Have Pictures
13th Floor Elevators-Bull Of The Woods
The Beatles-Sessions (alternative takes and unreleased material)
Them-Them Again
Razor-Armed & Dangerous (press of 550, this won't last long!)
Iron Maiden-No Prayer On The Road 1990 (1,000 press)
Cro Mags-Age Of Quarrel Demos ( 500 press)
My Bloody Valentine-Geek
Sex Pistols-Pistols In Prison
The Specials-Archive Series (John Peel sessions)
Black Sabbath-Alternative Versions (amazing demo versions of early stuff)
Pantera-Power Metal
Venom-Japanese Assault
Nirvana-BBC Sessions 89-91
Buzzcocks-1977 Demos & Live (comes with a poster too!)
The Smiths-There Is A Band (tv appearances, and a few live)
Black Sabbath-Walpurgis (1970 Peel session w/ 1 unreleased song, The Rebel)
Misfits-Max's Kansas City


Skipper-Cold Pizza and Pop
Saucy Jacks-Blown Like A Kiss
Rantouls-Little Green Hat
London PX-Orders (some Freeze side project from 1981)
The Stooges-Down On The Street (picture sleeve)
The Stooges-1969 (picture sleeve)
Distrust-Dream Of Peace (1983 Scandinavian punk reissue)
Razor Blades/Flere Dode Pansere-split

Decline Of Western Civilization DVD
Decline Of Western Civilization:Metal Years DVD