Friday, August 21, 2009

Small Order In Today, Some Good Suff....


The Ladies-Thrashed
The Ladies-Hole Sailor (these guys have heard the early Zeke records for sure)
Ecoli-Judas Cradle
Off With Their Heads-Live At The Atlantic Vol. 2
C.O.P.-Deadicated Cop
999-Gimme The World (US tour edition of 300)
Bad Antics-The Wave (awesome single, sounds like the first Suicidal record)
86 Mentality-1st 7"
Social Circkle-I've Got Afflictions
Warkrime-Give War A Chance
V/A-No Bullshit Vol. 4 (Citizen's Patrol,Born Bad,Violent Arrest, more...)
Nitad-Ge Pss Mer
Parlamentarisk Sodomi-Regnskog
Never Healed-s/t
V/A-The South Will Rise Again (Cult Ritual,Highlife,Socialcide,Logic Problem, more...)
Condemned Unit-s/t
Urban Blight-s/t
Cult Ritual-2nd 7" (very pricey, but an extensive layout)
Mind Eraser-Prodigal Son

--------------Cd's ---------------

Von-Satanic Blood Angel
Los Crudos-Complete Discography

---------------LP's -----------------

Young Governer-Hidden Love (restock)
Insect Warfare-s/t (one sided)
Billy Bao-Dialectics of Shit
Von-Satanic Blood Angel
Master's Hammer-Slagry
The Catalyst-Swallow Your Teeth
Ancient Sky-s/t
Detonize-Rat Dogs Of War
Autistic Youth-Landmine Beach (repress)
Blood Spit Nights-Despot Butchery
Decontrol-The Final War
World Burns To Death-The Sucking of.. , and Totalitarian Sodomy
Government Warning-Paranoid (back in)
Harum Scarum-The Last Light
His Hero Is Gone-Fifteen Counts, and Plot Sickens
Mind Eraser-Glacial Reign
The Ergs-Jersey's Best Prancers
Warcry-10 Tracks

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ok people. The second box 'o metal showed up today. For those of you that were to lazy to come in over the weekend, the first batch of stuff came in on Thursday, and you missed out on some great vinyl. We are talking,Cancer,Bolt Thrower,Autopsy,Death,et al. Better put that bong down,turn off the Carcass DVD,get out of your mom's basement and make it down to the store!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big Order In-Lots Of New Hardcore Titles

After a very drunken civil holiday, I will have this stuff for you kids today.


Young Widows/My Disco-split
Riverboat Gamblers-A Choppy
Government Warning-Executed
86 Mentality-On The Loose
No Harm Done/Offsides-split
One Foot In The Grave-s/t
V/A-Punx Don't Drink (with Coke Bust,Boiling Over,Cold Shoulder) ( I am thinking my future band will not be featured on an upcoming installment of this series!)
Black Flag-TV Party, and Nervous Breakdown
Black Teeth-Ghost Town
Death Threat-Lost At Sea
Hatebreed-Under The Knife
Slumlords-Drunk At The Y.O.T. reunion show (Amen!)
The Recluse-Summer Shower
Lewd Acts-On A Lonely Night
Death Before Dishonor-Our Glory Days
Crooked Ways-Crimes Of
The First Step-WWK Sessions (Yeah!!!)
Right Idea-Our World
Gorilla Biscuits-s/t
NOFX-Liza & Louise
Pinhead Gunpowder-s/t


Reign Supreme-Testing The...
American Steel-Dear Friends
This Is Hell-s/t 12"
Government Warning-Paranoid
Wasted Time-Futility
Gaslight Anthem-'59 Sound
Minutemen-What Makes..
Death Before Dishonor-Bet..
Andrew Jackson Jihad/Mischief Brew-split 8"
Trapped Under Ice-Secrets
Rot In Hell-Holidays
Shook Ones-The Unquotable
Bad Religion-No Control
Tom Waits-Mule Variations
Green Day-Dookie
Rancid-And Out Come...
Have Heart-Songs To Scream
Narrows-New Distances
Mother Of Mercy-III
Suicide Silence-No Time To..
The Golden Age-Unlock...
Blood For Blood-Revenge
Killing The Dream-Fracture
Rancid-And Out Come... (picture disc)
Anti Flag-A New Kind
Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today
Side By Side-You're Only..
Chain Of Strength-The One..
Youth Of Today- Can't Close..
Minutemen-Buzz Or Howl
Black Flag-Damaged
V/A-Doctor Strange 20th Anniversary Picture Disc


Carcass-Wake Up And... CD & DVD
Nasum-Grind Finale
American Steel-Dear Friends
Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales
Trapped Under Ice-Secrets

Get 'em while you can!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Closed Civic Holiday Monday

Hits And Misses will be closed on Monday for the Civic holiday. Judging by this weekend, most of you are gone or don't care about records anyway!!!
Back to normal hours on Tuesday.