Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big Order In-Lots Of New Hardcore Titles

After a very drunken civil holiday, I will have this stuff for you kids today.


Young Widows/My Disco-split
Riverboat Gamblers-A Choppy
Government Warning-Executed
86 Mentality-On The Loose
No Harm Done/Offsides-split
One Foot In The Grave-s/t
V/A-Punx Don't Drink (with Coke Bust,Boiling Over,Cold Shoulder) ( I am thinking my future band will not be featured on an upcoming installment of this series!)
Black Flag-TV Party, and Nervous Breakdown
Black Teeth-Ghost Town
Death Threat-Lost At Sea
Hatebreed-Under The Knife
Slumlords-Drunk At The Y.O.T. reunion show (Amen!)
The Recluse-Summer Shower
Lewd Acts-On A Lonely Night
Death Before Dishonor-Our Glory Days
Crooked Ways-Crimes Of
The First Step-WWK Sessions (Yeah!!!)
Right Idea-Our World
Gorilla Biscuits-s/t
NOFX-Liza & Louise
Pinhead Gunpowder-s/t


Reign Supreme-Testing The...
American Steel-Dear Friends
This Is Hell-s/t 12"
Government Warning-Paranoid
Wasted Time-Futility
Gaslight Anthem-'59 Sound
Minutemen-What Makes..
Death Before Dishonor-Bet..
Andrew Jackson Jihad/Mischief Brew-split 8"
Trapped Under Ice-Secrets
Rot In Hell-Holidays
Shook Ones-The Unquotable
Bad Religion-No Control
Tom Waits-Mule Variations
Green Day-Dookie
Rancid-And Out Come...
Have Heart-Songs To Scream
Narrows-New Distances
Mother Of Mercy-III
Suicide Silence-No Time To..
The Golden Age-Unlock...
Blood For Blood-Revenge
Killing The Dream-Fracture
Rancid-And Out Come... (picture disc)
Anti Flag-A New Kind
Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today
Side By Side-You're Only..
Chain Of Strength-The One..
Youth Of Today- Can't Close..
Minutemen-Buzz Or Howl
Black Flag-Damaged
V/A-Doctor Strange 20th Anniversary Picture Disc


Carcass-Wake Up And... CD & DVD
Nasum-Grind Finale
American Steel-Dear Friends
Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales
Trapped Under Ice-Secrets

Get 'em while you can!!!!

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