Thursday, November 27, 2008

That's right Jed, there is more stuff down at the HAM


Hirax/F.K.U.-split (new and limited to 1,000)
Drowning With Our Anchors-Breathing Lesson (hc)
Dealing With It/Olde York-split
Fucked Up/Haymaker-split
Misery Index-Hang 'Em High
Tipper's Gore-Unsettling Loss (new hardcore on Flat Black records)
Karanteeni-ADHD Rantarokki (another winner on Combat Rock Industries)
Ignivomous/Tzun Tzu-split
Ex Inferiis-Ngul A Crist
Villians/Fingernails-split (the last 3 titles are all new on Nuclear War Now! )
Complications-Coffin/Blinded (2nd press)
Total Abuse-Sex Pigs
Spectres-Cold War (take notice Sharonto)
Herds-Full Wolf Moon
Chronic Seizure-Live On WHPK (live on the radio, limited to 500)
Birth Control-Going To Target (new on Fashionable Idiot)
Mass Grave/In Disgust-split (new and limited to a press of 608, weird # for a press!)
Impulse International-Saturday Suzie (new on... Mutant he has his label again)
Exortion/Agents Of Abhorrence-split
Signal Lost/Protess-split (new and limited to 1,000)
Final Warning-s/t (this is a repress of an early 80's Portland band, good stuff, originally came out on Tom Pig's Fatal Erection label)
Cola Freaks/Autistic Youth-split
Limpwrist-Want Us Dead
N.N.-s/t (new on Lengua Armada)
The Ergs/Grabass Charlestons-split


Hirax-Thrash And Destroy (new and limited to 500)
V/A-This Comp Kill Fascists (limited to 500,Insect Warfare,Brutal Truth,Agents of Satan,Shitstorm,Magrudergrind,and 9 other bands, double LP)
Annihilation Time-Tales Of Ancient Age (back in stock)
Vitamin X-Full Scale Assault (new on Tankcrimes)
Let Down-Anthology
Cold Sweat-Blinded (yup, the first one back in print)
Gruesome Stuff Relish-Horror Rises
---next 9 titles are all new releases on Nuclear War Now! ---
Funebrarum-Beneath The Columns
Blasphemophagher-Nuclear Empire
Axis Of Advance-Landline
Energy Vampires-s/t
Kat-Mind Cannibals
V/A-Hellbanger's Metal Forces
Midnight-Farewell To Hell 10"
Kat-Noce Szatana 10"
Dead Radical/Sidetracked-split (limited to 500)
Capitalist Casualties/Hellnation-split (new on Sound Pollution)
Phobia-22 Random Acts Of Violence (new on Deep Six)
Drunk Driver-Born Pregnant
Mind Eraser-Conscious Unconscious (yeah, it's the new one)
Cripple Bastards-Variante Alla Morte
Ancestors-s/t (limited to 333)
Leuzemia-s/t (I guess they were early 80's Peru pop punk, limited to 1,000)
Nux Vomica/Wake Up On Fire-split
Blackout-Stop The Clock
Order Of The Vulture-Death Desciple
Fucked Up-Hidden World
Dirt-Black And White
The Pist-Ideas Are Bulletproof (repressed)
The Pist-Input Equals Output #1 (rarities,singles,comps,etc)
The Pist-Input Equals Output #2 (ditto)


Man Is The Bastard-Sum Of The Men
Urban Waste-s/t
Baroness-First/Second (both on one cd)
Vitamin X-Full Scale Assault
Midnight-Farewell To Hell
Blasphemophagher-Nuclear Empire
Brutal Knights-Living By Yourself (the LP, plus 3 singles, and a comp track, all on 1)
Nausea-Punk Terrorist #1
Capitalist Casualties/Hellnation-split
The Pist-Ideas Are Bulletproof
The Pist-Input Equals Output
Total Abuse-s/t

Lots of good stocking stuffers there. We do have GIFT CERTIFICATES available in any amount.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Beer and Strippers!

Is that what I have to do to get you "lazy-assed" people into the store.

A few more things came in today


Raw Power-Wop Hour (repress)
Minor Threat-Salad Days
Roy Ellis(Mr.Symarip)-When The Skins Come Marching In (awesome single by the lead singer of Symarip,Spanish Import only)
Vanilla Muffins-double 7" (amazing Swiss "sugar Oi!" band)
Fucked Up-Crooked Head (restocked)
Shellac-Rude Gesture ( I will bite my lip here!)
Kim Phuc-Wormwood Star (new on Criminal IQ)
the Young-4 songs (ditto)
The Runs-Piss And Shit (Criminal IQ)


Darkest Hour-Deliver Us
Darkest Hour-Undoing Ruin
Dag Nasty-Can I Say (repressed on coloured vinyl)
The Barracudas-Drop Out
Rites Of Spring-s/t
Joy Division-Love Will Tear Us Apart (official repress)
Indian-Slights And Abuse
Indian-Unquiet Skies
The Ramones-Road To Ruin,Leave Home,and Rocket To Russia (all back in)
YDL-Voice Of Brooklyn (we are the voice, the voice of..)
Naked Raygun-All Rise (limited repress, remastered,with a poster, and Vanilla Blue 7" added)
Big Black-Songs About Fucking
Bull & The Buffalos-s/t (back in, brutal Japanese Oi!)
The Hawks-A Heart Of Gold (repress of this Vulture Rock hammer!)
Fugazi-In On The Killtaker,Repeater,Margin Walker,and Red Medicine (all back in)
Johnny Cash-American V-A Hundred Highways
Nation Of Ulysses-Plays Pretty , and 13 Point Program (both back in print)
Raw Power-Screams From The Gutter
Pegboy-Strong Reaction (repress)
Die Kreuzen-S/T, and October File (both back in print on vinyl)
Blood For Blood-Livin' In Exile 10" (repressed)

Here we go again........

--------------- 7"ers---------------

A/V Murder-s/t
John Barrett's Bass Drum-Stain Stick Skin
Tim Barry-Live At Munford Elementary
Bobby & The Soft Spots-Can't Get Her Off (new on Rob's House,1,000 press)
Brook Pridemore/Ghost Mice-split(new on Plan-It-X)
Buzzer-Disco Kiddz
Comet Gain-Books of California
Graham Day & The Goalers-Begging You
Gang Wizard-I Remember You From The
The Get Offs-Airplane Flight (good driving garagey style,plus the b-side is a song called Drunk!)
Girls-Lust For Life
The Handsome Family-Drunk By Noon (I think it is implied, that I will like this one!,an alt-country instant classic!)
Hunx & His Punx-You Don't Like R-N-R (Dumb/fun Phil Spector styled punk,come with a scratch off cover that will have some people excited,new from Rob's House)
Lamps-Songs Of Sexual
Milky Wimpshake-One Good Use
Of Montreal-Id Engager (who ordered this!)
Penetration-Our World (yes the old UK band is back with new stuff)
Private Entertainment-s/t
Sexy Kids-Nests (great riffs, think... "if Rezillos put more parts into their songs")
Silver Lions-s/t
Static Static-No Bodies
Sweet Faces-Four Songs (restocked,Douchemaster)
Witch Hats-Hellhole (250 press, think.."the good proding-goth of the first Christian Death LP")


Alkaline Trio-Good Mourning (3,000 repress)
Angels Of Light-Sing Other People
Animals And Men-Never Bought Never Sold
The Coffins/Arm & Sword Of A-split
Asunder-Works Will Come Undone (restock)
Avail-4 AM Friday
Avail-Over The James (all 3 titles repressed with some bonus stuff on them)
Bad Dudes-Eat Drugs
Bridge And Tunnel-East/West (new on No Idea)
Joey Cape-Bridge
Crooked Fingers-Forfeit/Fortune (1,000 press)
Graham Day & The Goalers-Triple Tested (The Prisoner's guy new band)
De La Soul-De La Soul Is Dead
Dilinger Four-Civilwar
Every Time I Die-Last Night In Town
Figures Of Light-Smash Hits (Norton release)
Frustrations-Glowing Red Pill
Goodnight Loving-Cemetary Tales
Goodnight Loving-Crooked Lake
Goodnight Loving-S/T
Gore-Hart Gore
Gore-Mean Man's Dreams
Grails-Doomdayer's Holiday
Hammers Of Misfortune-Fields/Church Of Broken 2 LP
Harvey Milk-My Love Is Higher
Imperial Leather-Do You Know Where Your
Jawbreaker-24 Hour Revenge Therapy
Jolts-Haute Voltage (new Vancouver band)
Love Is All-A Hundred Things
Mass Shivers-Ecstatic Eyes Glow
Massmord/Shades of Grey-split
Minus The Bear-They Make Beer Commercials
Miss Lana Rebel-All I Need
My Bloody Valentine-Loveless
My Bloody Valentine-Isn't Anything
Om-Conference Of The Birds
Proto Idiot-Andrew Anderson
Quintron-Too Thirsty 4 Love
Red Fang-Red Fang
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez-Absence Makes The Heart
Rumbleseat-Is Dead
Screeching Weasel-Boogada Boogada
Skull Defekts-Drone Drug
Subhumans-Death Was Too Kind (yes, the first 12" and 2 early singles, the Canadian ones, silly)
Suishou No Fune-Prayer For Chibi
Sunn O)))- Domkirke
Thomas Function-Celebration (500 repress)
Toys That Kill-Shanked!
Two Cow Garage-Speaking In Cursive (good Uncle Tupelo-styled stuff)
V/A-49 Minute Technicolour-Rumble Vol 4 (limited to 1,000)
Vivian Girls-S/T


Blatz/Filth-split double CD (back in print)
Dillinger Four-Civilwar
Gentleman Jesse-s/t
Gore-Hart Gore/Mean Man's Dream (2 on one)
M.R.R. issue # 307
Meatmen-Pope On A Rope CD
Meatmen-We're The Meatmen YOU Still Suck (21 live track cd)
The Mekons-Mekons Story 1977-1982 CD
Subhumans-Death Was Too Kind CD
V/A-Messthetics Greatest Hiss CD
V/A-Titan-It's All Pop (late 70's label,double cd of power pop) CD

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Lots More New Stuff.........

Here is one of the orders that came in.I will post the others later in the week.


20/20-Going Up With My Girl (restock)
Bad Religion-1993 Peel Session
Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love-It's Closing Soon
Fugazi-Noize Bleed
Green Day-Pick A Winner (Peel session)
Headbangers-Rentner (reissue of 1978 German band)
Impact-Attraverso (reissue of this '86 Italian hardcore single)
The Lewd-Kill Yourself
Moral Demolition/Zyklome A (reissue '82 Belgium bands)
The Mummies-!994 Peel Session
Nirvana-Triple Platinum (3 demo songs)
No Pigs-Broken Promises ('84 Dutch hardcore, limited to 500)
Pandemonium-Who The Fuck Are You ('83 Dutch hardcore reissue 500 press)
Pandemonium-Wir Fahren Ins Grunne ('their '84 single reissued 500 press)
Rattus-Fucking Disco (legit reissue of 2nd single,500 press)
Rattus-Khomeini Rock (Legit reissue of 1st single,500 press)
Shellac-1994 Peel Session (clear vinyl)
Winterswijx-Chaos Front ('86 Dutch hardcore reissue)


? & The Mysterians-96 Tears
101'ers-Elgin Ave. Breakdown
13th Floor Elevators-Bull In the Woods
13th Floor Elevators-Easter Everywhere
7 Seconds-Hardcore Rules (1,000 press all 3 demo cassettes, awesome)
AC/DC-Bad Boy Boogie (Bon Scott era live, very cool cover too)
Ambrose Slade-The Beginnings (pre-Slade recordings)
Angry Samoans-Inside My Brain (plus the Queer Pills ep)
Antidote-Thou Shalt Not Kill (one side is the single,other is a good live show w/6 unreleased songs,the single sounds great as a 12")
Bad Brains-Pay To Cum
Bauhaus-Weniger ist Mehr (live)
Beastie Boys-Paul's Boutique
Beastie Boys-Pollywog Stew+ (the ep on 1 side, and live set on the other)
Chocolate Watch Band-Inner Mystique
The Clash-Last Gang In Town (career long rarities)
Debris-Static Disposal ('60's garage/psyche reissue)
Desert Sessions-Volume 1 & 2, Volume 3 & 4,and Volume 5 & 6 (2 10"s on 1 LP reissue)
Destrucktions-Complete (awesome '80's punk )
The Fall-Idiot Joy Show
The Fall-Rough Trade Singles
The Fall-Pearl City
Gauze-Fuckheads Plus
Gepopel-Complete '82-'85
GG Allin-You Hate Me & I Hate You
GG Allin-Always Was..
Green Day-Listen To Me Whine (good live stuff)
Guns And Roses-Unplugged
Iron Cross-Crucified For Your Sins (if you can't afford the 7", you get those plus more)
Joy Division-Sound And Fury
Joy Division-Unkown Pleasure
Joy Division-Inside The Line
Los Yetis-Historia Verdad (Peru garage stuff)
The Mad Are Sane-Reality
MC5-Live at Saginaw Civic Centre
Minor Threat-Cashing In (good live set from 9:30 club,insert,yellow vinyl, and 1 unreleased song,cool Bad Brains-esque song called Asshole)
Nirvana-Unplugged Alternative (different unplugged stuff than the normal record)
The Now-Here Come The Now
OHL-Heimatfront (reissue that was on Damian's fav. label Rock-O-Rama)
OHL-1,000 Kreuze
The Outcasts-Self-Conscious Over You
Pink Floyd-Meets Frank Zappa (Zappa jams with them on this LP)
Possessed-Demos '84-'93
Sadist Intent-Conflict Within & Demos
The Saints-I'm Stranded
Slaughter & The Dogs-Do It Doggystyle
Slayer-Rare Tracks Volume 1
Slayer-Show No Mercy + 1
The Smoke-It's Smoke Time (definately not a Urban Blight cover on this)
Social Distortion-Recordings Between Heaven And Hell (amazing demos and accoustic stuff)
SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say
Star Club-Cool Posers
Stiff Little Fingers-Inflammable Material
Syd Barrett-Opel
Syd Barrett-The Madcap Laughs
Teenage Head-King St. Teddy Boys (great live recording from back in the day)
V/A-Holland Hardcore Volume 1 , Volume 2, and Volume 3 (all 3 are limited to 1,000, and has tons of very rare Dutch stuff on it)
V/A-Nasty Rockabilly Volume 13 and Volume 14 (both brand new releases of obsure old rockabilly, also restocked on Volumes 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,and 12)
V/A-Tunes For Fuckers Volume 2 (rare old Japanese hardcore stuff)
Velvet Underground-Head Held High
Venom-Irish Assault (obsurities comp)
The Wipers-Is This Real?
Wire-Honi Soit
Wire-Chairs Missing


V/A-Glam Rock DVD
Tom Waits-Under Review DVD
D.I.-Suburbia Sessions DVD
Code Of Honor-Complete Studio Recordings CD

Tons of great stuff on the other orders, but I will list those later in the week, a few things now though- the new Dillinger Four and Vivian Girls are both in now on LP and CD.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New stuff in the store now

There should be a bunch of orders coming into the store over the next 2 weeks.
Here is one that came in yesterday.


Brick Fight-S/T
Crucial Section/Positive Noise-split
Mother of Mercy-Passing
Streetcleaner-Mother Curse
Underdog-Live From Asbury
Middle Class-Out of Vogue
Lewd Acts-On A Lonely Night
Trapped Under Ice-Demo 2007
Up Front-Daybreak
Marvelous Darlings-Swords
Lone Wolf-Hallucinogenic
Last of the Believers-Paper (tour single, 200 press)
Pinhead Gunpowder-s/t
Quick Fix-Rat Race
Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money-split
Wolf Whistle-Demo
Strangers-Night Minutes
Defiance Ohio/Enviromental Youth Crunch-split
Sinking Ships-Meridian
This Is Hell-s/t
Gaining Ground-Still Trying
Guilt Trip-s/t
Young Livers/Bridge and Tunnel-split
Mehkago N.T./Religous As Fuck-split
Mental-Demo 2
Gaslight Anthem-Senor


Crime In Stereo-Selective
Suicidal Tendencies-s/t (25th Anniversary edition,remastered and limited coloured vinyl)
Descendents-Cool To Be You
These Arms Are Snakes-Tail
Misfits-Earth AD
Bastards of Young/Wolves And Thieves
Screeching Weasel-Boogoodaa
Jay Reatard-Matador Single comp.
Murphy's Law-Partys Over
NOFX-Maximum R-N-R
Dead Child-s/t ( 3members of Slint & 1 of Tortoise)
A Day To Remember-For Those
Razzle Dazzle-Strictly (Pesci approved pizza picture disc, finally back in)
Grails-Doomsdayer's Holiday
Miles Away-Rewind Repeat
Right Idea-Our World
Rise Against-Appeal To
Only Living Witness-Prone Mortal Form
The Distillers-Sing Sing
Tiger Army-s/t
Misfits-Collection 1 & 2
Gaslight Anthem-'59 sound
Breathing Fire-Years of
Cruel Hand-Prying Eyes
Enforcer-Into The Night
The Measure(SA)-Songs About
Youth Of Today-We're Not In This Alone (repressed)
The Shaking Hands-s/t
Tim Barry-Manchester
V/A-Revival Road (3 way split between Tim Barry,Chuck Ragan,and Ben Nichols, 1,000 press)


PTL Klub-Discography
Bleeding Through-Declaration
Black Anvil-Time Insults
Phobia-22 Random Acts of
The Tossers-On A Fine..
Burning The Masses-Mind
The Meatmen-Pope On A Rope (back in print with some bonus songs)
Black Ships-Omens
Minor Threat-Discography
Comeback Kid-Thru:Live (CD and DVD)
The Haunted-Verses
Suicidal Tendencies-s/t (remastered)
H2O-One Life, One Chance DVD