Friday, November 26, 2010

Grand Opening Weekend Sale

Well in true punk fashion I am not completely ready for the Grand Opening Weekend at Hits And Misses. Come down anyway and see the almost 90 % ready new location at 799 Queen Street West.
All day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there will be a 25 % OFF Everything Sale happening. The only exclusions are consignment pieces, which there are not many at the moment.
The Grand Opening Party is Friday from 7pm to 10pm. You will get the boot at 10pm, so go from here to the School Jerks show. Feel free to bring a beverage of your choice, as I am flat broke and there won't be too many free drinks.
Hope to see all of you soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hits And Misses Update & Final Discussion

Hello there, this is Pete the owner of Hits And Misses. You might know by now that the store has changed locations. It is now at 799 Queen St. W. The hours are now 11am- 7pm Monday - Saturday, and still 12 pm - 6 pm on Sunday. The phone number remains 416-535-7817.
I would like to thank the following people on helping me pack, carry boxes, and set up: Martin,Greg B.,Damian,Jonah,Brandon,Pesci,and Jennifer. EXTRA shout outs for Dave Q.,Susan,Woody,Beav,Tim,Elio,Drew,Sean, and Ryan. Your help was greatly appreciated, thank you!
Now over the next few weeks, I will be getting caught back up on all the new releases and will post the orders as they arrive. New arrival orders should start coming back in by next week. Just to let you know as well, I have had an influx of second hand LP's and singles coming in. So there is a lot new "used" in the store at the moment.
Now my ONE AND ONLY comment on me choosing to change locations of my store:
I do not go on "faceless" "anti-social" internet pages,but have been told there are some people questioning my move. First off, you don't know me, nor my store,nor the situation with my very negligent old landlord. For numerous reasons a change of location was needed. Obviously you are not a record collector and have never been in my store.So you don't understand what exactly I sell. Let me give a quick lesson in Business 101. Move an existing store from a bad location to a good location. Good business move. Move a store by another store that sells similar product with a 85 % different focus of product. Good business move. Heaven forbid you quit your dead end job and open up a business, because YOU WILL FAIL!.


P.S. I have been so busy setting my new store up, I haven't had time to purchase a set of brass balls yet.