Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Stuff and Ticket Updates @ Hits And Misses

2 orders in this week of new stuff. First off here are the tickets for shows that are available
right now at the store. Remember tickets sales are cash only and a $1 service fee.

AGENT ORANGE @ Sneaky Dee's March 3 $15
MILLENCOLIN @Opera House March 7 $20
AIDS WOLF/US GIRLS @ Sneaky Dee's March 7 $10
THRE3 STYLE DJ FEST @ Circa March 13 $ 12.50
BANE/CRUEL HAND @ Reverb March 19 $13.50
HAVE HEART/POLAR BEAR CLUB @ Adrift Clubhouse March 23 $10
U.K. SUBS @ Sneaky Dee's April 4 $15
THE PRESETS @ Mod Club April 6 $18
SEBASTIEN TELLIER @ Mod Club April 8 $17.50
M.A.N.D.Y. (DJ SET) @ The Social April 16 $15
STARFUCKER/KUROMA @ Sneaky Dee's April 18 $ 8
FOUR TET @ Wrong Bar April 23 $ 18.50

Now here are the goods............


Control De Estado-Ladron
We Need To Talk-It's Not Us, It's You
Bone Awl-Night's Middle
Unwelcome Guests-The Painter
Antiseen/Brody's Militia-split (too bad Damian's on tour!!)
Under Al Kritik-Insomnia
Makabert Fynd-s/t
Bad Antics-The Wave
The Neckties-Skating With A Boner
No System-Dead Bands Tell No Tales
Guilty Faces-Nightmares
Amoebas-Gimme A Fix
Final Warning-s/t (back in)
The Observers-Lead Pill
Born Bad-Tie One On
Reigning Sound-Black Sheep
Banana Splits-Doin' The Banana Split
The Mummies-Uncontrolable Urge


Mystifier-Babhometic (boxset of 6 LP's)
V/A-Love/Hate (double LP)
Masshysteri-Var Del Av Stan
Sex Vid-Communal Living
Perversor-Cult of Destruction
P.L.F.-Pulverizing Leathal Force
Malcolm Bauld-Covered In Dust
Lemuria-The First Collection
Dirt-Black And White
The Observers-So What's Left Now
Another Sinking Ship-Legacy
Cripple Bastards-Your Lies In Check
Parlamentarisk Sodom-De Anarkisiske
Insomnio-Happy Lonliness
Hjertestop-Vi Ses I Helvede
Head Home-Outside My Window
Active Sac-Kill All Humans
Radio Faces-Party At The Bushwick Hotel
Annihilation Time-Tales Of The Ancient AGe
Bone Awl-Meaningliess
Criminal Damage-No Solution and s/t
Tragedy-Nerve Damage and Vengeance
Disforterror-Imaplement 10"
Black Flag-My War, Slip It In,and Wasted Again (all back in)
Blue Cheer-vincebus eruptum
Captain Beefheart-Lick My Decals,Safe As Milk, and Trout Mask Replica (all back in)
The Dead Boys-Young Loud and Snotty
Descendents-Milo Goes To College,I Don't Wanna, and Somery (all back in)
The Electric Prunes-I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (in my case, drink)
Firehose-Ragin' Full ON
Guilty Hearts-Pearls Before Swine
The Jam-In The City
The Kaisers-Squarehead Stomp
The Litters-Distortions and $100 Fine
Love Boat-Imaginary Beatings Of
Minutemen-Ballot Result,Buzz or Howl,Project Mersh,and The Punch Line (all back in)
Johnny Moped-Cycledelic
Les Napeons-A Go Go
N.Y. Dolls-s/t and Too Much Too Soon
Pirate Love-Black Vodoun Space Blues
The Pretty Things-Get the Picture and Midnight To Six
The Ramones-Ramones Mania and s/t
Screaming Trees-Anthology
Les Sinners-Sinerisme
The Sonics-Busybody,Here Are,Savage Young, and Boom (all back in)
V/A-Detroit Girl Groups
V/A-Get Off My Back and V/A-She Was So Bad! (unissued 60's garage acetates)
Velvet Underground-Loaded, and w/ Nico (back in)
Link Wray & The Wraymen-s/t

------------------Cd's, etc.-----------------

Los Crudos-Complete Discography
Perversor-Cult Of Destuction
Amour-Sonichouse Tape
Fleas & Lice-Early Years
Municipal Waste-Waste Em All
Criminal Damage-No Solutions
Charles Bronson-Complete Discography
The Oath-Uber Alles collection
Tragedy-Nerve Damage
Hirax-Thrash And Destroy (DVD & Cd)
Exploding Hearts-Shattered
13th Floor Elevators-The Psychedelic World of (3 cd box set)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 Big Orders In At The Store

These thing came into the store yesterday and are out and ready for your consumption.


Chester Vomit & The Dry Heaves-Stunk
Rites Of Spring-All Through..
The Effort-From Our Mistakes (colour vinyl)
Soul Control-Fundamental Forces (# 3 in the series)
Today And Everything After-s/t (purple vinyl and limited to 700)
Rotting Out/The Effort-split (red vinyl)
Mind Eraser-Prodigal Son (back in stock)
Fake Problems-Dream Team
Backtrack-The 08 Demo (orange vinyl)
Kids Like Us/Mongoloids-split (1,000 press and on clear vinyl)
Mammoth Gringer-No Results
Agoraphobic Nosebleed-Glue
Hated Surge/Insect Warfare split (clear vinyl)
Voetsek-s/t (one sided screened white vinyl)
Brick-s/t (new on Panic records)
Conqueror-s/t (green or grey vinyl)
The Ergs!/Teenage Bottlerocket-split
New Found Glory-Listen To (very cool packaging,and on orange vinyl)
Rotting Out-This Is Just A Life
Vicious Cycle-I'm Watching (back in stock)
Fix My Head-s/t
Alpha & Omega-Devil's Bed (clear vinyl)
Ceremony-Scared People (black and white vinyl)
Internal Affairs-Evil Egyptians (colour vinyl)


Have Heart-Songs To Scream (green vinyl)
Ceremony-Still, Nothing (green vinyl)
Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today
Pulling Teeth-Martyr
Trap Them-Seizures In B (clear vinyl)
Razzle Dazzle-Strictly (still a pizza picture disc!!!)
Misfits-Legacy Of Brutality
Toxic Holocaust-Hell On Earth
Toxic Holocaust-Evil Never
Baroness-Red Album
Gaslight Anthem-'59 sound and Sink Or Swim
The Observers-So What's Left
Jay Reatard-Matador Singles comp
The Get Up Kids-Four Minute Mile
Black Flag-First Four Years, My War, Damaged, and Everything Went Black (all back in)
Bad Brains- s/t ROIR Session
Alkaline Trio-Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Kayo Dot-Blue Lambency
7 Seconds-Old School
Blackened-This Means War
Grave Maker-Bury Me At Sea
Harm's Way-Reality
Trial-Are These Our Lives (red vinyl)
NOFX-Ribbed,White Trash, and Liberal Animation (all repressed)
16-Bridges To Burn
Rumplstilkskin Grinder-Living
Swamp Thing-In Shame (Red vinyl)
Kevin Seconds/Matt Skiba-split (back in print)
Kevin Seconds-Rise
Capitol-Signal Corps (green vinyl)
Chain Of Strength-The One
Bad Brains-Black Dots
Annihilation Time-2
Hubble Bubble-s/t
Motorhead-Rare Tracks
Motorhead-B-Sides Collection 77-82 and 83-90
Bathory-True Black Essence/History
The Sods-Recordings 78-79
The Ramones/Undertones-split double LP
The Stooges-Detroit Rehearsals
Witchfynde-Give Em Hell
Joy Division-Preston 28 Feb. 80
13th Floor Elevators-Psychedelic Sounds
The Buzzcocks-Beating Hearts double LP
The Rats-s/t
The Slits-Girls Next Door (BBC sessions)
The Slips-s/t 10"
Slayer-Reign In Blood-picture disc
The Smiths-Handsome Devil
Buzzcocks-Singles Going Steady
The Wipers-Rebels With A Cause (Demos and rarites)
TV Personalities-Mummy Your Not
Bastards-Siberian Hardcore
The Boys-s/t
The Now-Into the 80's (78 demos)
Johnny Cash/Bob Dylan-Songs From Real America
Youth Brigade-Sound And Fury (remake of the original issue)
The Wipers-Is This Real?
Warzone-Tommy Rat Demos
Septic Death-Now That I Have Your Attention
Angry Samoans-Inside My Head
Nirvana-Saturday Night Not So Live
X-Ray Spex-Germfree Adolescents
Agent Orange-Living In Darkness
Conflict-Increase The Pressure
The Nuns-s/t
Throbbing Gristle-First Annual Report
Symarip-Skinhead Moonstomp
T-Rex-Electric Warrior Sessions
Sham 69-If the kids (best of)
Venom-Black Metal
Joy Division-1979 Radio Sessions
Sonic Youth-Evol
AC/DC-high Voltage Rock n Roll
V/A-Network Of Friends (amazing 80's hardcore comp., even a Chronic Submission song!!)
Neuroot-Macht Kaputt
The Clash-1976-1977 Demos
Cavity-Laid Insignificant/Crawling (limited 500 press)
The Bristles-No Future In The Past (awesome 80's Scandinavian punk!!! )
The Brats-Lost Tapes (yes the Belgium band from 79, great stuff)
Disgust-Flashback To Trashback
Bad Brains-Rock For Light
Roky Erickson-Gremlins Have Pictures
Them-Angry Young Them
The Beatles-Not For Sale (rarities comp)
Slayer-Hell Awaits-picture disc
Dismember-Complete Demos
Thin Lizzy-1970-73 Rare Tracks
AC/DC-Live From Atlantic Studios
the Jolt-s/t
The Clash-Don't Touch That Dial
Bad Brains-Live From the 9:30 Club
The Libertines-Don't Die On My Doorstep
Dropkick Murphys-Which Side Are You On?
Slayer-Songbook of the Antichrist vol.1
GG Allin-Freaks,Faggots,Drunks,and Junkies (reissue)
V/A-Live to Ride (70's UK rarities comp.)
Sic Kidz-Teenage Obsessions (80's Cramps knock off's from Philly)
Shell Shock-Execution Time (80's New Orleans punk band, good stuff)
Native Tongue-Blame It On Gravity (early 80's Boston punk)


Flipper-Gone Fishin'
Flipper-Public Flipper Ltd. - double cd
The Germs-Caught In My Eye DVD
Velvet Underground & Nico DVD
Toxic Holocaust-Hell On Earth
Toxic Holocaust-Evil Never Dies
Rose Funeral-The Resting Sonata
Cattle Decapation-Harvest Floor
Mouthpiece-Can't Kill

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Tickets and Saturday LP Sale

I now have tickets for the following shows on sale as well as the others, which you can see on my blogspot.
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour on Tuesday March 24 @ Wrong Bar $16.50 (19+)
Red Mass & Brutal Knights on Friday February 20 @ Silver Dollar $7
No Bunny & The Smith Westerns on Wednesday February 25 @ The Velvet Underground $7
As always tickets have a $1 service charge and are cash only.

Now about Saturday. When I open the doors at 12:02 on Saturday, there will be around
500 new used LP's in the store. I am selling off around 500 of my own records.
Genre-wise and price-wise they are all over the map. There will be $1-3 records,$8-12 records
$15-25 ones, some $50 ones and a handful of triple digit ones.
Genre-wise punk, 60's-70 rock,a bit of hardcore,a fair amount of oi!,lots of compilations,
goodwill styled records,rockabilly, a bit of garage and ska as well.
Better plan on some time for this one, as they will be located all over the store, and not
just some crates of 45's on the counter. Think of it as an early Easter egg hunt!!!! (pete smiles)