Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here Is The Full List From Last Week


Anchor/In The Red-split
Best Coast-She Was High
Alex Bleeker-These Days
Box Elders-s/t
Byrds Of Paradise-Omega Man, and Rowena
Car Commercials-Prisoner Of Type (300 press)
Crocodiles-Sleep Forever (sounds good to me!)
Crow-Flock Of Beast (500 press)
Crow-Neurotic Organization (400 press)
Death Sentence-Before The Slaughter (I believe this is a pre-Slaughter band)
Defektors-Secret Trials
Detournement/Off With Their Heads-split
Dignan Porch-On A Ride
The Drills-Skull Death 2
Drive By Truckers-Dangerous Highway Vol. 2
Earthmen & Strangers-Painter (500 press)
Electric Bunnies-Pretty Joanna
Fey Gods-Untied (500 press)
Fungi Girls-Turquoise Hotel (500 press)
Hex Dispensers-One Less Ghost
Jackie Shark & The Sharks-2nd Generation Rising
Jacuzzi Boys-Bricks Of Coconuts (1,000 press)
Junior Battles/O Pioneers-split
King Lee & Quintron-Tire Shop
La La Vasquez-s/t
Little Gold-Completely Fucked
Mac Blackout-Don't Let Your Love Die
Maximum Wage-1st 7"
The Minks-Funeral Song
Neon Blud-Whipps
Neon Christ-Parental Suppression
Nice Smile-Building
No Friends/Off With Their Heads-split 6"
No Joy-No Joy
The Omegas-Sonic Order
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-Say No To Love
People's Temple-Make You Understand (500 press)
Puerto Rico Flowers-2
Rollerball-Savage Eyes
The Senders-Recovery
The Sleepovers-Secret (500 press)
Small Brown Bike-Composite Vol. 2
Soft Moon-Breathe Of Fire
Soft Shoulder-People Problems
Spectrals-s/t, and 7th Date
Spider-Back To The Wall
Sticks N Stones-Is It You?
Strange Attractor-Just Looking (500 press)
Sweet Apple-Do You Remember,Woody Does (500 press)
Swingin' Utters-Brand New Lungs
Tender Trap-Do You Want A Boyfriend?
Tropical Sleep-Girl With A
Vile Gash-s/t
Wild Nothing-Cloudbusting, and Summer Holiday
Wild Thing-Now I Wanna Die
Woven Bones-Your Sorcery
The Yuppies-I've Been Told


Amebix-Redux (first 2 7"ers redone and comes w/ a huge patch)
Amen Dunes-Murder Dull Mind
Apache-Radical Sabbatical (500 press)
Greg Ashley-Requiem Mass
Banner Pilot-Collapser
The Bare Wires-Seeking Love
Beach Fossils-s/t
Jello Biafra w/ The Melvins-Seig Howdy
Blank Dogs-Phrases, and Under And Under
Harlan T. Bobo-Sucker
Bridge And Tunnel-Indoor Voices 10"
Cannibus Corpse-Blunted At Birth
Clorox Girls-s/t
Tim Cohen-Laugh Tracks
Crime-San Francisco's Still Doomed
Crow-Beating Of The Wings (800 press)
Crushed Butler-Uncrushed
Dag Nasty-Can I See
Davila 666-s/t, and 12" ep
Dead Luke-American Haircut (500 press)
Defiance, Ohio-Midwestern Minutes
Descendents-Cool To Be You
Dillinger Four-Civilwar
Dirtbombs-Ultraglide In Black
The Dopamines-Expect The Worst
The Endless Blockade-Primitive
The Endtables-s/t
Entrance-Prayer Of Death
The Estranged-Subliminal Man
The Eyes-TAGN 10"
Fear Of Lipstick-s/t
Flipper-Album Generic, and Gone Fishin'
The Fresh & Onlys-August On My Mind
Galaxie 500-On Fire
Gatorface-Wasted Monuments
Girls Names-Don't Let Me In
Git Some-Loose Control
Goatsnake-1+Dog Days
Good Riddance-Capricorn One
Goodnight Loving-Supper Club
GR/Michael Yonkers-High Speed
Andrew Graham-Good
Grails-Black Tar Prophecies 1,2
Hanoi Janes-Year Of Panic
The Have Nots-Serf City USA
Heater-God And Hair
Heavy Times-Dead (200 press)
Hot Fog-Wyvern And Children First
Hot Snakes-Automatic Midnight
Inter Arma-Sundown
Japanther-Don't Trust Anyone (200 press)
Kill Me Tomorrow-Trap Like A Steel Mind (900 press)
King Khan & His Shrines- Three Hairs
Kurt Vile-Constant Hitmaker, and God Is Saying This To You
La Vampires & Zola Jesus-s/t
Leftover Crack-Fuck World Trade
Lucero-Rebels, Rogues
Magic Bullets-s/t
Jeff Magnum-Live At Jittery Joe's
Marked Men-s/t
Mass Shivers-Contoured Heat
Mayflower-Second Best Sunsets
Melt-Banana-Cell-scape, and Teeny Shiny
Mickey-s/t (500 press)
The Midwest Beat-At The Gates
The Mummies-Play Their Own Records
Nation Of Ulysses-13 Point Program
Neverever-Angelic Swells
NOFX-The Longest EP (2,000 press)
Off With Their Heads-Hospitals
Om-Conference Of The Birds
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-s/t
Personal & The Pizzas-Raw Pie
The Pleasure Kills-Bring Me A Match
Poison Arrows-Newfound Resolutions
The Procedure Club-Doomed Forever
The Real Mckenzies-Shine Not Burn
Jay Reatard-Singles 06-07
The Reds And Blue-Son Of The Stars
Kim Salmon-Wall/Paper
The Sandwitches-Duck,Duck,Goose! (500 press, probably due to the bad title)
Scream-This Side Up
Screeching Weasel-Bark Like A Dog, and My Brain Hurts
Ty Segall-Melted
Sex Church-6 Songs By.. (500 press)
Spur-Spur Of The Moment
Strung Out-Element Of Sonic Defiance
Tender Trap-Dansette Dansette
Trap Them-Filth Rations
Tunnel Of Love-Rockin' Rollin' Bitches
V/A-All Aboard A Tribute To Johnny Cash
V/A-Welcome Home (Woodsist comp w/ all exclusive tracks barring 1)
Wavves-Kings Of The Beach
Wild Nothing-Gemini
Women-No Reasons
Woven Bones-In And Out And Back Again
X (Australian)-Aspirations
Michael Yonkers-Goodby Sunball (500 press)
Zoobombs-Let It Bomb


Acephalix-Aporia CD
Amebix-Redux CD
Argus-s/t CD
Thee Endless Blockade-Primitive CD
Evil Army-s/t CD
Fistula-Goat CD
Genocide(Nippon)-Black Sanctuary CD
Goodnight Loving-Supper Club CD
Iron Man-Black Night CD
NOFX-The Longest EP CD
Razorcake-Issue 56
Revelation-Yet So Far CD
Touch & Go Book
Yakuza-Of Seismic Consequence CD

Monday, August 23, 2010

Here Is One Of The Orders

This stuff is in and ready for you kids


GG Allin & Jabbers-Out For Blood (500 press)
Electric Deads-s/t,Mind Bomb, and Anti-Sex (repress of 1,000 each)
Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads- Swiss Cheese
Pens-Love Rules
Anti-Sect-Out From The Void (repress)
Celtic Frost-Emperor's Return
Dead Boys-Tell Me (repro of the Japanese picture sleeve)
Discharge-Demo 1978
"Blackpool Boys"-You're So Dumb
The Clash-Rude Boy Outtakes (wicked stuff on here)
Hellhammer-Triumph Of Death (double 7")
Metallihead-Living To Win (Lemmy w/ Metallica doing Damage Case, Motorhead doing Whiplash, and Metallica doing Too Late Too Late, very good!!)
Napalm Death-Rare Tracks 86-88
Crass-Our Wedding
Iron Maiden-At The BBC 1979
Iron Maiden-Bruce's Audition
Iron Maiden-The Soundhouse Tapes
Rolling Stones-Cocksucker Blues


Rolling Stones-2120 S.Michigan Ave (unreleased 1964 blues lp)
Nirvana-Live At The Cactus Club 1990
Nirvana-Smells Like Cover Versions
Soft Machine-Top Gear UK
Velvet Underground-Hilltop Pop Festival 1969
Tom Waits-Better Off Without You (1975 PBS show)
Tom Waits-Never Talk To Strangers (1979 BBC show)
Contropotere-Nessuna Speranza (750 press)
SOA- No Policy (the 7", demos, and Extorts (pre-SOA) tracks)
Toxin III-I Rock I Ran
Pop Group-Y
Radio Birdman-Radio's Appear (re-issue)
Brian Eno-BBC Sessions (500 press)
Blondie-Old Waldorf (1977 show, 400 press)
The Jam-Live At The Rat 1977 (400 press)
The Cramps-Ohio Demos 1979
Husker Du-Spot's Arcade (350 press, Zen Arcade demos and outtakes)
The Pixies-In Heaven (BBC Sessions)
GG Allin-Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be (Jabbers-era stuff)
GG Allin-You Hate Me & I Hate You (Jabbers era & more)
Descendents-Milo Gets Bootlegged
Can-Ege Bamyasi
Mercyful Fate-Walking Back To Hell
The Clash-s/t (colour vinyl)
Chin Chin-Sound Of The Westway
Flamin' Groovies-Grease
Ozzie-The Parabolic Rock
Flaming Lips-In A Priest Driven Ambulance
The Adverts-Crossing The Red Sea
Buzzcocks-Singles Going Steady, and Another Music
Crisis-The Guilty Have A Past (all the singles and a few demos)
SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say
Slaughter & The Dogs-Do It Dog Style
Warsaw-An Ideal For Killing, and s/t
Ambrose Slade-Beginnings (pre-Slade release)
Them-Angry Young Them (mono issue)
Black Sabbath-Walpurgis (Awesome 1970 Peel session plus 1 Earth song)
Pantera-I Am The Night, and Power Metal
Saint Vitus-s/t (colour vinyl)
Roky Erickson & The Aliens-s/t
Nirvana-Verse Chorus Verse
The Cramps- De Lux Album
Reverend Horton Heat-Full Custom, It's Martini Time, and Liquor In The Front
Kim Fowley-Animal God Of The Street
The Germs-Media Blitz
Crisis-Surrey University (1980 Live in the UK)
Social Distortion-Love Me Tonight (unreleased, demos, and few live, very good stuff here)
Sham Pistols-Natural Born Killers (4 studio/4 live (from that Link release) )
Mercyful Fate-B-Sides (400 press of demos,BBC sessions and a few live)
The Rolling Stones-Deja Que Sangre (1968-70 alternative versions)
Boys Next Door-Lost & Brave (77-79 studio stuff, 500 press)
Hank Williams-Montomery, Nashville Sessions, and Shreveport Sessions
Iron Cross-Crucified For Your Sins (both singles and more)
CIA-God Guns Guts & More (1982-83 original recordings, very recommended)
Necros-Conquest For Death
Thin Lizzy-s/t
Adam & the Ants-Family Of Noise (1978 London studio recordings)
Gears-Four On The Floor 10"
V/A-What Is It 10" (a What Records sampler)


New Wave Theatre volumes 1-7 (individual)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Huge Order Of New Stuff In

Again another huge order of great new stuff has just come in and is ready to be consumed by you kids in the AIR CONDITIONED comfort at Hits And Misses. There is so much "on my plate" right now,as some of you know, that I will give just the highlights of the order. A full list of what came in last week and this order will be posted next week. "Let's Lynch The Landlord" is my favourite song at the moment!!!
Ok here are some of the best things................

7 different volumes of "New Wave Theatre" on DVD
GG Allin-Out For Blood 7"
all 3 Electric Deads 7" re-issued
Anti Sect-Out From The Void 7"
Celtic Frost-Emperor's Return 7"
Discharge-Demo 1978 7"
Slayer-Postmortem 7"
SOA-No Policy LP (the 7",demos, and Extorts tracks)
Radio Birdman-Radio's Appear LP re-issue
Husker Du-Spot's Arcade LP (Zen Arcade demos)
Pixies-In Heaven LP (BBC sessions)
Descendents-Milo Gets Bootlegged LP (restock)
SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say (restock)
Mercyful Fate-B-Sides LP
Boys Next Door-Lost & Brave LP (studio stuff)

Anyways you get the picture, lots more great new and restocked stuff so get down here!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Huge Huge Order Of New Stuff

Ok, I just received a huge huge order this afternoon. It is going to take me all day and half the night to get it checked in, but wanted to spark some interest for you kids as who knows, you might actually venture out over the weekend and stop by air conditioned Hits And Misses.
All the latest releases from No Idea,Dirtnap,HoZac,Captured Tracks, Slumberland,and Fat, and more are on here.
NOFX-Longest ep, Amebix-Redux , Dicks-Hate The Police 7", Crow,Touch N Go book are some of the other highlights.
I will try and post the entire order for you by the end of the weekend. Gotta go grab a beer and start checking this stuff in!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Holidays and Hold bags

Hello everyone,
Yes Hits And Misses is still open. You might want to stop by and see for yourself.
We will be open on Monday August 2nd from 12pm to 6pm for the holiday.
Also Monday there will be a SALE in effect for this day only.
20 % off all new and used vinyl, and 30 % off all new and used CD's.
The sale is not to be used on consignment items or hold bags.
Speaking of hold bags, everyone that has one will have until Friday August to clear them out, otherwise everything in them is going back into the store.
The ONLY exceptions are H.A.M. employees, and Brian Taylor!