Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pete's Top 10 LP's of the Year

I haven't done this in a few years, but here are my top 10 releases for the year. In no particular order.

Airbourne-Runnin' Wild
Sloppy Seconds-Endless Bummer
Elvis Costello-Momofuku
Goodnight Loving-s/t
Fucked Up-The Chemistry Of Common Life
The Black & Whites-s/t
Nine Pound Hammer-Sex,Drugs,and Bill Monroe
Sonic Chicken 4- s/t
The Cute Lepers-Can't Stand Modern Music

Have a safe New Year's Eve everyone.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Hours, Boxing Sale,and Other Stuff

Happy Holidays Everybody! I will be guesting on CIUT's Equalizing Distort this Sunday night. I will be playing a set of punk rock Christmas songs, with a few surprises added in. Grab a few pints of "holiday cheer" and tune in!!!
The store will have regular hours during the holiday with these exceptions.
Wednesday December 24- open 12 - 4 pm
Thursday December 25 - Closed
Wednesday December 31 - open 12 - 4 pm
Thursday January 1 - Closed (and watching the Winter Classic)
Right then, this year's Boxing Sale will be from December 26 through the end of the year.
15% off everything, but does not include Consignment Items.
20% off of your total if you spend over $100.
This stuff came in yesterday, and will be ready to be wrapped up today. So buy,buy,buy!It is the season of giving!!


Abe Vigoda/Mikaela's - split
Black Bug-Life Is A Whore
Bomb The Music Industry/Mustard Plug - split
Defektors-Secret Trials
Dr. Shrinker/Nunslaughter-split
Evil Army-Under Attack
Grave Blankets-Our Love Is Real (new on HoZac)
Intelligence-Fido, Your Lease Is Too Long
Ninja Gun/Whiskey & Co.-split
Medication-Don't Die (new on HoZac)
Photobooth-Da Me Tus Besos (Ex-FM Knives)
Spider Bags- Hey Delinquents
Subtle Turnhips-Fuck The People (HoZac also)
Black Time-ICU (500 press)
King Khan-It's A Lie
Sexy Kids-Sisters Are Forever
Midwest Beat-s/t


Dillinger Four-Midwestern Songs (repressed)
Dillinger Four-Versus God (repress)
Dillinger Four-Situationist Comedy
Dinosaur Jr.-s/t (repress of 2,000)
D.O.A.-Northern Avenger
Earth-Bee Made Honey (back in)
Easter Monkeys-Splendor Of Sorrow
Love Tan-Miscellaneous Night
Mystery Girls-Incontinopia
Short Rabbits-Dying By Inches
Star Fucking Hipsters-Until We're Dead
V/A-Revival Road (back in stock)
Against Me-Eternal Cowboy
Atomizer-Atomic Bloodlust 10"
Bill Bondsmen-Swallowed By The World
Black Keys-Rubber Factory
Black Keys-Thickfreakness
Black Sunday/Destruction Unit-split (500 press)
Blank Dogs-Fields
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer-The Endless Blockade (cute album name!)
Country Teasers/EZEE - split
Crystal Stilts-Alight of Night (back in)
Davila 666- s/t (bad band name, great record)
Der Tpk-Games For Slaves
Druid Perfume-s/t
Eat Skull-Sick To Death (back in)
Exodus-Strike Of The Beast
Faith/Void -split (remastered and back in print!)
Fartz-What's In A Name
Goodnight Loving-Cemetary Tales
Goodnight Loving-Crooked Lake
Havohej (Profanatica)-Dethrone The Son Of God
Impetigo-Horror Of The Zombies
King Khan & BBQ Show-s/t
Le Face-Isolation
Lydia Lunch/Suicide-split 10"
Marked Men-s/t
Measure (SA)-One Chapter In A Book
Minor Threat-Out Of Step
Minor Threat-s/t (remastered and now with a yellow cover)
Mouthbreather-Thank You
My Bloody Valentine-Loveless
NOFX-Longest Line
NOFX-The Decline
One Last Wish-1986
Porn & Merzbow-And The Devil Makes
The Rats-s/t (finally someone put out the pre-Dead Moon stuff)
Jay Reatard-Blood Visions
The Rebel-Northern Rocks Bear Weird
Reigning Sound-Time Bomb High School
Rocket From The Tombs-Rocket Redux
Sex Vid-Communal Living (a take off on Condo Life, no doubt)
Sodom-Pretenders To The Throne (1984 Unreleased stuff)
The Sonics-Here Are The Sonics
Submarine Races-Hard To Look At
Swinging Utters-Hatest Grits
V/A-All Aboard- A Tribute To Johnny Cash
The Wipers-Is This Real?
The Wipers-Youth Of Ameica
Wesley Willis-rush Hour
Wire-Object 47 (new lp)

-------------CD's, Etc.---------------

Atomizer-Caustic Music For The...
Avskum-Uppror Underifran
Fang-Landshark/Wild Things (2 on 1)
Figures Of Light-Smash Hits
Flipper-Album Generic Flipper
Flipper-Sex Bomb Baby
King Khan & BBQ Show-s/t and What's For Dinner?
Manticore-Bowels of the Holy Anointment
Maximum R-N-R issue # 308
Nunslaughter-Damned In Japan DVD + CD
Razorcake-Issue # 47
Trench Hell-Southern Cross Ripper
V/A-Messthetics # 106
Whitetrap-Witching Metal

"I've got the eggnog, if you have the brandy"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Due To The Lack Of Sales In The Store...

... I am closing....and going to the LCBO!.....

Here is what came in on yesterday.

Intern. Superheros of Hardcore-HPxHC
Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Insect Warfare-split 5"
Gaslight Anthems-Sin:Demos
Have Heart-Demo 2003
Gorilla Biscuits-s/t
Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money-split
Government Issue-Make An Effort (reissue)
Learn Nothing-s/t


Fucked Up-The Chemistry (restocked)
Crom-Hot Summer Nights
Wait In Vain-Seasons
Blood For Blood-Revenge On Society
Pig Destroyer-Natasha
Word For Word-Keepsake
Trap Them-Seizures In B
Tom Gabel-Heart Burns
Kid Dynamite-Cheap Shots
NOFX-Pump Up The Valium
Weirdos-Destroy All Music
Dr. Know-Plug In Jesus/Burn (reissued)
Ill Repute-What Happens Next (reissued)
V/A-Delicious Vinyl Sampler
Earth Crisis-Firestorm/All Out War
TSOL-Dance With Me
Bad Religion-Recipe For Hate
Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today
Beneath The Massacre-Dystopia
Pelican/These Arms Are Snakes-split 10"
Meatmen-We're The Meatmen
Weakerthans-Left and
Dead Kennedys-Frankenchrist and Fresh Fruit


Iron Boots-Weight Of The World
Adrenalin O.D.-Wacky Hi-jinks of.. (double CD retrospect)
Psycho-Recordings 82-86
Kill What I Adore-Whatever
Los Crudos-Discography
Corrosion Of Conformity,dude-Animosity
Pig Destroyer-Natasha
Nasum-Grind Finale
Six Feet Under-Death Ritual
Light This City-Stormchase
The Faceless-Planetary
Carcass-Reek Of Putrefcation (CD and DVD package)
The Bronx-S/T (3)


7 Seconds-Walk Together
Agnostic Front-Skinhead
Bad Brains-Capitol
Gorilla Biscuits-Yo!
Judge-NY Crew
Project X (xPETEx approved)
Youth Of Today-Positive

New Stuff In At The Store

---------------------7" ers--------------

The Arondies-69
Beatin' Path-The Original Nothing People
Boss Tweads-Goin' Away
Daryl Britt & The Blue Jeans-Lover Lover
Calico Wall-I'm A Living Sickness
Doo Rag-Hussy Bowler
The Egyptians-The Party Stomp
The Electras-Soul Searchin'
The Gories-You Little Nothing
The Litter-Action Woman
The Litter-I'm A Man
The Makers-This Is The Answer
Novas-The Crusher
Raw Power-Wop Hour
Sloppy Seconds-I Don't Want To Be A Homosexual
Bloodshot Bill/Rockin' Enocky-split
Gene Vincent- Blue Jean ep
Link Wray-The Black Widow
Michael Yonkers-Micro-Miniature Love
Teenage Head-Picture My Face
MC5-Kick Out The Jams (press of 200)
Johnny Thunders-Chinese Rocks (press of 300)
Victims-Television Addict
Born Liars-Don't Tell Me
Higher State-Automatic Motion
Little Johnny & The Silvertones-Rock Til The End Of Time
The Monks-Cuckoo
The Rebel Set-Teenage Killer ep
Reigning Sound-If Christmas Can't Bring You Home
Rites Of Spring-All Through A Life
Static Static-Nervous Converter
Tom & The Tornadoes-Northway Sound Records (Tommy James's first recordings)
The Urinals-Dead Flowers
The Urinals-Another ep
Mary Weiss-Don't Come Back


Black Flag-My War
D.O.A.-Bloodied But Not Unbowed (picture disc)
D.O.A.-Something Better Change (limited to 1,000)
Dictators-Everyday Is Saturday
Charlie Feathers-Wild Side Of Life , Volume 1
Flamin' Groovies-Slow Death
The Gories-I Know You Fine
Thee Headcoats-Beach Bums Must Die, Earls of Suavedom,Headcoatitude, and W.O.A.H.
The Kids-s/t
Thee Mighty Caesars-John Lennon's Corpse,Surely They Were, and English Punk Explosion
Rites Of Spring-s/t
V/A-Back From The Grave- Volumes 2,3,4,5,6,7,and 8
V/A-Northwest Killers Volume 3
V/A-Suburban Life (U.S. 60's Garage comp. 300 press)
V/A-Teenage Shutdown- I'm A No-Count, Move It!, and No Tease
Mary Weiss-Dangerous Game
The Artwoods-100 Oxford St.
Bad Brains- I Against I
Black Flag-Damaged
The Boys- S/T , and To Hell With
Dropdead-First Album, and Discography
The Knights-I Don't Need You
Mad River-s/t
Manowar-Sign Of The Hammer
Los Peyotes-Introducing
Real Kids-S/T
The Ringers-Let Them Be Known
Swamp Rats-Disco Still Sucks
13th Floor Elevators-Demos Everywhere
V/A-Bloodstains Across Texas
We The People-Too Much Noise
Decry-Falling (Best of)


Dictators-Everyday Is Saturday
Gruesomes-Tyrants Of Teen Trash
Nerves-One Way Ticket
Real Kids-S/T
V/A-Vancouver Complication

Thursday, November 27, 2008

That's right Jed, there is more stuff down at the HAM


Hirax/F.K.U.-split (new and limited to 1,000)
Drowning With Our Anchors-Breathing Lesson (hc)
Dealing With It/Olde York-split
Fucked Up/Haymaker-split
Misery Index-Hang 'Em High
Tipper's Gore-Unsettling Loss (new hardcore on Flat Black records)
Karanteeni-ADHD Rantarokki (another winner on Combat Rock Industries)
Ignivomous/Tzun Tzu-split
Ex Inferiis-Ngul A Crist
Villians/Fingernails-split (the last 3 titles are all new on Nuclear War Now! )
Complications-Coffin/Blinded (2nd press)
Total Abuse-Sex Pigs
Spectres-Cold War (take notice Sharonto)
Herds-Full Wolf Moon
Chronic Seizure-Live On WHPK (live on the radio, limited to 500)
Birth Control-Going To Target (new on Fashionable Idiot)
Mass Grave/In Disgust-split (new and limited to a press of 608, weird # for a press!)
Impulse International-Saturday Suzie (new on... Mutant he has his label again)
Exortion/Agents Of Abhorrence-split
Signal Lost/Protess-split (new and limited to 1,000)
Final Warning-s/t (this is a repress of an early 80's Portland band, good stuff, originally came out on Tom Pig's Fatal Erection label)
Cola Freaks/Autistic Youth-split
Limpwrist-Want Us Dead
N.N.-s/t (new on Lengua Armada)
The Ergs/Grabass Charlestons-split


Hirax-Thrash And Destroy (new and limited to 500)
V/A-This Comp Kill Fascists (limited to 500,Insect Warfare,Brutal Truth,Agents of Satan,Shitstorm,Magrudergrind,and 9 other bands, double LP)
Annihilation Time-Tales Of Ancient Age (back in stock)
Vitamin X-Full Scale Assault (new on Tankcrimes)
Let Down-Anthology
Cold Sweat-Blinded (yup, the first one back in print)
Gruesome Stuff Relish-Horror Rises
---next 9 titles are all new releases on Nuclear War Now! ---
Funebrarum-Beneath The Columns
Blasphemophagher-Nuclear Empire
Axis Of Advance-Landline
Energy Vampires-s/t
Kat-Mind Cannibals
V/A-Hellbanger's Metal Forces
Midnight-Farewell To Hell 10"
Kat-Noce Szatana 10"
Dead Radical/Sidetracked-split (limited to 500)
Capitalist Casualties/Hellnation-split (new on Sound Pollution)
Phobia-22 Random Acts Of Violence (new on Deep Six)
Drunk Driver-Born Pregnant
Mind Eraser-Conscious Unconscious (yeah, it's the new one)
Cripple Bastards-Variante Alla Morte
Ancestors-s/t (limited to 333)
Leuzemia-s/t (I guess they were early 80's Peru pop punk, limited to 1,000)
Nux Vomica/Wake Up On Fire-split
Blackout-Stop The Clock
Order Of The Vulture-Death Desciple
Fucked Up-Hidden World
Dirt-Black And White
The Pist-Ideas Are Bulletproof (repressed)
The Pist-Input Equals Output #1 (rarities,singles,comps,etc)
The Pist-Input Equals Output #2 (ditto)


Man Is The Bastard-Sum Of The Men
Urban Waste-s/t
Baroness-First/Second (both on one cd)
Vitamin X-Full Scale Assault
Midnight-Farewell To Hell
Blasphemophagher-Nuclear Empire
Brutal Knights-Living By Yourself (the LP, plus 3 singles, and a comp track, all on 1)
Nausea-Punk Terrorist #1
Capitalist Casualties/Hellnation-split
The Pist-Ideas Are Bulletproof
The Pist-Input Equals Output
Total Abuse-s/t

Lots of good stocking stuffers there. We do have GIFT CERTIFICATES available in any amount.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Beer and Strippers!

Is that what I have to do to get you "lazy-assed" people into the store.

A few more things came in today


Raw Power-Wop Hour (repress)
Minor Threat-Salad Days
Roy Ellis(Mr.Symarip)-When The Skins Come Marching In (awesome single by the lead singer of Symarip,Spanish Import only)
Vanilla Muffins-double 7" (amazing Swiss "sugar Oi!" band)
Fucked Up-Crooked Head (restocked)
Shellac-Rude Gesture ( I will bite my lip here!)
Kim Phuc-Wormwood Star (new on Criminal IQ)
the Young-4 songs (ditto)
The Runs-Piss And Shit (Criminal IQ)


Darkest Hour-Deliver Us
Darkest Hour-Undoing Ruin
Dag Nasty-Can I Say (repressed on coloured vinyl)
The Barracudas-Drop Out
Rites Of Spring-s/t
Joy Division-Love Will Tear Us Apart (official repress)
Indian-Slights And Abuse
Indian-Unquiet Skies
The Ramones-Road To Ruin,Leave Home,and Rocket To Russia (all back in)
YDL-Voice Of Brooklyn (we are the voice, the voice of..)
Naked Raygun-All Rise (limited repress, remastered,with a poster, and Vanilla Blue 7" added)
Big Black-Songs About Fucking
Bull & The Buffalos-s/t (back in, brutal Japanese Oi!)
The Hawks-A Heart Of Gold (repress of this Vulture Rock hammer!)
Fugazi-In On The Killtaker,Repeater,Margin Walker,and Red Medicine (all back in)
Johnny Cash-American V-A Hundred Highways
Nation Of Ulysses-Plays Pretty , and 13 Point Program (both back in print)
Raw Power-Screams From The Gutter
Pegboy-Strong Reaction (repress)
Die Kreuzen-S/T, and October File (both back in print on vinyl)
Blood For Blood-Livin' In Exile 10" (repressed)

Here we go again........

--------------- 7"ers---------------

A/V Murder-s/t
John Barrett's Bass Drum-Stain Stick Skin
Tim Barry-Live At Munford Elementary
Bobby & The Soft Spots-Can't Get Her Off (new on Rob's House,1,000 press)
Brook Pridemore/Ghost Mice-split(new on Plan-It-X)
Buzzer-Disco Kiddz
Comet Gain-Books of California
Graham Day & The Goalers-Begging You
Gang Wizard-I Remember You From The
The Get Offs-Airplane Flight (good driving garagey style,plus the b-side is a song called Drunk!)
Girls-Lust For Life
The Handsome Family-Drunk By Noon (I think it is implied, that I will like this one!,an alt-country instant classic!)
Hunx & His Punx-You Don't Like R-N-R (Dumb/fun Phil Spector styled punk,come with a scratch off cover that will have some people excited,new from Rob's House)
Lamps-Songs Of Sexual
Milky Wimpshake-One Good Use
Of Montreal-Id Engager (who ordered this!)
Penetration-Our World (yes the old UK band is back with new stuff)
Private Entertainment-s/t
Sexy Kids-Nests (great riffs, think... "if Rezillos put more parts into their songs")
Silver Lions-s/t
Static Static-No Bodies
Sweet Faces-Four Songs (restocked,Douchemaster)
Witch Hats-Hellhole (250 press, think.."the good proding-goth of the first Christian Death LP")


Alkaline Trio-Good Mourning (3,000 repress)
Angels Of Light-Sing Other People
Animals And Men-Never Bought Never Sold
The Coffins/Arm & Sword Of A-split
Asunder-Works Will Come Undone (restock)
Avail-4 AM Friday
Avail-Over The James (all 3 titles repressed with some bonus stuff on them)
Bad Dudes-Eat Drugs
Bridge And Tunnel-East/West (new on No Idea)
Joey Cape-Bridge
Crooked Fingers-Forfeit/Fortune (1,000 press)
Graham Day & The Goalers-Triple Tested (The Prisoner's guy new band)
De La Soul-De La Soul Is Dead
Dilinger Four-Civilwar
Every Time I Die-Last Night In Town
Figures Of Light-Smash Hits (Norton release)
Frustrations-Glowing Red Pill
Goodnight Loving-Cemetary Tales
Goodnight Loving-Crooked Lake
Goodnight Loving-S/T
Gore-Hart Gore
Gore-Mean Man's Dreams
Grails-Doomdayer's Holiday
Hammers Of Misfortune-Fields/Church Of Broken 2 LP
Harvey Milk-My Love Is Higher
Imperial Leather-Do You Know Where Your
Jawbreaker-24 Hour Revenge Therapy
Jolts-Haute Voltage (new Vancouver band)
Love Is All-A Hundred Things
Mass Shivers-Ecstatic Eyes Glow
Massmord/Shades of Grey-split
Minus The Bear-They Make Beer Commercials
Miss Lana Rebel-All I Need
My Bloody Valentine-Loveless
My Bloody Valentine-Isn't Anything
Om-Conference Of The Birds
Proto Idiot-Andrew Anderson
Quintron-Too Thirsty 4 Love
Red Fang-Red Fang
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez-Absence Makes The Heart
Rumbleseat-Is Dead
Screeching Weasel-Boogada Boogada
Skull Defekts-Drone Drug
Subhumans-Death Was Too Kind (yes, the first 12" and 2 early singles, the Canadian ones, silly)
Suishou No Fune-Prayer For Chibi
Sunn O)))- Domkirke
Thomas Function-Celebration (500 repress)
Toys That Kill-Shanked!
Two Cow Garage-Speaking In Cursive (good Uncle Tupelo-styled stuff)
V/A-49 Minute Technicolour-Rumble Vol 4 (limited to 1,000)
Vivian Girls-S/T


Blatz/Filth-split double CD (back in print)
Dillinger Four-Civilwar
Gentleman Jesse-s/t
Gore-Hart Gore/Mean Man's Dream (2 on one)
M.R.R. issue # 307
Meatmen-Pope On A Rope CD
Meatmen-We're The Meatmen YOU Still Suck (21 live track cd)
The Mekons-Mekons Story 1977-1982 CD
Subhumans-Death Was Too Kind CD
V/A-Messthetics Greatest Hiss CD
V/A-Titan-It's All Pop (late 70's label,double cd of power pop) CD

Check out for past updates until website is up.
I am open for business, it wouldn't hurt you to get off your ass and get here.
100 % Canadian owned and operated since 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lots More New Stuff.........

Here is one of the orders that came in.I will post the others later in the week.


20/20-Going Up With My Girl (restock)
Bad Religion-1993 Peel Session
Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love-It's Closing Soon
Fugazi-Noize Bleed
Green Day-Pick A Winner (Peel session)
Headbangers-Rentner (reissue of 1978 German band)
Impact-Attraverso (reissue of this '86 Italian hardcore single)
The Lewd-Kill Yourself
Moral Demolition/Zyklome A (reissue '82 Belgium bands)
The Mummies-!994 Peel Session
Nirvana-Triple Platinum (3 demo songs)
No Pigs-Broken Promises ('84 Dutch hardcore, limited to 500)
Pandemonium-Who The Fuck Are You ('83 Dutch hardcore reissue 500 press)
Pandemonium-Wir Fahren Ins Grunne ('their '84 single reissued 500 press)
Rattus-Fucking Disco (legit reissue of 2nd single,500 press)
Rattus-Khomeini Rock (Legit reissue of 1st single,500 press)
Shellac-1994 Peel Session (clear vinyl)
Winterswijx-Chaos Front ('86 Dutch hardcore reissue)


? & The Mysterians-96 Tears
101'ers-Elgin Ave. Breakdown
13th Floor Elevators-Bull In the Woods
13th Floor Elevators-Easter Everywhere
7 Seconds-Hardcore Rules (1,000 press all 3 demo cassettes, awesome)
AC/DC-Bad Boy Boogie (Bon Scott era live, very cool cover too)
Ambrose Slade-The Beginnings (pre-Slade recordings)
Angry Samoans-Inside My Brain (plus the Queer Pills ep)
Antidote-Thou Shalt Not Kill (one side is the single,other is a good live show w/6 unreleased songs,the single sounds great as a 12")
Bad Brains-Pay To Cum
Bauhaus-Weniger ist Mehr (live)
Beastie Boys-Paul's Boutique
Beastie Boys-Pollywog Stew+ (the ep on 1 side, and live set on the other)
Chocolate Watch Band-Inner Mystique
The Clash-Last Gang In Town (career long rarities)
Debris-Static Disposal ('60's garage/psyche reissue)
Desert Sessions-Volume 1 & 2, Volume 3 & 4,and Volume 5 & 6 (2 10"s on 1 LP reissue)
Destrucktions-Complete (awesome '80's punk )
The Fall-Idiot Joy Show
The Fall-Rough Trade Singles
The Fall-Pearl City
Gauze-Fuckheads Plus
Gepopel-Complete '82-'85
GG Allin-You Hate Me & I Hate You
GG Allin-Always Was..
Green Day-Listen To Me Whine (good live stuff)
Guns And Roses-Unplugged
Iron Cross-Crucified For Your Sins (if you can't afford the 7", you get those plus more)
Joy Division-Sound And Fury
Joy Division-Unkown Pleasure
Joy Division-Inside The Line
Los Yetis-Historia Verdad (Peru garage stuff)
The Mad Are Sane-Reality
MC5-Live at Saginaw Civic Centre
Minor Threat-Cashing In (good live set from 9:30 club,insert,yellow vinyl, and 1 unreleased song,cool Bad Brains-esque song called Asshole)
Nirvana-Unplugged Alternative (different unplugged stuff than the normal record)
The Now-Here Come The Now
OHL-Heimatfront (reissue that was on Damian's fav. label Rock-O-Rama)
OHL-1,000 Kreuze
The Outcasts-Self-Conscious Over You
Pink Floyd-Meets Frank Zappa (Zappa jams with them on this LP)
Possessed-Demos '84-'93
Sadist Intent-Conflict Within & Demos
The Saints-I'm Stranded
Slaughter & The Dogs-Do It Doggystyle
Slayer-Rare Tracks Volume 1
Slayer-Show No Mercy + 1
The Smoke-It's Smoke Time (definately not a Urban Blight cover on this)
Social Distortion-Recordings Between Heaven And Hell (amazing demos and accoustic stuff)
SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say
Star Club-Cool Posers
Stiff Little Fingers-Inflammable Material
Syd Barrett-Opel
Syd Barrett-The Madcap Laughs
Teenage Head-King St. Teddy Boys (great live recording from back in the day)
V/A-Holland Hardcore Volume 1 , Volume 2, and Volume 3 (all 3 are limited to 1,000, and has tons of very rare Dutch stuff on it)
V/A-Nasty Rockabilly Volume 13 and Volume 14 (both brand new releases of obsure old rockabilly, also restocked on Volumes 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,and 12)
V/A-Tunes For Fuckers Volume 2 (rare old Japanese hardcore stuff)
Velvet Underground-Head Held High
Venom-Irish Assault (obsurities comp)
The Wipers-Is This Real?
Wire-Honi Soit
Wire-Chairs Missing


V/A-Glam Rock DVD
Tom Waits-Under Review DVD
D.I.-Suburbia Sessions DVD
Code Of Honor-Complete Studio Recordings CD

Tons of great stuff on the other orders, but I will list those later in the week, a few things now though- the new Dillinger Four and Vivian Girls are both in now on LP and CD.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New stuff in the store now

There should be a bunch of orders coming into the store over the next 2 weeks.
Here is one that came in yesterday.


Brick Fight-S/T
Crucial Section/Positive Noise-split
Mother of Mercy-Passing
Streetcleaner-Mother Curse
Underdog-Live From Asbury
Middle Class-Out of Vogue
Lewd Acts-On A Lonely Night
Trapped Under Ice-Demo 2007
Up Front-Daybreak
Marvelous Darlings-Swords
Lone Wolf-Hallucinogenic
Last of the Believers-Paper (tour single, 200 press)
Pinhead Gunpowder-s/t
Quick Fix-Rat Race
Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money-split
Wolf Whistle-Demo
Strangers-Night Minutes
Defiance Ohio/Enviromental Youth Crunch-split
Sinking Ships-Meridian
This Is Hell-s/t
Gaining Ground-Still Trying
Guilt Trip-s/t
Young Livers/Bridge and Tunnel-split
Mehkago N.T./Religous As Fuck-split
Mental-Demo 2
Gaslight Anthem-Senor


Crime In Stereo-Selective
Suicidal Tendencies-s/t (25th Anniversary edition,remastered and limited coloured vinyl)
Descendents-Cool To Be You
These Arms Are Snakes-Tail
Misfits-Earth AD
Bastards of Young/Wolves And Thieves
Screeching Weasel-Boogoodaa
Jay Reatard-Matador Single comp.
Murphy's Law-Partys Over
NOFX-Maximum R-N-R
Dead Child-s/t ( 3members of Slint & 1 of Tortoise)
A Day To Remember-For Those
Razzle Dazzle-Strictly (Pesci approved pizza picture disc, finally back in)
Grails-Doomsdayer's Holiday
Miles Away-Rewind Repeat
Right Idea-Our World
Rise Against-Appeal To
Only Living Witness-Prone Mortal Form
The Distillers-Sing Sing
Tiger Army-s/t
Misfits-Collection 1 & 2
Gaslight Anthem-'59 sound
Breathing Fire-Years of
Cruel Hand-Prying Eyes
Enforcer-Into The Night
The Measure(SA)-Songs About
Youth Of Today-We're Not In This Alone (repressed)
The Shaking Hands-s/t
Tim Barry-Manchester
V/A-Revival Road (3 way split between Tim Barry,Chuck Ragan,and Ben Nichols, 1,000 press)


PTL Klub-Discography
Bleeding Through-Declaration
Black Anvil-Time Insults
Phobia-22 Random Acts of
The Tossers-On A Fine..
Burning The Masses-Mind
The Meatmen-Pope On A Rope (back in print with some bonus songs)
Black Ships-Omens
Minor Threat-Discography
Comeback Kid-Thru:Live (CD and DVD)
The Haunted-Verses
Suicidal Tendencies-s/t (remastered)
H2O-One Life, One Chance DVD

Saturday, October 18, 2008

And The Tanks Keep Rolling... or new stuff

Wow, getting overwhelmed with new stuff. The hits keep coming, I guess! This stuff came in on Friday.


I Hate This/Killin It-split
Look Back And Laugh-State Of Illusion
Let Down-Sacrifice Me
Kakistocracy/Nux Vomica-split
Hated Surge-Servant
Impulse International-The Real Kid
Agathocles/L. Butler-split
Global Holocaust-Unequal Justice
Infanticide-Sonic Punishment
Drop Dead/Look Back And Laugh-split (now on clear vinyl)
White Lung-Magazines
Germ Attack-A Bleak Future
Bunny Skulls-s/t
Positive Noise/Crucial Section-split
The Young-s/t
Iron Age-The Way Is Narrow (back in)
Direct Control-s/t
F.K.U.-Horror Metal Moshing Machine (this sounds like mid-period Exodus) (you don't get to say that much these days!!!!)
Government Warning-No Way Out
Government Warning-Arrested
Question-Insanity (new on Fashionable Idiot)
Ghoul/Brody's Militia-split


Aaritila-Ennen Husmista
In First Person/Storm The Bastille-split
Let Down-We're In This Alone
Loud and Clear-s/t
The Mongoloids-Time Trials
Corrosion Of Conformity-Eye For An Eye
Who Calls So Loud--s/t
Tristess-Hog & Lag Blues
Tranzmitors-s/t (new 12" single)
Raw Power-Screams From The Gutter
Personality Crisis-Creatures For Awhile (FINALLY FUCKING REPRESSED!!!)
Cop On Fire-Discography
Appalachian Terror Unit-Greenwashing (nothing like some good ol' backwoods/hillbilly crust!)
Ghost Mice/Saw Wheel-split
Regulations-Electric Guitar
Attack In Black-Marriage


Citizen Fish-What Time We On?
Syphilitic Vaginas-Complete Studio Stuff
Totalitar-Wallbreaker 1986-1989
Cop On Fire-Discography
Hirax-Thrash and Destroy CD w/ DVD
Annihilation Time-T-Shirts
Charles Bronson-T-Shirts

That's all folks! All of the consignment LP/7" are out now. Loads of good stuff left.
"I ain't gonna choke like the Buffalo Bills"!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tons of stuff down at the ol' corral

A few things to let you kids know about. First off, those of you who were at the "punk record convention" saw that girl's great stuff. Well, she has consigned the remaining stuff she has at Hits And Misses. I have reasoned with her on some of those Ebay prices she had on some of the records. So everything is at a fair price now. Those of you who weren't (ah hum) at the record convention, can come down and see what is left. The singles are out today, and the LP's should be out on Saturday. Oh yeah, and this huge order came in the other day.


20/20-Going Up With My Girl (yes this is the new wave bands earliest records, LP to follow too)
Black Rainbow-s/t
Cause Co-motion-I Lie Awake (yes a new one!)
Christmas Island/Le Jonathan Reilly-split (some kind of Pesci punk)
Diplo/Dark Meat-split
Dead Luke-Record Two
Deerhunter-Nothing Ever Happened
The Disappears-Old Friend Vol.2
Disaster Strikes-Interrogation Sessions
The Elephant Walk-Swim The Sea
The Fitt-Hawk Eyes
His Electro Blue Voice-Duung
King Khan & BBQ Show-Teabag Party (back in)
Knights of the New Crusade-Someone In Your Life
Little Claw-Race To The Bottom
Of Montreal-s/t
Pains of Being Pure At Heart-Everything With You
The Perfect Fitts-Radio Transmitter
Pinhead Gunpowder-West Side Highway
The Pleasure Kills-Mission Boy
The Pleasure Kills-Smash Up Radio
Propagandhi-How To Clean
School Of Seven Bells-Half Asleep
The Selmanaires-Princess Illusionist (new on Rob's House)
The Shirks-Dangerous (new on Big Neck)
Sonic Chicken 4- Midnight Girl (YES, a new recording from them)
The Sweet Faces-Four Songs (new on Douchemaster)
Tyvek-Summer Burns
The Vivian Girls-I Can Stay
Whiskey Bitch-XXX Fueled Barroom Rock
Wounded Lion-Carol Cloud
Zola Jesus-Souer Sewer


Aids Wolf-Cities Of Glass
Aldebaran-From Forgotten Tombs
Asunder-Works Will Come Undone
The Baby Shakes-First One (yes a full length finally)
The Bananas-New Animals
Black Time-Double Negative
The Blank Dogs-On Two Sides
Boston Spaceships-Brown Submarine
Bum Kon-Drunken Sex Sucks (amazing early 80's hardcore reissue)
Che-Sounds of Libertation
Davila 666-s/t (new on In The Red)
The Descendents-Cool To Be You
The Dirtbombs-Dangerous Magical Noise
The Exploding Hearts-Shattered
Fall Of The Bastards-Dusk Of An Ancient Age
Gaslight Anthem-Sink Or Swim
Gauze-Binbou Yusuri No
Gay Beast-Disrobics
The Girls-Lust For Life (new on Dirtnap)
Git Some-Cosmic Rock
Gods And Queens-untitled
Helms Alee-Night Terror
The Hospitals-Hairdryer Peace
Human Eye-Fragments Of The Universe
Lagwagon-Double Plaidinum
Lagwagon-I Think My Older Brother Listened To Lagwagon
Lili Z-The Two Of Us
Live Fast Die-Shit Amplified
The Marked Men-s/t (reissue finally out of the first one)
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes-Have A Ball
Negative Approach-Tied Down
Orphan-Aborted By Birth
Pegboy-Strong Reaction (repressed)
The Real McKenzies-Off The Leash
Jay Reatard-Blood Visions
Reigning Sound-Timebomb High School
The Saints-(I'm) Stranded
The Shudders-Big Heat
Sic Alps-U.S. EZ
V/A-Nightmares In Wonderland (Rubble series #3)
V/A-Twistin Rumble Volumes 5, 6, and 7
The Wipers-Is This Real?


Bad Brains-Live At CBGB 1982 /DVD
Bum Kon-Drunken Sex Sucks (see above)
The Coffins/XXX Maniak-split
Dead Moon-Unknown Passage DVD
DOA-Northern Avenger
The Ergs-Hindsight is 20/20
Goodnight Loving-s/t
Joy Division-In The Studio w/ Martin (double cd)
Jay Reatard-Blood Visions
Samothrace-Life's Trade
Sonic's Rendezvous Band-Second Chance (double cd)
Teenage Jesus And The Jerks-Beirut Slump (collection of early Lydia Lunch stuff)
Johnny Thunders-Who's Been Talking DVD
V/A-Flex Your Head
Vivian Girls-s/t
Menace-Screwed Up (best of)
Slaughter And the Dogs-Very Best of (double cd)

R.I.P. Frankie Venom
"We've got one common voice"

Don;t forget the blogspot to see older invoices.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last Pogo DVD and more............

I got copies of the Last Pogo DVD in today. A steal at $12 each!! Also this stuff came in:


Agent Orange-Bloodstains (reissue of only 300)
The Cramps-Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
The Cramps-Teenage Werewolf
The Exploited-Race Against Time (reissue of 300)
Teenage Head-Picture My Face (reissue)
New York Dolls/Peppermint Creeps-split (limited to 300)
The Black Lips-Does She Want
The Creation-How Does It Feel
International Submarine Band-Blue Eyes
The Randoms-ABCD
The Reigning Sound-I'll Cry
Ridiculous Trio-No Fun & TV Eye (why was out of this for so long, amazing Stooges covers!)
The Scorpions-Baby Back Now
The Scropions-The Nana Song (60's garage band and not "The Scorps, dude"
The Smoke-My Friend Jack
The Sorrows-Verde Rosso Giallo
The Letter H-Butter Hand Man (new T.O. band that would be at home on Rob's House/Die Slaughterhaus)


The Avengers-S/T
The Birds-Say Those Magic Words
Black Flag-Damaged & Wasted Again
Bubble Puppy-A Gathering Of Promises
Captain Beefheart-It Comes To You In A Plain Brown Wrapper
The Dead Boys-Young Loud and Snotty
Dead Kennedys-Fresh Fruit & Plastic Surgery
Digital Leather-Sorcerer
Thee Headcoats-WOAH
Hubble Bubble-Faking
Husker Du-Land Speed Record
King Khan & His Shrines-Three Hairs and Your Mine
Minutemen-3 way Tie
Minutemen-The Punch Line
Okmoniks-Party Fever
Los Peyotes-Carvinocola
Phantom Jets-Phantom Jet Set
The Pop Rivets-Fun In The UK
The Powerchords-Think I 'm Gonna (new on Screaming Apple)
Reverend Beat Man-s/t
Suzy Y Los Quattro-Stick With It (new on Screaming Apple)
V/A-Bloodstains Across Texas (back in)
V/A-Killed By Death-Volumes 1, 6,7,81/2,9,10,12 (all back in)

Cobra-Greatest Hits (yes the Japanese oi! band)
Conflict-Increase The Pressure
Gauze-Kaowo Aratte Denaoshitekoi (all the early stuff)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1st - New Stock

Thanks to everyone who came to the Punk Record Fair,and to everyone who helped out, it should be a semi-annual thing. Here is what came in yesterday on an order.


Mental-Demo 2
Shell Shock-Comics
I Hate This/Raw Sewage-split
Ambitions-No Limits
Fucked Up-Year Of The Pig (US)
Trash Talk-Plagues
Middle Class-Out Of Vogue (got seriously shorted, but some more will be in soon)
Braindead(UK)/Rot In Hell-split
Chuck Ragan & Nagel-Snapshots
Pledge/Represent/The War-3 way split
Iron Age-The Way Is Narrow (back in)


Crime In Stereo-The Troubled Stateside
Trash Talk-S/T (back in)
The Briggs-Come All You Madmen
I Rise-For Redemption
Rancid-Out Come The Wolves
Pig Destroyer-Prowler In The Yard (limited repress)
Refused-Shape Of Punk To Come
Landmine Marathon/Scarecrow-split
50 Lions-Time Is The Enemy
Breathing Fire-Years Of
Light Yourself On Fire-Intimacy
Middle Class-Out Of Vogue-The Early Material
Blood Brothers-This Adultry
Descendents-I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Screeching Weasel-Boogada
Bad Brains-Black Spot
Black Flag-Damaged
Bleeding Through-Declaration
Energy-Invasions Of The Mind
Ruiner-I Heard Those Dudes Are Assholes
7 Seconds- The Crew and Walk Together
Circle Jerks-Wild In The Streets
Melt Banana-Cell Scape
Sick Of It All-Live In A Dive
Rancid-Life Won't Wait
Misery Index-Traitors


Duke Nukem Forever/WPI-split
All Shall Perish-Awaken The Dreamers
Middle Class-Out Of Vogue-The Early Material
Misery Index-Traitors

1 2 3 4 Who's Punk, What's The Score !!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

This Stuff In Too

A bunch of Sundazed restocks and a few other things

Apple-Glass Cyndrom-Going Wrong
The Black Lips-In & Out
Bonniwell Music Machine-Point of No Return
The Brogues-Someday
The Byrds-Lazy Days
The Caps-Red Headed Flea
The Caps-Sweetheart Goodnight
The Caps-Three Little Pigniks
The Caps-Who The Heck
Daily Flash-Girl From N. Alberta
The Five Canadians-Writing On The Wall
The Groupies-Down In the Bottom
Ides Of March-I'm Gonna Say My Prayers
International Submarine Band-One Day Week
Billy Lee & the Riveras-You Know
Reigning Sound-I'll Cry
The Sparkles-No Friend Of Mine
Alexander Skip Spence-Land Of The Sun
The Spiders-Why Don't You Love Me
The Ugly Beats-Can't Cut Through
The Mutants-Back Yard Boys
Nirvana-Beauty and Power
The Mummies-1994 Peel Sessions

Hasil Adkins-Night Life
Bubble Puppy-Gathering of Promises
Jerry Cole & His Spacemen-Surf Age
The Druids of Stonehenge-s/t (I think these guys were at the C.S. show in Bristol)
MC5-Back In The USA
MC5-Kick Out The Jams
The Mourning Reign-s/t
The Music Emporium-S/T
The Remains-A Session With
The Remains-S/T
The Stooges-Fun House
The Stooges-S/T
Gary Usher-Barefoot Adventure
V/A-Ain't It Hard (60's comp on Sundazed)
V/A-Back From The Grave Vol 2
V/a-Bloodstains Across Texas
Link Wray-White Lightning (could also be called Blight Blightning)
Can-S/T (edition of 200)
Decry-Best Of (edition of 300)
Sid Vicious-Live (picture disc, edition of 1,000)

The Adverts-Bootleg The Bootleggers (demos from '78 & '79)
The Living End-The First,The Last (Johnny Thunders and members of the Only Ones, double Cd)

See you at the Polish Festival!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Stock This Week

Nothing too crazy, but a few cool new things, and some restocks.


Anihilation Time-3 (back in)
Pere Ubu-Modern Dance
Suicidal Tendencies-S/T
Nile-Amongst The Catacomb
Velvet Underground & Nico
Jaguar Love-Take Me To The Sea
Black SS-Foriegn Objects
Agnostic Front-Riot Riot
Bad Religion-All Ages
Bouncing Souls-S/T
The Manikins-Crocodiles
Beck-Modern Guilt
Fucked Up-Year Of The Pig 12"
Cobra-Hits and Rarities
SRC-S/T (some rare reissue of a Detriot garage band,I believe)
Bouncing Souls-Gold Record
Circle Jerks-Group Sex
The Horrorpops-Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
Richard Hell-Blank Generation
Radio Birdman-Essentials
The Riff Randals-Double Cross
The Adolescents-S/T
Drive Like Jehu-S/T and Yank Crime
The Methadones-Career Objective
Bouncing Souls-Hopeless Romantic
Elliot Smith-S/T
The Detroit Cobras-Tried And True
Cross Examination-Menace To Sobriety
Alkaline Trio-Agony and Irony
The Monks-Black Monk Time


5,6,7,8's-Bomb The Twist
The Gun Club-Secret Fires
The Dwarves-Salt Lake City
Turbonegro-Get It On (picture disc)
Born Against/U.O.O.A.-split
Bouncing Souls-Argyle
Bouncing Souls-Neurotic
Jacuzzi Boys-Island Life (hummm, simular to Condo Life!!)
Black Orphan-Transmission
Dutchess & The Duke-Never
Last 3 are new on Hozac.

New Ugly Things is in also.