Saturday, July 21, 2012

MORE NEW STUFF...............

This stuff came in on Friday and is out now....................   

BYO010-1 7 Seconds "Walk Together" LP 
FRO003-1 Adolescents "S/T" LP 
AM055-1 Alkaline Trio "Maybe I'll" LP 
OCR043-1 All Out War "Truth In" LP Grey
GMM207-1 Anti-Heroes "Underneath The"LP
SST065-1 Bad Brains "I Against I" LP
EPI407-1 Bad Religion "How Could..."
EPI406-1 Bad Religion "No Control" LP 
CHNK052-1 Barry, Tim "40 Miler" LP 
CHNK040-1 Bouncing Souls "Ghosts On" LP
MTLB5094-1 Cattle Decapatation "Monolith Of" LP 
B9R134-1 Ceremony "Rohnert Park" LP
B9R56-1 Champion "Promises Kept" Lp 
B9R55-1 Champion "Time Slips Away" LP 
FRO002-1 Circle Jerks "Group Sex" LP 
FAT672-1 Descendents "Cool To Be You"LP 
HIAR08-1 DNF "Hurt" 7"
BEER165-1 DRI "Dirty Rotten LP" LP
MTLB5111-1 Electric Wizard "Witchcult"LP 
B9R167-1 Expire "Pendulum Swings" LP
 DWI114-1 Give Up The Ghost "Back." LP
DWI115-1 Give Up The Ghost "We're" LP
 B9R35-1 Give Up The Ghost "Year One"LP
REV:04-1 Gorilla Biscuits "S/T" 7"
REV:12-1 Gorilla Biscuits "Start" LP
VITR25-1 Graf Orlock "Los Angeles" 7"
PIR056-1 Harrington Saints "Pride" LP
B9R140-1 Have Heart "10.17.09" LP
BOTT02-1 Have Heart "2003 Demo" 7"
 Have Heart "Things We Carry"LP
DWI127-1 Heiress "Naysayer" 7"
KOCH2415-1 High On Fire "De Vermis" 2xLP 
FREQ026-1 Hostage "Desensitized To..."LP
NIR132-1 Hot Water Music "Caution" LP
BEIR002-1 Impalers "Demo" 7"
REV122-1 Judge "Discography" LP
 OCR044-1 Killer "Obey No One" 7"
MLP003-1 Mentors "Get Up And Die" LP
 REV147-1 Mouthpiece "Can't Kill" LP
VICE80327-1 Off! "S/T" LP
EPI893-1 Operation Ivy "Energy" LP
EPI7079-1 Operation Ivy "Hectic" 12"
EPI8791-1 Pennywise "All Or Nothing" LP
TPSR051-1 Pianos Become The T. "Lack" LP
ATHR92-1 Pick Your Side "Let Me Show"LP
 TNG047-1 Poison Idea "Kings Of Punk" LP
TNG046-1 Poison Idea "Record Collectors" LP* 
LTLR009-1 Provider "Wasteland" 7"
 S11475-1 Ragan, Chuck "Sawblade" 7"
WYR0242-1 Royal Headache "S/T" LP
SST052-1 Saint Vitus "Hallow's" LP
SST161-1 Saint Vitus "Mournful Cries"LP
RFC042-1 Shook Ones "Merriweather" 7"
REV:05-1 Side By Side "You're Only" LP
 FRO011-1 Suicidal Tendencies "S/T" LP
DWI121-1 Touche Amore "Parting The" LP
SIXONE19-1 Touche Amore "To The Beat" LP
FAT520-1 V/A "Fat Music For Fat P" LP
CLCR022-1 When Tigers Fight "Death S"LP
SUNN152-1 Wolfbrigade "Damned" LP
DMIR26-1 Wisdom In Chains "Missing" LP
SITR003-1 Confines "Some Sick Joke" 7"
BYO005-1 7 Seconds "The Crew" LP
HAV1244-1 Discharge "Why" LP
 HAV1243-1 Discharge "Hear Nothing" LP
BYO079-1 Rancid / NOFX SPLIT LP
SST015-1 Black Flag "Everything.." 2xLP
SST023-1 Black Flag "My War" LP
SST029-1 Black Flag "Slip It In" LP 
SST021-1 Black Flag "First 4 Years" LP
                 Cursed - Two LP
 SST068-1 Minutemen "Ballot Result" 2xLP
SST016-1 Minutemen "Buzz Or Howl.." MLP
SST004-1 Minutemen "Punch Line" LP
SST025-1 Husker Du "8 Miles High" 7"
SST055-1 Husker Du "Flip Your Wig" LP
SST031-1 Husker Du "New Day Rising" LP
SST020-1 Husker Du "Metal Circus" MLP

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