Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some Great New Arrivals At The Store

Here is a list of the stuff that is in stock right now.

-------------------------LP's ---------------------------------
The Smiths "Complete Peel Sessions" LP
The complete four studio sessions recorded between 1983 and
1986 for John Peel's BBC Radio show, this includes 15 tracks
that show a unique overview of the band's development from the
young, high-energy postpunk group from Manchester to the later
guitar pop that made them international stars: "Is It Really
So Strange," "Rusholme Ruffians," "This Charming Man," "Reel
Around the Fountain," "Back to the Old House," "How Soon is
Now," "London," "What Difference Does It Make," "Half a
Person," "Still Ill," "William, It was Really Nothing,"
"Handsome Devil," "Sweet and Tender Hooligan," "This Night Has
Opened My Eyes," and "Miserable Lie." Reportedly good
packaging, limited edition of 500.

The Vibrators "Peel Sessions 1976-1978"
Their first three sessions for John Peel's BBC radio show,
this includes "Dance to the Music," "Sweet Sweet Heart,"
"Jenny Jenny," "I'm Gonna Be Your Nazi Baby" and "We Vibrate"
from 1976, "Petrol," "Keep It Clean," "Baby Baby," "London
Girls" and "She's Bringing You Down" from 1977, and "Automatic
Lover," "Destroy," "Troops of Tomorrow" and "Fall in Love"
from 1978.
The Jesus And Mary Chain "Complete Peel Sessions" LP
Finally, a nice vinyl LP version of this collection of all 21
tracks recorded for John Peel's BBC Radio show between 1984
and 1989, with rare versions of all their best-known songs,
including "Just Like Honey," "Psycho Candy," and "In a Hole,"
some with unique arrangements not heard elsewhere. Full color
artwork, limited pressing.
Housecoat Project - Girlfriend
Jerry's Kids - Is This My World?
Pixies - Doolittle Demos
The Slits - In The Beginning
Mudhoney - Head On A Curb (rarities comp.)
The Outsiders - CQ
Negazione - Wild Bunch
Kleenex/Liliput - 4 LP set
Psyclones - Different Thinking People
Gas - 1982 - 86
Dismember - Complete Demos
The Pixies - In Heaven (BBC Sessions)
Pink Floyd - Pipers At The Gates (mono issue)
The Cramps - De Lux
Black Sabbath - Walpurgis
Social Distortion - Love Me Tonight
Wire - 1976 Demos
Black Sabbath - Alternative Versions
Rolling Stones - As Time Goes By
Thin Lizzy - BBC Sessions
Dropkick Murphys- Which Side Are You On
Hans-A-Plast - 2
Neon Hearts - Popular Music
AC/DC - From The Vaults
G G Allin - Always Was, and You Hate Me
Warzone - Tommy Rat Demos
Rev. Horton Heat - Smoke em If You Got em
Desert Sessions - Vol. 3 & 4
Nirvana - Verse Chorus Verse
My Bloody Valentine - Geek, Glider, and You Made Me
Birthday Party - Front Row (w/ Lydia Lunch)
Negative Approach - Pressure
Subhumans - S/T
V/A - D C Hardcore
Cramps- Psychedelic Jungle
Germs - G.I.
Sonic Youth - Evol
Disorder - Perdition
Radio Birdman - Radio's Appear
The Saints - I'm Stranded
Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material
Birthday Party - Junkyard
The Clash - On Broadway
Gang Of Four - Entertainment
Necros- Conquest For Death
Warsaw - S/T
V/A - Where Birdman Flew
Pantera - I Am The Night
Velvet Underground - Hillside Pop Festival
Husker Du - Spot's Arcade
DYS - Brotherhood
Void - Hit And Run/Condensed Flesh Demos
Cash/Dylan - Songs For Real America
Bad Brains - Rock For Light
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
Youth Brigade - Sound & Fury (original mix)
Them - Angry Young Them (mono version)

---------------------- 7"ers --------------------------

Iron Maiden - At The BBC 1979
The Clash - Rude Boy Outtakes Vol 2
Napalm Death - Rare Tracks 86-88
Celtic Frost - Emperors Return
Hellhammer - Triumph Of Death (2 x 7")
The Stooges - Down On The Street, and 1969
Slayer - Postmortem

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