Monday, July 20, 2009

More New Goodies For You Kiddies

Mostly good restock stuff, but there are a few crucial new releases on here.


Amdi Petersens Arme-Blod Ser Mer
Aus Rotten-Fuck Nazi Sympathy
Destroy-Burn This Racist System
Mob 47-Karnvapen Attack
Regulations-Different Needs
Cult Ritual-3rd
Dios Mio-Shit Life
Funeral Shock-California's Dead
Bunny Skulls-18 songs
Surrender-There Is No War
V/A-Shut The Fuck Up And Listen-w/ D.I., The Dehumanizers, Embrace The Kill, and Potbelly
The Insults-s/t (limited reissue of 80's classic)
Crow-Flock Of Beast
Judgement-Just Be
Dark Ages-Vicious Life
Brain Killer-Demo
Fy Fan-s/t
Extortion/Rupture-split 5"

--------------------LP's ---------------

Guilty Faces-Domestic Bliss
Empty Grave-Abandoned
9 Shocks Terror-Zen And The Art
From Ashes Rise-Nightmares
From Ashes Rise/Victims-split
Regulations-s/t, and Electric Guitar
Skit System-Allt E Skit, Enkel Resa Till, and Gra Varld Svarta Tankar
Victims-Divide And Conquer, and ...In Blood
Limp Wrist-s/t (one sided 2nd lp)
Haymaker-It Only Gets Worse
Litany For The Whale-Dolores
Preying Hands-Through The Dark
Battletorn-Reflect The Filth
Let's Grow-Disease
PEK-Preaching Evil
Embrace The Thorns-Atonement Ritual
Timebombs-I Belong In Hell
His Hero Is Gone-Fifteen Counts,Monuments, and Plot Sickens
Direct Control-Farewell
Shitty Limits-Beware The Limits
Government Warning-No Moderation


Dystopia-Human, and Aftermath
xBrainiax-Hail Fastcore
Moderat Likvidation-discography
Criminal Damage-No Solution

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