Monday, May 25, 2009

Yup, more new stuff at the store, lots of xHxCx

Not as gigantic as the last one, but good stuff here.


Like Wolves-s/t
On-Control ep
End Of A Year-s/t (white vinyl)
Crom/Agoraphobic Nosebleed-split
Keep It Clear-s/t
Vacant State-State Of..
Reign Supreme-American (red)
Trapped Under Ice-Stay Cold
Trash Talk-Plagues
Bad Seed-s/t (green)
Detournement-Screaming (yellow)
Boiling Over-Trash City (clear)
NOFX-Fuck The Kids
Against Me-The Disco Before
First Cut-From Calm To...(red)
Horizons-Hostile Territory (white)
Signs Of Hope-Choices (white)


COCK SPARRER-Here We Stand (amazing packaging,w/ CD and DVD) (You NEED this!)
Blood For Blood-Livin' In Exile 10" (colour)
Green Day-Kerplunk re-issue w/ 7"
Magrudergrind-s/t (1,000 press)
Mastadon-Crack The Skye (massively shorted on this one, hurry)
Bad Brains-s/t Roir sessions
Ceremony-Violence (grey/white)
Internal Affairs-s/t
Cold World-Dedicated To...
Ceremony-Still, Nothing (green)
Have Heart-Songs To (green)
Chimaira-The Infection
Purple Mercy-s/t
V/A-Boston's Infected
Hammer Bros.-Kids Are Dead
The Weakerthans-Left And..
Cattle Decapitation-Harvest (restock)
Undertow-Everything (double LP on coloured vinyl)
Dusty Rhoades and the River Band-Palace
TSOL-Dance With Me
Lion Of Judah-Universal
Justice-Escapades (white)


Burning Fight Book
Social Distortion-Mommy's Little Monster
C.O.C. (dude)-Animosity (dude, it's Animosity, dude)
Hard Skin-Same Meat Different Gravy
The Vandals-BBC Sessions

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Toxik Boys said...

lastima que esta gran musica no sea distribuida en sudamerica :(