Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here we go again........

--------------- 7"ers---------------

A/V Murder-s/t
John Barrett's Bass Drum-Stain Stick Skin
Tim Barry-Live At Munford Elementary
Bobby & The Soft Spots-Can't Get Her Off (new on Rob's House,1,000 press)
Brook Pridemore/Ghost Mice-split(new on Plan-It-X)
Buzzer-Disco Kiddz
Comet Gain-Books of California
Graham Day & The Goalers-Begging You
Gang Wizard-I Remember You From The
The Get Offs-Airplane Flight (good driving garagey style,plus the b-side is a song called Drunk!)
Girls-Lust For Life
The Handsome Family-Drunk By Noon (I think it is implied, that I will like this one!,an alt-country instant classic!)
Hunx & His Punx-You Don't Like R-N-R (Dumb/fun Phil Spector styled punk,come with a scratch off cover that will have some people excited,new from Rob's House)
Lamps-Songs Of Sexual
Milky Wimpshake-One Good Use
Of Montreal-Id Engager (who ordered this!)
Penetration-Our World (yes the old UK band is back with new stuff)
Private Entertainment-s/t
Sexy Kids-Nests (great riffs, think... "if Rezillos put more parts into their songs")
Silver Lions-s/t
Static Static-No Bodies
Sweet Faces-Four Songs (restocked,Douchemaster)
Witch Hats-Hellhole (250 press, think.."the good proding-goth of the first Christian Death LP")


Alkaline Trio-Good Mourning (3,000 repress)
Angels Of Light-Sing Other People
Animals And Men-Never Bought Never Sold
The Coffins/Arm & Sword Of A-split
Asunder-Works Will Come Undone (restock)
Avail-4 AM Friday
Avail-Over The James (all 3 titles repressed with some bonus stuff on them)
Bad Dudes-Eat Drugs
Bridge And Tunnel-East/West (new on No Idea)
Joey Cape-Bridge
Crooked Fingers-Forfeit/Fortune (1,000 press)
Graham Day & The Goalers-Triple Tested (The Prisoner's guy new band)
De La Soul-De La Soul Is Dead
Dilinger Four-Civilwar
Every Time I Die-Last Night In Town
Figures Of Light-Smash Hits (Norton release)
Frustrations-Glowing Red Pill
Goodnight Loving-Cemetary Tales
Goodnight Loving-Crooked Lake
Goodnight Loving-S/T
Gore-Hart Gore
Gore-Mean Man's Dreams
Grails-Doomdayer's Holiday
Hammers Of Misfortune-Fields/Church Of Broken 2 LP
Harvey Milk-My Love Is Higher
Imperial Leather-Do You Know Where Your
Jawbreaker-24 Hour Revenge Therapy
Jolts-Haute Voltage (new Vancouver band)
Love Is All-A Hundred Things
Mass Shivers-Ecstatic Eyes Glow
Massmord/Shades of Grey-split
Minus The Bear-They Make Beer Commercials
Miss Lana Rebel-All I Need
My Bloody Valentine-Loveless
My Bloody Valentine-Isn't Anything
Om-Conference Of The Birds
Proto Idiot-Andrew Anderson
Quintron-Too Thirsty 4 Love
Red Fang-Red Fang
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez-Absence Makes The Heart
Rumbleseat-Is Dead
Screeching Weasel-Boogada Boogada
Skull Defekts-Drone Drug
Subhumans-Death Was Too Kind (yes, the first 12" and 2 early singles, the Canadian ones, silly)
Suishou No Fune-Prayer For Chibi
Sunn O)))- Domkirke
Thomas Function-Celebration (500 repress)
Toys That Kill-Shanked!
Two Cow Garage-Speaking In Cursive (good Uncle Tupelo-styled stuff)
V/A-49 Minute Technicolour-Rumble Vol 4 (limited to 1,000)
Vivian Girls-S/T


Blatz/Filth-split double CD (back in print)
Dillinger Four-Civilwar
Gentleman Jesse-s/t
Gore-Hart Gore/Mean Man's Dream (2 on one)
M.R.R. issue # 307
Meatmen-Pope On A Rope CD
Meatmen-We're The Meatmen YOU Still Suck (21 live track cd)
The Mekons-Mekons Story 1977-1982 CD
Subhumans-Death Was Too Kind CD
V/A-Messthetics Greatest Hiss CD
V/A-Titan-It's All Pop (late 70's label,double cd of power pop) CD

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