Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SALE and NEW and USED Update

"ELO kiddies, well the answer might be blowing in the wind, and it is time for a sale. From Thursday September 16th until Sunday September 19th, all NEW LP's/45's/CD are going
to be 25 % OFF, and all USED LP's/45's/CD are going to be 10 % OFF.
Also, I am going to be selling some of my own LP's but will be bringing them on all four days. This is not going to a one shot deal sale of these. Too damn bloody heavy to bring down here on the TTC.
We are talking a few good "wall pieces", some good middle road stuff, and some stuff that is still in print. Probably around 50 or 60 new second ones each day for all 4 of the those days. Don't fucking ask for specific titles, as even I don't know yet!
Now, here is the full listing of the order that came in late last week.


War Master-Thrones of Tyranny
Male Nurses-s/t
Red Dons-Pariah
Final Conflict-In The Family
Crow-Flock Of Beast, and Neurotic Organization (both back in)
Talk Is Poison-Rage To Infinity
Look Back And Laugh-State Of Illusion
Bloody Gears-s/t
Red Mass-Too Many Parties
Marvelous Darlings-The Sword, The Streets
Psycho-Sawblade Shaped Record
Violent Minds-s/t
Apartment 213/Nothing Is Over-split
Career Suicide-Sars
Cress/Burnt Cross-split
Arctic Flowers-s/t
Molested Jouth-We're Always Going To Need Fake ID
Get The Most-Moment In Time
Youth Of Togay/Fruit Punch-split
Die Kreuzen- Cows And Beer
Oi Polloi-Carson
Oi Polloi-The Only Release
Devour-Insect Circuitry
Hygiene-Things That Dreams
Fast Death-s/t


Inepsy-Madness & Overkill
Raw Power- After Your Brain
Raw Power-Screams From The Gutter
Behind Enemy Lines-Know Your Enemy
AC4-s/t (a few guys from Refused new band)
Red Dons-Fake Meets Failure
Statues-Holiday Cops
Crow-Beating Of The Wings (back in)
Mother's Children-That's Who
Hellshock-They Wait For You Still
Willful Neglect-Justice For No One
Young Offenders-Leader Of The Followers
The Spectres-Last Days
Autopsy-Awakened By Gore (double LP)
Raw Nerves-s/t
Our Gang-Uprising
Abominator-Barbarian War Worship
Masshysteri-s/t (2nd record back in)
Black Witchery/Conqueror-split
Bone Awl-Not For Our Feet, and Meaningless Leaning Mess (both back in)
Death Yell-Morbid Rites
White Lung-It's The Evil
V/A- Nuclear War Now Vol. 1
Weekend Nachos-Unforgivable
Bloody Phoenix-Death To Everyone
The Big Kids-Hoop Dreams
Totalickers-El Poder....
His Hero Is Gone-Monuments, and 15 Counts (both back in)
Talk Is Poison-Condensed Humanity
Born Against-Rebel Sound
Crisis-Hymns Of Faith (repress of their only LP)
Murderess-The Last Thing You Will Ever See
Drop Dead-s/t, Superior, and Discography (all 3 titles back in)
Capitalist Casualties/Man Is The Bastard-split
Poison Idea-Feel The Darkness
A//Political-Greatest Working
Timebombs-Mumbling (not to be confused with mummering)
Seein' Red/Mihoen-split 10"


MRR issue 327, and 328
Oi Polloi-In Defense Of Our Earth cd
Phobia/Extinction Of Mankind-split cd
Mob 47-Dom Ljuger Igen cd