Friday, September 3, 2010

Hardcore Music & Holiday Hours

Hits And Misses will open all regular hours Friday,Saturday,Sunday, but closed for the Labour Day Monday. We will re-open on Tuesday at regular hours and days after that.
This stuff is in the store now!


Disengage-Look Back
Heavy Heavy Low Low-Hospital
Explode & Make Up/Hellmouth-split
Pale Creation-s/t
Integrity-We Are The End
DRI-Violent Pacification, and Dirty ep
Rival Mob-Bitter Rival demo
Black Flag-TV Party
Blkout-No Justice No Peace
Deal With It/New Morality-split
Contend-In Contempt
Terror-Keepers Of The Faith
Mind Eraser/Slang-split
Strife-My Burns On
AFI-A Fire Inside


V/A-T.O. Hardcore '83 (limited, just ask Woody)
Against Me-White Crosses
Social Distortion-Greatest Hits
Screeching Weasel-Boogada, Boogada
Propagandhi-Less Talk
Hot Snakes-Suicide Invoice
Negative Approach-Tied Down
NOFX-The Longest EP (limited to 2,000 and the last copies)
Ignition-The Grafying
Plutocracy-Off The Pigs
From The Depths-Germinate
Ice Age-Dead Kings
Integrity-Those Who Fear
Frontier(s)-There Will No Miracles Here
Impending Doom-There Will Be Violence
A Plea For Purging-Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Black Flag-Damaged, and Everything Went Black
Ceremony-Rohner Park, and Violence Violence
Husker Du-New Day Rising
7 Seconds-The Crew
The Estranged-Subliminal Man
Autistic Youth-Idle Minds
Alpha & Omega-Life
Weekend Nachos-Punish And Destroy
Merzbow/The Guilt Of-split
Sundowner-We Chase The
Skin Like Iron-Descent Into
Dillinger 4-BBC Sessions
Bitter End-Guilty As Charged
Off With Their Heads- I(shaped picture disc)
The Descendents-I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Bad Brains-Black Dots
Cruel Hand-Lock & Key
Cap'n Jazz-Analalphabetacal
Rites Of Spring-End On End
Capitalist Casualties/Man Is The Bastard-split
High On Fire-Surrounded By Theives, Blessed Black Wings, and Death Is This Communion (all repressed)
Thrash Talk-Eyes & Nines
Boris/Torche-split 10"
Gogol Bordello-Trans-Continental Hustle
Battalions Of Saints-Best Of (500 press)
Bad Brains-Live At CBGB's
The Riverdales-Tarantula
Grave Maker-Ghosts Among Men
Skull Crusher-Blinded
End Of A Year-You Are Beneath Me
Steel Nation-Forever Wounded
Kevin Seconds-Good Luck
The Effort-Wartime Citizens


The Adicts-Life Goes On Cd
Why Be Something That You're Not Book
Razorcake # 57 zine

Won't have time to post the entire order, but here are the highlights of an order that just came in. Full list coming in the next few days.....................

Poison Idea-Feel The Darkness LP repress
Crisis-Hymns Of Faith LP repress
AC4-s/t LP
Red Dons-Fake Meets Failure LP
Autopsy-Awakened By Gore LP
The Spectres-Last Days LP
Mother's Children-That's Who LP
Inepsy-Madness & Overkill LP