Friday, January 14, 2011

Great New Stuff And Restocks Too In Now!

Come down and visit Beav tonight and this stuff is available for you kids. Oh yeah, I put out over 40 different designs of shirts out too. There are some new designs in there to choose from as well.

------------------------------------- 7"ers -------------------------------------

Against Me - High Pressure Low
The Damned Things - We Have A Situation Here
The Get Up Kids - Automatic (1,000 press)
Lifetime - s/t (repress)
Chronic Sick - s/t (back in)
Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown
Incendiary/Suburban Scum - split
Buyer's Romance - A Thorough Analysis
Extortion/Completed Exposition - split
Swingin Utters - Brand New Lungs
Negative Approach - s/t (repress)
Lemuria - Chautauqua County
Integrity - Contrast Of Sin
No Values - United We Die
Getting Even - s/t
End Of A Year - Barbara Peyton
NOFX - Liza & Louise
Forever Young - s/t
V/A - Youth Crew 010
Negative Approach - Friends Of No One (1984 unreleased recordings)

------------------------------------- LP's ----------------------------------------

Saint Vitus - Hallow's Victim
Iron Lung - Life.Iron Lung.Death
Isis - The Red Sea
Nails - Unsilent Death
The Pist - Ideas Are Bulletproof
Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness
Saint Vitus - Born Too Late
Hard Skin - Same Meat Different Gravy
Take Offense - Tables Will Turn
Baroness - First & Second
Dillinger Four - The BBC Sessions
Mastodon - Leviathan
H2O - Nothing To Prove
The Adolescents - s/t
Vektor - Black Future
Husker Du - Zen Arcade
Minor Threat - s/t , and Out Of Step
End Of A Year - You Are Beneath Me
Have Heart - Things We Carry
Black Flag - Everything Falls Apart, My War, and First Four Years
Minutemen - Double Nickels On A Dime, Ballot Result, Buzz Or Howl, and What Makes Men Start Fires
Bad Brains - s/t
Cocksparrer - He We Stand
First Blood - Silence Is Betrayal
With Honor - This Is Our Revenge
Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, and Why (both repressed)
The Varukers - One Struggle One Fight (repressed)
Floggy Molly - Swagger
Intronaut - Valley Of Smoke
Fear - The Record
Cap'n Jazz - Analalphabetapolothology
Murder Construct - s/t
Stimulators - Loud Fast Rules (back in)
Youth Brigade - Sound And Fury
Zero Boys - Vicious Circle, and History Of
Motorhead - s/t
Black Breath - Heavy Breathing
Chronic Sick - Cutest Band In Hardcore
Harms Way - Reality Approaches
Cave In - Anomalies Volume 1
Daughters - 3rd Record
Tragedy - Vengeance
Killing The Dream - Lucky Me
Descendents- Milo Goes To College
Minutemen - Punch Line
Saint Vitus - Heavier Than Thou
Cocksparrer - Shook Troops, Two Monkeys, Guilty As Charged,Running Riot, and Ture Grit (outtakes) (all limited represses)


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