Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Huge Order Of New Stuff In

Again another huge order of great new stuff has just come in and is ready to be consumed by you kids in the AIR CONDITIONED comfort at Hits And Misses. There is so much "on my plate" right now,as some of you know, that I will give just the highlights of the order. A full list of what came in last week and this order will be posted next week. "Let's Lynch The Landlord" is my favourite song at the moment!!!
Ok here are some of the best things................

7 different volumes of "New Wave Theatre" on DVD
GG Allin-Out For Blood 7"
all 3 Electric Deads 7" re-issued
Anti Sect-Out From The Void 7"
Celtic Frost-Emperor's Return 7"
Discharge-Demo 1978 7"
Slayer-Postmortem 7"
SOA-No Policy LP (the 7",demos, and Extorts tracks)
Radio Birdman-Radio's Appear LP re-issue
Husker Du-Spot's Arcade LP (Zen Arcade demos)
Pixies-In Heaven LP (BBC sessions)
Descendents-Milo Gets Bootlegged LP (restock)
SS Decontrol-The Kids Will Have Their Say (restock)
Mercyful Fate-B-Sides LP
Boys Next Door-Lost & Brave LP (studio stuff)

Anyways you get the picture, lots more great new and restocked stuff so get down here!!!