Monday, June 14, 2010

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

New stuff in ye ol' shoppe


Flat Out-Westbay Fastercore
Fucked Up/Haymaker-split
Southside Stranglers-Strangle You
Sotatila-Vituiks Meni
Kicking Spit/Stymie-split
Canadian Rifle-Facts
Sweet Nothings-When You're Around
Spazz/Brutal Truth-split (repress)
UX Vileheads-Catch 22
Shitty Limits-Espionage
Wednesday Night Heroes/For The Worse-split
Migraine-Weird Tales
Raw Nerves-Murderers Among Us
Inepsy-See You In Hell
Hummingbird Of Death/Sidetracked-split 6"


Nocturnal Graves/Hell Spirit- split CD
Bastard Noise-A Culture Of Monsters CD
Snakepit magazine #18 w/ Savage Grace 7"


Vapid-Practically Dead
Daylight Robbery-Through The Confusion
Haymaker-It Only Gets Worse
Masshysteri-Var Del Av Stan
Anthrax-One Last Drop (comp of the old UK band)
Varukers-Killing Myself To Live
Germ Attack-Cruxshadow
Kvoteringen-Samhallets Forradare
Systematic Death-Systema Six
Brain Dead-From The Ecstasy
Brain Dead-Live 1991 Demo
Sangus Imperem/Nocturnal Blood-split
Anatomia-Dissected Humanity
Faustcoven-Halo Of Burning Wings
Faustcoven-Rising From Beneath The Earth
Post Regiment-Czarzly
Weekend Nachos-Punish And Destroy
Inepsy-No Speed Limit
Masshysteri-s/t (2nd LP)
Post Fata Resurgo-Il Futuro
Reaching Away-Push Away The Moon
Slaughter-Nocturnal Karnage (the Nocturnal Hell 7" and the Bloody Karnage demo)
Rorschach-Remain/Protestant 2 x LP
Bastard Noise-A Culture Of Monsters
The Kids-s/t
Shitty Limits-Beware The Limits
Mean Jeans-Are You Serious?
Hellshock-Singles Collection (2 x LP)
Government Issue-Joyride