Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This stuff is in now

Here is what came in last week


Moby Grape-Rounder
Reverend Beat Man-Radio Jingle
Los Explosivos/ The Cavernarios - split
Nothing To Nothing-To Better Days
Total Wreck-s/t
Lifetime-s/t (repress)
Royal Monsters-s/t
Fucked Up-Crooked Head
Project X-Straight Edge Revenge (repress)
Bulldog Courage-Broken
Expire-Grim Rhythm
Fire & Ice-Gods & Devils
Bring That Shit/Dios Mio-split
Bane-Boston 6:58
Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money-split
Down To Nothing-All My Son
Broken Pattern-s/t 2010
Innumerable Forms-Dark Worship
End Of A Year/Segwei-split
Force Fed-5 song ep
Minutemen-Paranoid Time
Title Fight-Kingston


The Barracudas-Nothing Ever Happens 10"
The Beat-The Beat (re-issue)
The Black Keys-The Big Come Up
Cheater Slicks-Bats In The Dead Trees
Devil Dogs-Saturday Night Fever
Thee Headcoats-Earls Of Suavedom
Richard Hell-Blank Generation
Thee Mighty Caesars-Surely, and Thusly
Moby Grape-Live
New Bomb Turks-Destroy Oh-boy
The Oblivions-9 Songs w/
The Plimsouls-Beg Borrow and Steal (1000 press)
The Ramones-s/t
The Rivals-If Only (reprint of old UK band, amazing)
Satan's Pilgrims-Psychsplosion
Sex Pistols-Never Mind (reissue on 180 gram)
Sonic's Rendezvous Band-Live Masonic Auditorium
The Specacles-Re-specacied
V/A-Back From The Grave- Volumes 1,3,5,and 6
V/A-Before Birdman Flew-Volumes 1, 2 and 3
V/A-Killed By Death-Volumes 2,3,6,7, 81/2,9, 10, 12
X-Wild Gift (reissue)
Alkaline Trio-s/t
Old Man Gloom-Seminar II
Iron Age-The Sleeping Eye
Have Heart-Songs To Scream
All Shall Perish-Awaken
Bad Religion-Against The Grain
Mentors-Get Up And Die (repress)
Blood For Blood-Wasted Youth Brew (repress)
Darkest Hour-Eternal Return
Taking Back Sunday- Tell All Your Friends
Carrier-One Year Later
Pelican-What We All Come
Skeletonwitch-Worship 10"
Converge-Axe To Fall
Piece By Piece-s/t
Fucked Up-Bruises-Live
High On Fire-Snakes For The Divine
V/A-New York Thrash
Monument To Thieves-s/t
The Weakerthans-Live
Alkaline Trio-Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Chuck Ragan-live 10"
V/A-Something To Believe In (BYO comp)
Uniform Choice-Screaming For Change
Dillinger Escape Plan-Option
Black Flag-My War
From Ashes Rise-Nightmare

+++++ We have tickets for Strike Anywhere/Bane, and for Marky Ramone++++++