Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Regulations LP and more in NOW!!

Lots of great new stuff, and some good restocked items as well on this order. Here is the skinny.


Friendly Neighbors-Or Else
Otan-Scociedad Depereciable
The Ergs/Measure SA-split
Marked Men/This Is Your Fist-split
Severance Package-All Down Hill
Against Me-Cavalier Eternal, The Disco Before..., and Sink Florida Sink
The Ergs/Grabass Charlestons-split
Low Threat Profile-s/t
Battlemaster/Inter Arma-split
Look Back And Laugh-State Of Illusion
Desolation/Audio Kollapse-split
Unholy Grave/Grade Grubbers-split
Melt Banana-Initial T.
Drop Dead/Look Back And Laugh-split


Sixx-Sister Devil (Die Hard edition)
Mohoram Atta/Thou-split
Lemuria-Get Better
Lemuria-The First Collection
Zoroaster-Voice Of Saturn
Acrid-Sea Of Shit
Chuck Ragan-Feast Or Famine
Dear Landlord-Dream Homes
Defiance,Ohio-Great Depression
Hot Water Music-Caution,A Flight,No Division,Forever &, Fuel, and Finding (all back in)
Planes Mistaken For Stars-Fuck With Fire, and Up In Them Guts
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb-Front Seat
Young Livers-The New Drop Era
Amort-Winter Tales (500 press)
Alehammer/Tyrant-split (very cool Alehammer's side is called "At War With Straightedge")
Rorschach-Remain Sedate/Protestant (double LP, remastered and limited to 1,000)
Thee Endless Blockade/Bastard Noise-split
Hellbastard-Ripper Crust
Sled-s/t (ex-Assfactor 4 )
Regulations-To Be Me (I got in the ones with the bonus 7")
Black Witchery-Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom
Rites Of Thy Degringolade-Totality
Bone Awl-Meaninless Leaning Mess
Bone Awl-Not For Our Feet
Abigail-Sweet Baby Metal Slut
Dirt-Black & White
Ripcord-Discography Volumes 1, 2 and 3
Inepsy-City Weapons
Cult Ritual-s/t
Vapid-Practically Dead
Hatred Surge-Deconstruct
Extortion-Loose Screws 10"


At Both Ends #9 zine and 7" (Bane, (new)Grade and others on 7")
Regulations-To Be Me CD
Doom-Lost The Fight/Pro Life Control Sessions CD
Dystopia-Human=Garbage CD
Warvictims-Domedagen CD

When I open on Saturday there should be around 100 new used LP that will be out. Very good stuff in there as well. DO NOT think you will get a sneak peak on Friday.