Saturday, January 16, 2010

This stuff in now

This stuff came in on Friday and is available for your consumption now. All LP's


The Sound-Cold Beat
The Jam-At The BBC
My Bloody Valentine-Ecstasy
My Bloody Valentine-This Is Your Bloody Valentine
My Bloody Valentine-You Made Me Realise
My Bloody Valentine-Glider
My Bloody Valentine-Sunny Sundae Smile
Pantera-I Am The Night
Iggy Pop-The Idiot
Iggy Pop-Lust For Life
The Action-Slashing, White Hot (apparently playing here in March!!! )
The Cardiac Kidz-Get Out (500 press, 1978-81, San Diego punk)
The Buzzcocks-The Peel Sessions (500 press)
The Warm Jets-Wanna Start A War (1979-80, Philly punk)
Radio Birdman-Ritualism
Reagan Youth-Youth Anthems (1000 press and with repro fold out poster cover)
Sonic Youth-Master Dik/4 Tunna Brix
Die Wut-Die Fruehen Jahre (500 press)
Fear-Paradise Studio 1978 Demo
Misfits-Walk Among Us & Spot Demos (500 press)
Infest-1987 Demo (1,000 press 25 song demo )
NOFX-Seven Inch Singles Club 2005 (all the singles club songs on one LP)
Eater-The Album
Stench-Cult Status (500 press of 1982 UK band, killer stuff)
Birthday Party-Junkyard
Birthday Party-Born Dead (1980 & '81 Peel Sessions)
Joy Division-Manchester, So Much To Account For (all studio and radio outtakes)
Stiff Little Fingers-Inflammable Material
Warsaw-An Ideal For Killing
Pink Floyd-Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn (MONO ISSUE)
White Stripes-50 Billion Fans (collection on all the early singles)
Desert Sessions-Vol. 1 & 2
Desert Sessions-Vol. 3 & 4
Desert Sessions-Vol. 5 & 6
Saint Vitus-s/t (coloured vinyl)
Los Yetis-Historia Verdad ('60's Colombian garage)
The Damned-I Had Too Much To Drink Last Night (I know I did) (2lp of live stuff 500 press)
Conflict-It's Time To See Who's Who
GG Allin-Always Was (collection of early material)
Crisis-The Guilty Have A Past (all 3 singles and a few demos)
Bad Brains-Pay To Cum
The Clash-Live In Jamaica
13th Floor Elevators-Easter, and Psychedelic Sounds
Music Machine-Turn On
The Saints-I'm Stranded
Mazzy Star-She Hangs Brightly (I bet Josh V. owns this on cassette)
Chron Gen-Chronic Generation
The Threats-Wasted
Endless Blizzard-Remember Your Death
Enoid-Suicide 10"
Velvet Underground-At The Gymnasium
Slaughter & The Dogs-Do It Dog Style
Gang Of Four-Entertainment
Thin Lizzy-BBC Session, and 1st LP
Sonic Youth-Evol
Black Sabbath-Alternative Versions
V/A-Killed By Glam (more like a UK '70's power pop comp than glam)
Rolling Stones-As Time Goes By (awesome early Stones out takes)
Pantera-Power Metal
Black Sabbath-Walpurgis (great BBC session from 1970, 2 unreleased songs)
Razor-Armed & Dangerous (press of 550)
Modern Lovers-s/t
Siouxsie & The Banshees-Love In A Vortex
AC/DC-Nice Way To Hell ( 2xLP, Dec. 15th 1979, believe it was Bon's last show or close to it)
V/A-Russia Bombs Finland (old Propaganda comp re pressed)
Bathory-In Memory Of Quorthon
The Fall-Live At The Witch Trials
Chronic Sick-Cutest Band In Hardcore (12",7", and a few demos)
The Adverts-Crossing The Red Sea
Iron Cross-Crucified For Your Sins (discography and more)
101'ers-Beat Music Dynamite
Alien Force-Hell & High Water
Roky Erickson-Weird Tales
Can-Delay, Ege Bamyasi, and Soundtracks (all back in)
Necros-Conquest For Death
Count Five-Psychotic Reaction
Johnny Cash-American Outtakes
Roky Erickson & The Aliens-s/t
Pink Floyd-Obscured By Clouds
Possessed-The Demos '84-93
Roky Erickson-Gremlins Have Pictures
Venom/Bathory-split (demos by both bands)
The Beatles-Yesterday & Today (butcher cover)
Possessed/Morbid Angel-split (demos by both)
White Stripes-Rare A & B Sides
Metallica-Master Of Puppets Demos