Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tons Of New Stuff Just Came In @ The Store

It has been awhile, but in the next few weeks there will be tons of new stuff coming in.
Here is the first of it................


20/20-Going Up With My Girl (back in finally)
Andrew Jackson Jihad/Cobra Skull-split
Black Tusk/Holy Mountain-split
Bobby Ubangi/Personal & The Pizzas-split
Brilliant Colors-s/t
Brimstone Howl-Mammon
Carbonas/Die Rotzz-split
Crystal Stilts-Love Is A Wave
Demon's Claws-Weird Ways
Doctor Scientist/Octogon Control-split
Drag The River-Can't Leave These Strays
Drag The River-Garage Rock
Drag The River-Under The Influences
Ebonics-Rock n Roll
Max Elliott-Nature O Nature
Flips-That Girl Stacey
Gary War-Zontag
GG King-Adult Rock
Goodnight Loving-Up North Girl
Happy Burger-Pizza All Around (A single about Pizza Vs. Hamburgers, Pesci Heaven!!)
Hawks And Doves-Hush Money
King Khan & BBQ Animal Party (back in)
Mean Jeans-License To Chill
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-Young Adult Friction
Pink Noise-Gold Light
Roses Are Red-Can't Understand
Rudi-Big Time
Spirit Photography-Time Is Racing
U.S.Girls-Me + Yoko
The Zips-s/t


Amebix-No Sanctuary (back in)
Beasts Of Bourbon-Little Animals
Brainbombs-Fucking Mess (Finally!!!)
Crystal Stilts-Allight Of Night
Dillinger Four-This Shit Is Genius (repressed)
D.O.A.-Hardcore 81 (repressed)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring-Primary Colours
Embrace-S/T (remastered)
Fugazi-Repeater (remastered)
The Gits-Enter The Conquering Chicken
Golden Triangle-S/T
Good Luck-Into Lake Griffy
Green Pajamas-Hidden Minutes
Gun Club-ahmed's Wild Dream
Handsome Family-Honey Moon
Hardskin-Hard Nuts, and Hard Cunts (repressed)
The Hunches-Exit Dreams
Infest-No Man's Slave
Jawbreaker-Dear You
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds-Dracula Boots
King Khan & BBQ Show-S/T
Kylesa-Static Tension
The Lemonheads-Shame About Ray
Marked Men-Ghosts,On The Outside and S/T (all back in)
Dan Melchior & Das Menace-Thankyou Very Much
Melvins-Mangled Demos
Milk N' Cookies-S/T
Minor Threat-S/T
Minor Threat-Out Of Step (now remastered too)
Nobunny-Love Visions
Nothing People-Late Night
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart-S/T
Jay Reatard-Singles 06-07
The Scientists-Swampland (limited 1,000 double lp)
Ty Segall-S/T
Shackles-Traitor's Gate
Skull Defekts-Temple
Elliott Smith-XO
Jon Snodgrass-Visitor's Band
The Cute Lepers-Can't Stand Modern Music
Strung Out-Prototypes and Painkillers
Sunn O)))-Oracle
Television-Marquee Moon
U.S. Girls-Introducing
V/A-Four Old Seven Inches (Discord comp)
V/A-Shiftless Decay (Detroit comp w/ Tyvek,Human Eye, Terrible Two's, etc)
Vee Dee- Public Mental Health
Wavves-Wavvves ( the new on Fat Possum)
Wesley Willis-Rush Hour
The Wipers-Over The Edge (repress)
Chris Wollard & The Ship Theives-S/T
Wolves In The Throne Room-Two Hunters


Flipper-Generic Album
Hardskin-Hard Nuts
JFA-We Know You Suck
MRR #311
NOFX-Backstage Passport DVD
Pig Destroyer-Painter Of Dead Girls
Ugly Things issue # 28
Wolves In The Throne Room-Black Cascade

Just got tickets for Subhumans (UK) too!!!!
Don't forget your Amebix ticket as well!!!