Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Tickets and Saturday LP Sale

I now have tickets for the following shows on sale as well as the others, which you can see on my blogspot.
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour on Tuesday March 24 @ Wrong Bar $16.50 (19+)
Red Mass & Brutal Knights on Friday February 20 @ Silver Dollar $7
No Bunny & The Smith Westerns on Wednesday February 25 @ The Velvet Underground $7
As always tickets have a $1 service charge and are cash only.

Now about Saturday. When I open the doors at 12:02 on Saturday, there will be around
500 new used LP's in the store. I am selling off around 500 of my own records.
Genre-wise and price-wise they are all over the map. There will be $1-3 records,$8-12 records
$15-25 ones, some $50 ones and a handful of triple digit ones.
Genre-wise punk, 60's-70 rock,a bit of hardcore,a fair amount of oi!,lots of compilations,
goodwill styled records,rockabilly, a bit of garage and ska as well.
Better plan on some time for this one, as they will be located all over the store, and not
just some crates of 45's on the counter. Think of it as an early Easter egg hunt!!!! (pete smiles)