Friday, January 23, 2009

Some new arrivals at the store

This stuff came in this week.


Big Boys-Frat Cars
The Branded-You Got The Hurt
D.O.A.-Human Bomb
The Dirty-Cinnamon
The Estranged-Sacred Decay (back in print)
King Khan-It's A Lie
The Kits-Don't Want To Lose This Fight
Little Johnny & The Silvertones-Rock Til The End Of Time
Lyres-Don't Give It Up Now (reissue of first single)
The Morlocks-I Don't Do Funerals Anymore
Muck & The Mires-I'm Down With That
Los Peyotes-BDAAA
Los Peyotes-El Humo Te Hace Mal
The Pretty Things-Midnight To Six Man
The Real Kids-All Kindsa Girls
The Reigning Sound-Black Sheep
The Shirkers-Drunk And Disorderly (1,000 repress of this rare single)
The Sonics-Strychnine
King Khan & BBQ/the Flakes-split
Thee Vicars-Satellite Boys
Mary Weiss-Stop And Think It Over
Blood Stained Reality-Nazi Scum Burn In Hell
Direct Control-s/t
Iron Boots- Demo
Neckties Make Me Nervous-I'm the Captain
Young Livers/Bridge & Tunnel-split
Career Suicide-Sars (repressed)
Government Warning-No Way Out
Social Circkle-I've Got Afflictions
Dead Stop-I Just Want To Take A Walk
Direct Control-Nuclear Tomorrow
Pig Heart Transplant-Nature/Nurture (400 press)
So Cow-Commuting
Outlaw Order-Legalize Crime (4/5 of Eyehategod)
Fix My Head-Empty Slogans
Cop On Fire-Tus Illusiones
The Groinoids-Radiobeat Sessions (awesome 82 Boston band, limited to 500)


Hasil Adkins-Moon Over Madison, Out To Hunch, and The Wild Man
The Alarm Clocks-Yeah!!
The Branded-s/t
The Carpettes-Small Wonder Singles Compilation
Eddy Current Suppression Ring-Primary Colours
Thee Exciters-Spending Cash,Talking Trash
The Flamin' Groovies-Supersnazz
The Great Scots-Great Lost Album
The Head-Still Nothing To Do In A Town Like Leatherhead (press of 255 of this old UK band)
The Hollywood Sinners-We Won't Change Our Style
The Iguanas-s/t (Iggy Pop's first band)
The Kneejerk Reactions-The Electrifying Sounds Of (new on Screaming Apple)
Thee Midnighters-In Thee Midnight Hour
The Nerves-One Way Street (proper reissue of studio,demos, and a few live,press of 500)
The Outsiders-Songbook
The Real Kids-s/t
The Rivals-If Only (yes the awesome UK power pop band,essential)
The Ugly Beats-Bring On The Beats
V/A-Bloodstains Across The Midwest
V/A-Mad Mike Monsters Volume 1 and 2
Mary Weiss w/ Reigning Sound-Dangerous Game
The Yum Yums-Whatever Rhymes With Baby
Sex Vid-Communal Living
Autistic Youth-Landmine Beach
Ancestors-s/t (limited to 333)
Total Abuse-s/t
Nitad-Ibland Kan
Seige-Drop Dead
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb-Three Way Tie
Iron Lung-Sexless/No Sex
Criminal Damage- both LP's
Dean Dirg-....Raus!!
His Hero Is Gone-Monuments, and 15 Counts
Zann/Perth Express/Ghostlimb/Trainwreck- 4 way split
Career Suicide-Kangeroo and Attempted Suicide
Humanoids-Are Born (again, best Dillinger Four LP, never made by them!!)
Destruction's End/Bandanos-split
Napalm Death-Leaders Not Followers Part 2
Napalm Death-Smear Campaingn
Possuido Pelo Cao-Possessed In The Circle Pit
Terrorizer-Darker Days Ahead


Maximum R-N-R- January and February issues
Extreme Noise Terror-Law Of Retalliation
Insect Warfare-World Extermination
Never Healed-s/t
Masshysteri-Var Del Av Stan
Lebenden Toten-Near Dark
Accused-More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral
Accused-Return Of Martha Splatterhead
Discharge-War Is Hell
Raw Power-Screams From The Gutter/After Your Brain