Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Due To The Lack Of Sales In The Store...

... I am closing....and going to the LCBO!.....

Here is what came in on yesterday.

Intern. Superheros of Hardcore-HPxHC
Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Insect Warfare-split 5"
Gaslight Anthems-Sin:Demos
Have Heart-Demo 2003
Gorilla Biscuits-s/t
Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money-split
Government Issue-Make An Effort (reissue)
Learn Nothing-s/t


Fucked Up-The Chemistry (restocked)
Crom-Hot Summer Nights
Wait In Vain-Seasons
Blood For Blood-Revenge On Society
Pig Destroyer-Natasha
Word For Word-Keepsake
Trap Them-Seizures In B
Tom Gabel-Heart Burns
Kid Dynamite-Cheap Shots
NOFX-Pump Up The Valium
Weirdos-Destroy All Music
Dr. Know-Plug In Jesus/Burn (reissued)
Ill Repute-What Happens Next (reissued)
V/A-Delicious Vinyl Sampler
Earth Crisis-Firestorm/All Out War
TSOL-Dance With Me
Bad Religion-Recipe For Hate
Gorilla Biscuits-Start Today
Beneath The Massacre-Dystopia
Pelican/These Arms Are Snakes-split 10"
Meatmen-We're The Meatmen
Weakerthans-Left and
Dead Kennedys-Frankenchrist and Fresh Fruit


Iron Boots-Weight Of The World
Adrenalin O.D.-Wacky Hi-jinks of.. (double CD retrospect)
Psycho-Recordings 82-86
Kill What I Adore-Whatever
Los Crudos-Discography
Corrosion Of Conformity,dude-Animosity
Pig Destroyer-Natasha
Nasum-Grind Finale
Six Feet Under-Death Ritual
Light This City-Stormchase
The Faceless-Planetary
Carcass-Reek Of Putrefcation (CD and DVD package)
The Bronx-S/T (3)


7 Seconds-Walk Together
Agnostic Front-Skinhead
Bad Brains-Capitol
Gorilla Biscuits-Yo!
Judge-NY Crew
Project X (xPETEx approved)
Youth Of Today-Positive