Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Beer and Strippers!

Is that what I have to do to get you "lazy-assed" people into the store.

A few more things came in today


Raw Power-Wop Hour (repress)
Minor Threat-Salad Days
Roy Ellis(Mr.Symarip)-When The Skins Come Marching In (awesome single by the lead singer of Symarip,Spanish Import only)
Vanilla Muffins-double 7" (amazing Swiss "sugar Oi!" band)
Fucked Up-Crooked Head (restocked)
Shellac-Rude Gesture ( I will bite my lip here!)
Kim Phuc-Wormwood Star (new on Criminal IQ)
the Young-4 songs (ditto)
The Runs-Piss And Shit (Criminal IQ)


Darkest Hour-Deliver Us
Darkest Hour-Undoing Ruin
Dag Nasty-Can I Say (repressed on coloured vinyl)
The Barracudas-Drop Out
Rites Of Spring-s/t
Joy Division-Love Will Tear Us Apart (official repress)
Indian-Slights And Abuse
Indian-Unquiet Skies
The Ramones-Road To Ruin,Leave Home,and Rocket To Russia (all back in)
YDL-Voice Of Brooklyn (we are the voice, the voice of..)
Naked Raygun-All Rise (limited repress, remastered,with a poster, and Vanilla Blue 7" added)
Big Black-Songs About Fucking
Bull & The Buffalos-s/t (back in, brutal Japanese Oi!)
The Hawks-A Heart Of Gold (repress of this Vulture Rock hammer!)
Fugazi-In On The Killtaker,Repeater,Margin Walker,and Red Medicine (all back in)
Johnny Cash-American V-A Hundred Highways
Nation Of Ulysses-Plays Pretty , and 13 Point Program (both back in print)
Raw Power-Screams From The Gutter
Pegboy-Strong Reaction (repress)
Die Kreuzen-S/T, and October File (both back in print on vinyl)
Blood For Blood-Livin' In Exile 10" (repressed)